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Feds Make First Arrest in Insider Trading Sweep

Don Ching Trang Chu allegedly planned to flee to Thailand

(Newser) - Federal authorities have made the first of what's expected to be many arrests in their huge insider trading investigation . A US Attorney in Manhattan announced charges today against Don Ching Trang Chu, an employee of an expert-networking firm that supplied "market intelligence" to hedge funds. Prosecutors say the New...

FBI Raids CT Hedge Funds
 FBI Raids Conn. Hedge Funds 

FBI Raids Conn. Hedge Funds

...as part of extensive insider-trading investigation

(Newser) - The FBI is undertaking an extensive insider-trading investigation, and raided two hedge fund offices in Connecticut today that are presumably part of it. Former managers at Steve Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors run both raided firms, Diamondback Capital Management LLC and Level Global Investors LP, the Wall Street Journal reports. The...

Hedge Funds Get 'Sweet Deal' in Finance Bill

Thanks to an army of lobbyists, they've dodged reforms

(Newser) - While Wall Street banks are being hauled before Congress for public reprimand, hedge funds and private equity firms have floated blissfully above the fray, thanks to an army of well-connected lobbyists. More than half of the 83 new lobbyists who signed up with the industry's two main trade groups last...

Goldman Crony: Investors Didn't Do Homework

Paulson goes on offensive to reassure hedge fund members

(Newser) - John Paulson—the hedge fund billionaire at the center of the deal that's brought misery on Goldman Sachs—has escaped criminal charges. But the Wall Street Journal reports that he's sweating at least a little to keep investors in his massive Paulson & Co. fund from jumping ship. He had...

Other Wall St. Banks as Guilty as Goldman

Many engaged in same activities SEC is now calling fraudulent

(Newser) - The SEC's fraud suit against Goldman Sachs might be just the tip of the iceberg, because other investment banks engaged in exactly the same sleight of hand, Pro Publica reports. Goldman is accused of failing to disclose that a hedge fund was both helping to create, and betting against, the...

Obama to Propose Knocking Banks Down to Size

President plans new limits on bank size, risk-taking

(Newser) - President Obama, going on the offensive against Wall Street banks "too big to fail," plans to propose measures to limit the size of banks and their ability to take risks, according to administration sources. Adopting an approach championed by former Fed chief Paul Volcker, he wants to bar...

Banks Probed for Betting Against Own Securities

Firms bundled bad debt then sold it short

(Newser) - Congress and financial regulators are probing several Wall Street firms for bundling bad debt, selling it to clients, and then profiting from betting that those same securities would fail, insiders say. Clients at Goldman Sachs and other firms lost billions of dollars on the mortgage-related securities as the housing market...

Uma Thurman, Fianc&eacute; Split
 Uma Thurman, Fiancé Split 

Uma Thurman, Fiancé Split

Somehow, Cindy Adams ties breakup with Arpad Busson to Bernie Madoff

(Newser) - The engagement is off between Uma Thurman and hedge fund manager Arpad Busson. Thurman, once-divorced and mother to two children by Ethan Hawke, announced her engagement to the financier—who has two children himself with Elle MacPherson—in the summer of 2008. Cindy Adams theorizes the breakup could have somehow...

Jury Clears Fund Managers in Bellwether Case

Bear Sterns execs accused of fraud go free

(Newser) - Two Bear Stearns executives who ran hedge funds that collapsed after betting heavily on the shaky subprime mortgage market were acquitted today of lying to investors—a defeat in the government's bid to punish fraud exposed by the financial crisis. The closely watched case was the first one against Wall...

Look Out, Wall Street: Feds Using Wiretaps Now

Insider trading case against Galleon is first to use the tactic

(Newser) - The bad boys of Wall Street better watch their mouths. Federal prosecutors used wiretaps to make their case against hedge fund giant Raj Rajaratnam this week, and they plan to use them again in similar investigations. Wiretaps may be common when going after the mafia, say, or terrorists, but their...

