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Green Diva: Sheryl Crow Makes Promoters Work

Demands local produce, biodegradable cups, recycled TP

(Newser) - Everyone should do their part to help the environment, and Sheryl Crow is making sure that her tour is as green as possible—even if it kills her promoters. Crow's tour rider demands "biodegradable non-petroleum cups" and "disposable napkins made of 100% recycled fiber," the Smoking Gun... More »

Rush Mocks Chevy Volt: 'Nobody Wants It'

If it's so good, why does it need a tax credit?

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh ridiculed GM's new electric car, the Chevy Volt, as just an expensive way of showing "you care" for the environment and "how much better you are than everybody else." Referring to the planned $7,500 tax credit on the Volt's $41,000 price tag, Rush... More »

Honda Plans Electric Cars for 2012

Company trying to regain ground on green vehicles

(Newser) - Honda is looking to make up lost ground in the market for energy-efficient cars and plans to have a plug-in hybrid and a battery-powered electric vehicle on American streets in 2012, reports Reuters . The company announced no specifics on models, other than to say the EV will be a small... More »

Electric Bikes Worth a Spin

In the city, they're perfect for short trips

(Newser) - Count Farhad Manjoo as a convert to the electric bicycle camp. He took a loaner for a week, pronounced his inaugural ride "incredible," and generally thinks they're a legitimate way to get more people on two wheels and fewer on four. They've got limitations, of course—the hazards... More »

Advice to Tea Party: Go Green

We could impose a 'patriot fee' on foreign oil

(Newser) - Thomas Friedman figures the Tea Party, like similar protest movements, is good for 10% to 20% of the vote. But if it wants to truly change America, he suggests a change in focus by going green. He's even got the manifesto written: “We, the Green Tea Party, believe that... More »

Your 'Green' Shopping Is Killing the Planet

Individual acts don't cut it; we need legislation

(Newser) - Sharon Begley would like to take this moment on Earth Day to burst your little bubble about how much you think you're helping the environment. Sure, buying those ubiquitous "green" products makes everyone feel better, as does recycling, and cutting home energy use. But changing individual behavior doesn't cut... More »

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