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Ex-Scottish Leader Acquitted on All Sex Crime Charges

Jury decided 1 charge was 'not proven'

(Newser) - Former Scottish leader Alex Salmond was acquitted Monday of a series of sexual offenses , including one of attempted rape. An Edinburgh jury deliberated for more than five hours before returning not guilty verdicts on 12 charges and returned a not proven verdict on a charge of sexual assault with intent...

Ex-Scottish Leader Charged With 2 Attempted Rapes

Ex-First Minister Alex Salmond: 'I am innocent of any criminality whatsoever'

(Newser) - First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's reaction to a major development in Scotland: "Obviously this news ... will be a shock to many people." That's the arrest of her predecessor, Alex Salmond, who's been hit with 14 charges, including sexual assault, breach of peace, and two counts of...

In Wake of Brexit, Scotland Threatens Revolt

Nicola Sturgeon says parliament could block exit from EU, new independence vote likely

(Newser) - The Brexit continues to reverberate : As a wave of British MPs stepped down Sunday over the vote to leave the European Union, Scotland's First Minister says Britain could be leaving by itself—and Nicola Sturgeon is putting her money where her mouth is, saying "of course" she's...

UK Elects Youngest Lawmaker Since 1667

20-year-old hasn't finished her politics degree yet

(Newser) - After yesterday's election , the UK now has a lawmaker too young to get into a bar in the US, let alone Congress. Mhairi Black, the Scottish National Party's candidate for a district near Glasgow, is 20 years old, and her victory makes her the youngest member of Parliament...

What to Know About UK's Weirdest Election in Memory

It could take weeks for country to get a new government

(Newser) - After many decades of power going back and forth between the Labour and Conservative parties, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition that took power after the 2010 election was seen as a fluke—but up to a dozen parties have a shot at being in government after today's election, which analysts...

What's Next for Scotland—and the UK

'No' vote doesn't mean no changes

(Newser) - Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, but that doesn't mean there are no changes in store. The BBC , Telegraph , USA Today , and CNN run down what's next for the country and the UK:
  • Scottish Parliament will get more power. That's something the three biggest

Pro-Independence Side Ahead in Scottish Poll

UK offers new deal if Scotland stays in union

(Newser) - Is the UK on the road to Splitsville? Scotland votes on independence on Sept. 18, and one poll has put the pro-independence "Yes" camp in the lead with 51% for the first time, the BBC reports. The "No" side was 22 points ahead less than a month ago,...

Scots Debut Independence 'Blueprint,' Vow 'Revolution'

Country would keep queen, pound

(Newser) - Ahead of its Sept. 18 independence referendum , Scotland has unveiled a 670-page document (available here ) laying out the foundations for the proposed country. "This is the most comprehensive blueprint for an independent country ever published," says Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. "We do not seek independence...

Scotland's Battle for Freedom Kicks Off

'Yes for Scotland' campaign targets 2014 vote

(Newser) - Supporters of Scottish independence are about to officially kick off their campaign to end the country's 305-year-old marriage to England and Wales. The "Yes for Scotland" drive is being spearheaded by Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond, whose party won a majority in Scottish elections last years, reports...

Scottish Independence Edges Nearer

Independent Scotland will get on well with US, SNP leader says

(Newser) - The 304-year-old union between England and Scotland is starting to look shaky, and some believe Scottish independence could be in the cards within a few years. The pro-independence Scottish National Party recently won its first majority in Scottish elections and has pledged to hold a referendum on nationhood within 5...

Upset Election Victory Gives Brown a Boost

Surging popularity helps party win open parliament seat

(Newser) - Labour won a stunning come-from-behind victory in a special election in Scotland early this morning, reports the Times of London, offering the first evidence that Gordon Brown's political recovery may be lasting. The election was called after the death of a Labour MP. The seat looked set to go to...

Catastrophic Loss for Brown in Scottish Vote

Separatists win one of Labour's safest seats; PM may not survive

(Newser) - Gordon Brown suffered a potentially fatal blow to his leadership when Labour lost a once rock-solid seat to the Scottish National Party in a special election early this morning. In one of the most stunning upsets in years, the separatists seized the constituency of Glasgow East as more than 22%...

Support for Scot Independence Hits Record Low

Year after separatists take power, Scotland wants to remain in UK

(Newser) - It's been one year since a separatist government came to power in Scotland, vowing to break away from the United Kingdom. But a new poll shows while the Scottish still admire Alex Salmond, the region's first minister, support for independence is at an all-time low—with only 19% wanting to...

Winners of the Iraq War: The Scots
Winners of
the Iraq War:
The Scots

Winners of the Iraq War: The Scots

Independence party finally scored by opposing war

(Newser) - When Scotland’s separatists became the first party to wrest control of the Scottish Parliament from Labour last May, it was due to a surge of anti-Iraq-war sentiment as much as pro-independence fervor. But the  Scottish National Party has proved adept at governing, the New Republic notes, making small popular...

Labour Party Escapes Election Catastrophe

Pro-independence faction takes control of Scottish parliament

(Newser) - Tony Blair's Labour Party took a beating in yesterday's local elections, winning just 27 percent of the vote. But both the party—wildly unpopular because of Blair's Iraq war stance and several recent scandals—and pundits scored the result a minor victory because Labour lost only 410 local council seats...

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