public drunkenness

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Lawmaker: 'You Can't Detain Me.' Cop: Well, Actually...

Police: Oklahoma Rep. Dean Davis wouldn't leave bar, claimed his arrest was unconstitutional

(Newser) - What's going on in Oklahoma? Earlier this month, a police captain there arrested on suspicion of DUI asked, in vain, for the officer who'd pulled him over to turn off his bodycam . Now, another incident in which more cops from the Sooner State faced a similarly confrontational dilemma...

In Japan, People Do a Weird Thing After a Night of Drinking

Officials worry 'road sleeping' is going to lead to more people getting hurt in Okinawa

(Newser) - There's a strange phenomenon that has overtaken the Okinawa prefecture in Japan, and police can't figure out a way to stop it. "Road sleeping," or rojo-ne in Japanese, seems to be what people like to do there after a night of drinking, and it means that...

Judges' Visit to White Castle Ends With Fight, 2 Shot

Indiana judges got involved in a late-night brawl after night of drinking, failed visit to strip club

(Newser) - Look out, Florida, Indiana is coming for your "Land of Weird Crimes" title: NPR reports three judges there have now been suspended without pay after a May 1 incident that saw them act "in an injudicious manner," per a Tuesday decision from the Indiana Supreme Court . Per...

Dallas Prosecutor Fired After Verbal Assault on Uber Driver
Uber Driver Tapes Drink-Fueled
Rant, Dallas Prosecutor Is Fired

Uber Driver Tapes Drink-Fueled Rant, Dallas Prosecutor Is Fired

Jody Warner has apologized for her 'language' but says Shaun Platt isn't telling the whole story

(Newser) - A Texas Uber driver says he was threatened and insulted by an intoxicated Dallas prosecutor while taking her home, and she's now lost her job with the DA's office, per the Washington Post . Shaun Platt, 26, tells ABC News that while transporting 32-year-old Jody Warner home from a...

Diner Pulls Down Pants in Outburst Over Onions

Yuba Sharma is jailed on charges including terroristic threats

(Newser) - A Michigan man, apparently upset because his food included onions, is jailed on charges he made drunken threats to shoot the owner of a Pittsburgh restaurant before exposing himself, reports the AP . Police say 43-year-old Yuba Sharma ate at All Indiana restaurant on Monday night and then returned Tuesday to...

In One City, Cops Crack Down on Drinking and ... Walking

Many accidents in Namibia's capital involve drunken pedestrians

(Newser) - Police in Namibia's capital are cracking down on a somewhat unlikely group, reports the BBC , following road accidents that are blamed not only on intoxicated motorists but on tipsy pedestrians. Police spokesman Edmund Khoaseb tells the Namibian that people who survive a run-in with a car will be given...

Cops: Taco Bell Exec Attacks Uber Driver on Video

Benjamin Golden, 32, is up on charges

(Newser) - A Taco Bell executive has been fired for allegedly assaulting an Uber driver—with the whole thing caught on video . Identified by police as Benjamin Golden, 32, the passenger can be seen on a dashcam video riding in the car of Uber driver Edward Caban in Costa Mesa, Calif., on...

Shia LaBeouf Arrested in Texas
 Shia LaBeouf Arrested in Texas 

Shia LaBeouf Arrested in Texas

Austin witnesses say he was behaving strangely

(Newser) - Friday was yet another eventful night for Shia LaBeouf: The 29-year-old actor was arrested in Austin for public intoxication, police tell the Hollywood Reporter . Witnesses tell TMZ that LaBeouf, who is in the Texas capital for the Austin City Limits music festival, appeared to be completely wasted on alcohol or...

Court Reaffirms Right to Get Drunk on Your Porch

If you live in Iowa, anyway

(Newser) - The perfect court decision heading into the weekend: Iowa's Supreme Court endorsed the right to be drunk on the front porch of a private home, ruling that a woman can't be convicted of public intoxication while standing on her front steps. Patience Paye, 29, of Waterloo based the...

