Arizona immigration law

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Supreme Court Kills Arizona 'Proof of Citizenship' Law

Justices say anti-immigrant measure interferes with federal law

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today struck down an Arizona law requiring people to show proof that they're US citizens in order to register to vote. In a 7-2 decision, the court ruled that the law, which was approved by voters as a ballot proposition, conflicted with a 1993 federal law...

Judge Upholds Arizona 'Show Your Papers' Demand

ACLU: Law will penalize residents for 'color of skin'

(Newser) - A controversial law requiring Arizona police to demand immigration documents from suspected illegal aliens can go into effect, a US judge has ruled. But she blocked another measure making it a crime to harbor illegal immigrants. Challengers had argued that the so-called "show-your-papers" provision would lead to racial profiling....

Arizona Gov. Brewer: No State IDs for Young Illegals

Brewer issues executive order as Obama's program begins

(Newser) - As young illegal immigrants lined up to apply for President Obama's deferred-deportation program yesterday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer made it clear where she stands on the issue. Brewer yesterday issued an executive order stating that young immigrants granted work permits under the program would not be able to receive...

California Senate Backs 'Anti-Arizona' Bill

Measure would limit deportation after minor crimes

(Newser) - California's Senate has passed a measure that runs counter to federal immigration efforts—one that's been dubbed the "anti-Arizona" bill, Reuters reports. The legislation, which looks set to pass the state Assembly, would hamper police's ability to hand an arrested person over to immigration officials for...

Feds Won't Help Arizona Nab Immigrants: White House

Administration cutting ties with Arizona enforcement

(Newser) - The Obama administration is taking quick action following the Supreme Court's decision on Arizona's immigration law. The federal government will only aid the state in undocumented immigrant cases that meet existing federal rules—applicable, for instance, if the person in question is a convicted criminal or recently arrived...

Arizona Ruling a Quagmire for Romney, GOP

Hispanic vote needed for swing states, but GOP loves tough policies

(Newser) - With Republicans and Mitt Romney struggling to get Hispanic votes, yesterday's Supreme Court ruling mostly striking down Arizona's tough immigration law has just muddied an already difficult dilemma, reports the Washington Post . Getting tough on illegal immigration fires up the GOP base, but Romney needs upward of 40%...

Scalia: Arizona Ruling 'Boggles the Mind'

Justice unloads on Obama, even as both sides declare victory

(Newser) - Reactions are flying in to the Supreme Court's decision to strike down much of Arizona's immigration law, but one of the most extreme came from the court itself. Speaking in dissent of the ruling, Antonin Scalia questioned whether Arizona and other states would have even joined the union...

Supreme Court Kills Most of Arizona Immigration Law

But not the part that lets police check suspects' statuses

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has struck down most of Arizona's controversial immigration law in a 5-3 decision, but left intact the so-called "check your papers" provision. The decision struck down the parts of the law that made it a crime for immigrants not to possess federal registration cards, made...

Court Seems Fine With Arizona Immigration Law

Or at least, with parts of it

(Newser) - Today the Supreme Court heard the final arguments in the case over Arizona's controversial immigration law, and it's not looking good for the Obama administration. Justices seemed decidedly skeptical about the Justice Department's central argument that the law impinged on the federal government's power to control...

Dems Lick Chops Over Arizona Immigration Law
Dems Lick Chops Over Arizona Immigration Law
What Supreme Court?

Dems Lick Chops Over Arizona Immigration Law

If Supreme Court upholds, they'll force Republicans to pick a side on prickly issue

(Newser) - Even if the Supreme Court upholds Arizona's immigration law this summer, Senate Democrats are just going to go ahead and stick Republicans between a rock and a hard place on the controversial law. Chuck Schumer is set to announce Plan B today: legislation that would require the approval of...

Arizona Immigration Law Headed to Supreme Court

Politically-charged case could echo in November

(Newser) - Just weeks ago, it was the ObamaCare tussle . Now the Supreme Court is moving on to another politically-charged, high-profile case: a battle over Arizona's controversial immigration law. The case centers on whether Arizona overstepped the boundaries of state power with aggressive police checks on suspected illegal immigrants. But "...

Under Attack From Ex-Lover, GOP Sheriff Comes Out

Paul Babeu denies accusations he threatened to deport Mexican ex-lover

(Newser) - Arizona sheriff and congressional GOP candidate Paul Babeu denied charges yesterday that he threatened an ex-lover with deportation, claiming he was actually being attacked for being gay, reports the Phoenix New Times . Babeu claims that the New Times and his ex-lover only made up the charge to make his sexual...

Supreme Court to Take on Arizona Immigration Law

Justices set for controversial year

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has added another high-profile case to its slate: Justices will examine the Arizona immigration law that has sparked nationwide controversy, the AP reports. They'll rule on a US appeals court decision that barred portions of the law, including a measure requiring police investigating other matters to...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Backs Rick Perry for 2012, Will Announce Endorsement Next Week: Source
 Sheriff Joe Backs Rick Perry 

Sheriff Joe Backs Rick Perry

Will announce endorsement next week: source

(Newser) - Arizona’s fiery Sheriff Joe Arpaio has chosen his candidate for 2012, and it’s Rick Perry. The self-styled “America’s Toughest Sheriff” will endorse the Texas governor next week, a source confirms to ABC News and NBC News . Perry has reportedly spoken by phone with the illegal immigration...

Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote
Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote
2011 Elections

Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote

Election centered on the immigration law he championed

(Newser) - An underfunded upstart challenger appears to have knocked out Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, in a historic recall election seen mainly as a referendum on the harsh immigration law Pearce championed. While the results aren’t yet official, with all districts reporting, challenger Jerry Lewis was up 52.4% to...

Brewer Calls Obama 'Condescending' in Book

She criticizes president and other foes of Arizona's immigration law

(Newser) - After Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer met with President Obama in the heat of last year's fight over the state's immigration law, she told reporters it was "cordial." She has a much different take in a book coming out next month, according to the Arizona Republic and...

Obama Goes on Offense Vs. Immigration Laws

Administration may challenge laws in a half dozen states

(Newser) - Even as Alabama’s stringent new immigration law takes effect today , the Obama administration is ramping up efforts to challenge it and other laws like it around the country. The administration has already sued Arizona and Alabama, its lawyers are talking with Utah officials about another suit there, and Georgia,...

Border State Governors Ditch Mexico Conference

Only New Mexico's shows up to meet Mexican counterparts

(Newser) - The governors of border states in the US and Mexico have been holding a conference to discuss cross-border issues every year for 30 years, but the tradition appears to be withering, the AP finds. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez was the only one of the four US border state governors...

Arizona Police Confirm 2nd Hack, This Time by 'AntiSec'

Group goes after officers' personal emails

(Newser) - A second computer hacking attack in two weeks against Arizona state police targeted the personal email accounts of some of its officers, an official confirmed yesterday. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is reviewing the information released by a group calling itself AntiSec. An attack last week by the computer...

LulzSec Leaks Arizona Docs to Protest Immigration Law

Also: 'Most-wanted' hacker says he doesn't fear arrest

(Newser) - Fuming at Arizona’s anti-immigration law, LulzSec hackers are taking revenge: They’ve released “hundreds” of Arizona law enforcement documents. These include “intelligence bulletins, training manuals, personal email correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords,” the group said in a statement. They’ve chosen their target “...

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