female genital mutilation

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This May Be First Nation to Do a 180 on Female Genital Mutilation

Gambia advances bill to repeal its ban

(Newser) - Activists who've been campaigning for years to outlaw female genital mutilation around the world could face a major setback as Gambia risks becoming the first country to reverse a ban on the practice linked to infertility and death. The West African country banned female genital mutilation (FGM) or cutting...

Female Genital Mutilation Rises Amid COVID

Practice in Somaliland appears to have gotten a boost from lockdowns

(Newser) - Incidents of female genital mutilation have risen alarmingly in Somaliland during the pandemic, according to activists and officials interviewed by the AP . One reason: The practice provides income for FGM practitioners, known as “cutters,” who travel door-to-door offering their services. One cutter continues her work despite acknowledging—thanks...

Dad Said They Were Getting a Vaccine. He Lied
Dad Said They Were
Getting a Vaccine. He Lied
in case you missed it

Dad Said They Were Getting a Vaccine. He Lied

Father, doctor facing 'urgent criminal trial' in Egypt

(Newser) - An Egyptian father told his three daughters that they would receive a vaccine for COVID-19 before each was injected with a general anesthetic and subjected to female genital mutilation, according to prosecutors. The three minors "lost consciousness and when they woke up they were shocked to find their legs...

Parents, Doctor Arrested in Genital Mutilation Death

12-year-old had the illegal procedure in Egypt

(Newser) - A 12-year-old girl died this week in southern Egypt after her parents brought her to a doctor who performed female genital mutilation, a criminal practice that remains widespread in the region, according to a judicial statement. The girl's death in the province of Assiut prompted Egypt's public prosecutor...

Judge: 22-Year-Old Genital Mutilation Law Is Unconstitutional

Ruling deals blow to first-of-its-kind Michigan case

(Newser) - A Michigan judge acknowledged that female genital mutilation is "despicable"—in a 28-page opinion that concluded the federal government's 22-year-old law against the practice is unconstitutional. As such, the mutilation charges against two Michigan doctors have been dismissed. Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, who allegedly performed the surgery, and...

Doc on Genital Victim: 'I Never Saw Anyone Mutilated Like That'

10-year-old Somali girl dies after procedure; dad says he still stands behind FGM

(Newser) - In Somalia, about 98% of girls undergo female genital mutilation, but one 10-year-old is now part of an even grimmer statistic: those who've died from it. A doctor at a Dhusamareb hospital tells Voice of America the child was brought to the ER early last week, two days after...

Feds: Michigan Doctor May Have Cut 100 Girls' Genitals

Assistant US Attorney makes 'bombshell' accusation during bond hearing

(Newser) - In April, a Michigan doctor was charged with performing genital mutilation on two young Minnesota girls. On Wednesday, feds dropped what the Detroit Free Press calls a "bombshell" in the case: They estimate not two but up to 100 girls had their genitals cut by Dr. Jumana Nagarwala. "...

A Horrifying First Is Prosecuted in US Federal Court

Detroit doctor charged with female genital mutilation of 7-year-old girls

(Newser) - A doctor was charged Thursday with performing genital mutilation on two young Minnesota girls who traveled to Michigan with their mothers, the first federal prosecution of what the government describes as "horrifying acts of brutality." Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was arrested after the 7-year-olds identified her as the person...

US Deports 1st Person Guilty of Female Genital Mutilation

Khalid Adem has been sent back to Ethiopia

(Newser) - The first person in America to be convicted of female genital mutilation has been kicked out of the country. Khalid Adem, 41, who used scissors to remove his 2-year-old daughter's clitoris at their Atlanta-area home in 2001, was deported to Ethiopia on Monday after finishing a 10-year prison sentence,...

500K Americans at Risk for Female Genital Mutilation

CDC's 2012 estimate is triple the 1990 figure

(Newser) - If you identify female genital mutilation as a purely African problem, a report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may shock: The CDC estimates that 513,000 American women and girls were at risk for "female genital mutilation/cutting or its consequences" in 2012; this is...