Hedge Fund Founder Nabbed for Insider Trading

Raj Rajaratnam's $3B Galleon Group trades tech stocks

(Newser) - The founder of a $3 billion hedge fund and two other financial executives have been charged with insider trading, the Business Insider reports. Raj Rajaratnam, whose Galleon Group focuses on high tech stocks, was charged with conspiracy and fraud related to trades of Hilton and Google stock, among others. Execs...

Investors Ditch Once Lofty Cerberus Fund

Failed investments in Chrysler, GMAC have clients pulling $5.5B

(Newser) - Hedge-fund investors are leaving once-vaunted investment firm Cerberus Capital Management in droves, the Wall Street Journal reports. The firm, whose acquisitions of Chrysler and GMAC turned disastrous, is seeing $5.5 billion in capital—or 71% of its hedge fund assets—walk out the door. "We have been surprised...

Investors: Fund Manager Blew Cash on Porn, Swingers Club

He's also tied to a Palin-themed porno

(Newser) - A group of hedge fund investors are suing California moneyman Milton Ault III, saying he used their money to “fund his lifestyle, which included the development of a ‘swingers ranch’ in the Catskills and other pornographic-related endeavors,” according to court filings. Ault, who says he’s been...

CIA Wants You, I-Banker
 CIA Wants You, I-Banker 

CIA Wants You, I-Banker

(Newser) - The CIA is looking for a few good bankers to track down millionaire bad guys and stymie financial terrorism, the New York Post reports. Ads on Bloomberg Radio ask money whizzes to use their “intelligence for the work of a nation.” The $160,000 salary will probably be...

Madoff Money Man Steps Down
 Madoff Money Man Steps Down 

Madoff Money Man Steps Down

Cuomo pushes Merkin out

(Newser) - Thanks to some strong arming from Andrew Cuomo, financier J. Ezra Merkin is stepping down as manager of his hedge fund and placing it into receivership, the Wall Street Journal reports. Cuomo charged Merkin in a civil fraud complaint last month, saying he “betrayed hundreds of investors,” by...

NY Lawyer Pleads Guilty to $400M Fraud

Dreier bilked clients, spent cash on yacht and beach houses

(Newser) - New York lawyer Marc Dreier pleaded guilty yesterday to selling hundreds of millions in bogus promissory notes to hedge funds and other clients, reports the Times. Dreier, 59, used the $400 million to fund a Manhattan apartment, beachfront houses, and an $18 million yacht. “He has disgraced the honorable...

Summers Reaped Millions From Bailout Recipients

Earned $2.7M in speakers fees last year

(Newser) - Lawrence Summers, President Obama's top economic adviser, received hefty speaking fees last year from Wall Street giants that later got bailout cash, Bloomberg reports. Summers received a total of $2.7 million from firms like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup on top of the $5.2 million salary he got from...

Scammed Law Student Wins Freeze of Madoff Bro Funds

Peter Madoff had 'full knowledge' of scam, lawsuit charges

(Newser) - A Brooklyn law student who lost a $500,000 inheritance in the Bernard Madoff scam has won a court order freezing the assets of the swindler's brother, reports Reuters. Peter Madoff was in charge the student's trust, which he invested in Madoff's s scheme. Peter Madoff was an executive officer...

Geithner Pitches Overhaul of Financial Oversight

(Newser) - Tim Geithner today proposed a major expansion of federal regulatory powers, reports the Washington Post. In testimony before Congress, the Treasury chief called for hedge funds, derivatives markets, private equity firms, and major insurers like AIG to be brought under strict federal supervision for the first time. His plan, which...

New Obama Plan Aims to Control Exec Pay

(Newser) - The White House will roll out a plan next week to oversee executive pay and more deeply regulate Wall Street, the New York Times reports. Officials are still debating the details, but under the proposal, the Fed will supervise compensation at financial firms, banks, and other companies—even ones that...

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