Student Arrested Over Drunk ... Jogging

James Finan was running near a big road at 1:30am

(Newser) - A 21-year-old college student has been slapped with what you might call a JUI. James Finan was jogging by the side of a road in Pennsylvania at 1:30am Sunday with no light to indicate his presence, police say . Apparently, it caused a bit of a nuisance: Drivers had to...

Cops: Drunk Woman Steals Horse ... to Steal Stuff

Deputies say they found 3 cans of Keystone Light in bag tied to the horse

(Newser) - We don’t need to take an official Gallup Poll to know that this probably wasn’t a good idea. A woman in DeKalb County, Ala., was charged with public intoxication and illegal possession of a prohibited beverage, and local cops tell that she a) stole a horse;...

New Delhi Subway Riders Must Pass Breathalyzer

Critics worry new crackdown will put more drunks on roads

(Newser) - The New Delhi subway is so tired of drunken passengers starting fights at night that it's setting up breathalyzers at all its stations, reports the Hindustan Times . Those who blow over the limit can't board a metro rail car. It's believed to be a worldwide first for...

Alaska Town Looks to Ban Drunk Walking

...and public defecation

(Newser) - Defecating and urinating in public are already against the law in Alaska, but one small town 400 miles west of Anchorage is considering a ban of its own—and the proposed ordinance doesn't stop there. The move to beef up Bethel's public decency laws would also bar residents...

Guy Arrested After Telling Kids Santa Doesn't Exist

Busted on public intoxication charge

(Newser) - An Ontario man who thought it would be fun to walk along a Christmas parade route telling kids there is no Santa Claus got his comeuppance: He was busted for public intoxication. Cops on Saturday received complaints about the 24-year-old man, who was easy to find because he had "...

BlackBerry Execs Get Smashed, Ground Flight

Men arrested for behavior; each owes airline $36K

(Newser) - 'Tis the season of headaches for BlackBerry: Two Research in Motion executives got incredibly drunk on a flight from Toronto to Beijing on Monday night, prompting pilots to turn the plane, which was north of Alaska, around. They landed in Vancouver, where the men were arrested, Gawker reports. George...

Canada Aims to Calm Drunks With Lollipops
Canada Aims to Calm Drunks With Lollipops

Canada Aims to Calm Drunks With Lollipops

Suckers have power to soothe rowdies, councilwoman says

(Newser) - Rowdy drunks in Victoria, British Columbia, may soon find the police offering them something to suck on. A city councilwoman says handing out lollipops could do a lot to solve the city's persistent problem with people causing trouble after the bars close, the Globe and Mail reports. The candy,...

Andy Dick Nabbed for Public Intoxication

Caused 'disturbance' at California restaurant

(Newser) - Comedian Andy Dick has been arrested once again, this time for suspected public drunkenness, the Los Angeles Times reports. Police in southern California responded to a complaint regarding an “intoxicated male subject who was causing a disturbance" at a restaurant. Dick cooperated with police, though “he was unable...

Colts Punter Arrested After Drunken Swim

Pat McAfee was nabbed at 5am

(Newser) - Well at least he wasn't behind the wheel. Colts punter Pat McAfee was arrested for public intoxication after he reportedly took a very early morning swim in a canal in Indianapolis's nightlife district. Police, who nabbed the 23-year-old at about 5am, says his blood-alcohol content was 0.15, nearly twice...

Paris Cops Steel for Facebook Booze Binge

'Giant cocktail party' to gather at Eiffel Tower

(Newser) - Paris cops are girding for thousands of drunken revelers expected at the foot of the Eiffel tower this weekend, even though they warned it's illegal. The Paris gathering, organized via Facebook, will be the latest in a series of 58 mass drunkathons or "apéros géants" that are...

Shirtless Kiefer Thrown Out of Strip Club

He was drunk too, but that goes without saying

(Newser) - Kiefer Sutherland is known for drunken antics like head-butting a guy and racking up a $700 bar tab by 1pm . Add yesterday’s story to his list: The 24 star was drunk, of course, and by 4am had managed to lose his shirt and get unceremoniously tossed out the back...

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