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Teen Left Her Yacht at Sea 9 Years Ago. It Just Turned Up

Adventurer Abby Sunderland had to be rescued in 2010 from round-the-world attempt

(Newser) - Nine years ago, a 16-year-old Californian named Abby Sunderland captured international headlines by attempting to become the youngest person to sail around the world solo. A storm hobbled her yacht, however, forcing a dramatic rescue in the Indian Ocean. At the time, Sunderland wrote that she never expected to see...

Abby Sunderland Reunited With Brother

Zac Sunderland meets teen sailor off coast of Africa on way home

(Newser) - In a bittersweet reunion today, 16-year-old Californian sailor Abby Sunderland hugged her brother Zac as she teared up and defended her family against criticism that she had been too young to try to sail around the world alone. "I knew what to do. I was well-prepared for anything that...

Dad Sent Abby on Risky Route for TV's Sake

 Dad Sent Abby on 
 Risky Route for 
 TV's Sake 
teen sailor drama

Dad Sent Abby on Risky Route for TV's Sake

Cinematographer slams him for 'cutting corners,' too

(Newser) - More fuel for the contingent calling for Abby Sunderland’s parents to be shot : Turns out her trip was even more dangerous than previously reported, and all in the name of reality TV. A cinematographer who worked with the Sunderlands tells Abby was forced to leave at a...

Sunderlands: Parents Who Should Be Shot
 Parents Who 
 Should Be Shot 

Sunderlands: Parents Who Should Be Shot

Teen plans to try again

(Newser) - At first it looked like an inspiring tale of a plucky teen sailor trying to circumnavigate the globe alone, rescued from storm-tossed seas in a big-hearted Australian government operation. But anger continues to mount as Abby Sunderland's near-death experience underscores the dangers she faced because her parents "allowed her...

9 Kid Adventurers With Crazy Parents
 9 Kid Adventurers 
 With Crazy Parents 
sutherlands, meet your peers

9 Kid Adventurers With Crazy Parents

Would you let your teen sail around the world?

(Newser) - Abby Sunderland’s dad may or may not have been attempting to cash in on his daughter’s solo sailing trip with a reality show—either way, should her parents have let her go? The Daily Beast thinks not, and offers up a list of other youngsters whose daredevil “...

Teen Sailor's Mom: No Plans for Reality Show

Sunderland family isn't trying to cash in, she insists

(Newser) - Abby Sunderland's family abandoned plans for a reality show before the girl set sail and has no interest in revisiting them now, the 16-year-old's mother tells the AP. Marianne Sunderland also says the family has no interest in cashing in on her daughter's rescue with a documentary or other deal....

Teen Sailor's Family Can't Foot $300K Rescue Bill
Teen Sailor's Family Can't Foot $300K Rescue Bill
But Dad made reality show deal

Teen Sailor's Family Can't Foot $300K Rescue Bill

Sunderland family hopes US will help out; Abby wants to try again

(Newser) - Looks like the Australian government is out $300,000. The mother of teen sailor Abby Sunderland says the family can't afford to foot the bill for the plane deployed to spot her daughter and the vessel delivering her to port because "we're not wealthy people." But Marianne Sunderland...

Teen Sailor: 'One Long Wave, and One Short Mast'
 Teen Sailor:  
 'One Long Wave, 
 and One Short Mast' 
she'll try again

Teen Sailor: 'One Long Wave, and One Short Mast'

Rescued Abby Sunderland blogs about 'crazy' few days

(Newser) - Abby Sunderland says she's "safe and sound" aboard a French fishing ship after being rescued from her Indian Ocean misadventure. "The long and the short of it is, well, one long wave, and one short mast," the 16-year-old writes on her blog from the rescue ship. She's...

Parents: Missing Teen Sailor Rescued

Abby Sunderland had sent up distress signal in Indian Ocean

(Newser) - The parents of a California teenager who was stranded at sea say she has been rescued by a French fishing crew. Laurence Sunderland, the father of 16-year-old Abby Sunderland, told reporters outside his home early today that maritime authorities had contacted him to confirm the rescue in heavy seas in...

Missing Teen Sailor Alive and Well

Searchers talk to her via radio

(Newser) - Missing teen solo sailor Abby Sunderland has been located and is alive and well, her team revealed. Sunderland told searchers aboard a Quantas airbus, commissioned by the Australian government, that she's OK and has plenty of food, reports MSNBC . "Wild Eyes is upright but her rigging is down. The...

Teen Sailor May Be Lost at Sea
 Teen Sailor May Be Lost at Sea 

Teen Sailor May Be Lost at Sea

16-Year-Old loses radar, satellite phone contact

(Newser) - The family of a 16-year-old girl attempting to circumnavigate the globe alone in a sailboat fears for their daughter's life after she lost contact while being buffeted by 25-foot waves. Abby Sunderland activated two emergency beacons around 6am this morning, shortly after losing reception on her satellite telephone. Sunderland told...

Teen Forced to Quit Round-the-World Sail

Broken auto pilot ends Sunderland's record hopes

(Newser) - California teen Abby Sunderland has been forced to abandon her attempt to become the youngest person ever to sail solo around the world without stopping. The 16-year-old, who set off in January, is headed toward Cape Town for emergency repairs to her 40-foot boat's navigation system, ABC News reports. She...

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