UN Official: ISIS Demanding Female Genital Mutilation

Militant Sunni group issues fatwa, official says

(Newser) - A UN official in Iraq shared disturbing news with reporters today: ISIS militants have issued a religious edict declaring that all women in or around Mosul must undergo female genital mutilation, reports Reuters . The fatwa from the Sunni insurgents, who overtook the northern Iraqi city in June, applies to females...

UK a Hotbed of Female Genital Mutilation
 UK a Hotbed of 
 Female Genital 

UK a Hotbed of Female Genital Mutilation

Model Waris Dirie says abusive procedure allowed because of racism

(Newser) - Female genital mutilation is illegal in Great Britain, but as many as 100,000 women have undergone the procedure there, according to an investigation by the Sunday Times . What's more, the inquiry unveiled doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, and even dentists willing to perform the procedure on children as young...

Swede Minister Blasted for 'Racist Cake' Stunt

Controversial 'art' aimed to highlight genital mutilation

(Newser) - A Swedish culture minister is under attack for gleefully cutting into a cake made to look like a racist caricature of a black African woman. Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth defended the cake-cutting event, part of an art installation at Stockholm's modern art museum that was intended to highlight the issue...

France May Toss Out Polygamist Foreigners

Along with those who practice female genital mutilation

(Newser) - France’s Interior Minister wants immigrants to lose their citizenship if they practice polygamy or female genital mutilation or commit any other “serious wrongdoing.” This new punishment, which could be law by the end of the year, would apply to anyone with a foreign background, even if they...

US Pediatric Academy Mulls Allowing Ritual Female 'Nick'

Clitoral 'pricking' like 'ear piercing,' say docs

(Newser) - The American Academy of Pediatrics is considering allowing doctors to perform female genital "nicks" in order to be "culturally sensitive" and satisfy parents seeking female circumcision. The move has infuriated activists battling the practice. A recent academy statement said doctors should try to dissuade parents from seeking the...

CDC Must Stop Advocating Circumcision
CDC Must Stop Advocating Circumcision

CDC Must Stop Advocating Circumcision

Male procedure just as backward as reviled female version

(Newser) - Virtually everyone in the Western world seems to agree that female circumcision is horrible. It greatly reduces sexual pleasure, violates individual autonomy, and provides no discernible health benefits. Well, all that is true of male circumcision, too, writes Ethan Epstein, yet the CDC is considering a plan to “promote...

Scandinavia Battles Genital Mutilation

African, Middle Eastern immigrants arrested after mutilations abroad

(Newser) - Scandinavian countries are hitting perpetrators of genital mutilation with heavy fines and prison sentences, even when the act is committed in other countries, Global Post reports. African and Middle Eastern immigrants who take their daughters abroad for genital mutilations—which are considered normal and even necessary in some cultures—are...

Mukasey Steps Into Genital Mutilation Case

Citing further danger, AG gives woman second shot at asylum

(Newser) - In an extremely rare move, the US attorney general has stepped into a low-level immigration case and ordered that a victim of female genital mutilation be given another chance at asylum, CNN reports. AG Michael Mukasey slammed a previous decision that said the African woman had no reason to fear...

Slowly Changing Painful Customs

Kenya group develops alternatives to female circumcision

(Newser) - The practice of female circumcision has been twice banned in Kenya, but nearly 40% of young women still undergo the painful and dangerous rite of passage into married life. The Christian Science Monitor profiles activists at the Tasaru Girls Rescue Center who work with villagers—using role models, lessons about...

Brits Fight Genital Mutilation
Brits Fight Genital Mutilation

Brits Fight Genital Mutilation

Outlawed practice persists; offer reward for info

(Newser) - Britain is cracking down on female genital mutilation, banned in 2003 but still prevalent among immigrants from Africa and the Mideast. A campaign that begins today aims to raise awareness and enlist help in tracking down those who arrange or carry out the procedure, done on an estimated 400 to...

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