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Any Random Conservative Would Crush Snowe in 2010
Any Random Conservative Would Crush Snowe in 2010

Any Random Conservative Would Crush Snowe in 2010

Generic Republican wins 59%-31% in poll

(Newser) - Olympia Snowe could be in trouble in 2012: a new poll found that a generic conservative challenger would trounce the Maine moderate in a primary. The hypothetical conservative got 59% of the vote, while Snowe received just 31%. While it can be argued that results for hypothetical candidate have little...

McCain: Afghan Call Can't Wait
 Afghan Call 
 Can't Wait 


McCain: Afghan Call Can't Wait

Troops decision dominates, but everybody backs away from 'dithering' Cheney

(Newser) - The pace of President Obama's decision on troop levels in Afghanistan again dominated the Sunday dial. John McCain told Face the Nation that Obama should move regardless of the Nov. 7 runoff's outcome: "Every day we delay will be a delay in this strategy succeeding.” Orrin Hatch...

Reid Narrows In on 60 Votes for Public Option

Landrieu and Lieberman agree not to block opt-out plan

(Newser) - Harry Reid closed in on the 60 votes he needs to pass a health reform bill with a public option yesterday, aided by 2 Democratic moderates who pledged not to filibuster the vote. Both Mary Landrieu and Joe Lieberman said they wouldn't block the bill, which offers a public insurance...

Reid Goes for Broke With Public Option Bill

Senate majority leader banks on 60 votes, infuriates Baucus

(Newser) - Harry Reid is preparing to bring a health reform bill that includes a public option to the floor of the Senate, gambling that his 60-member caucus will support the plan if it contains opt-out measures for individual states. The majority leader and other senators met with Barack Obama yesterday to...

Maine's Other Senator Could Swing Health Reform

Eyes turn to Susan Collins as Dems ramp up courtship

(Newser) - Last week Sen. Olympia Snowe was the center of attention of Capitol Hill as she bucked the GOP line to support health care reform, but now Maine's other Republican senator, Susan Collins, is the one to watch. Both women voted for President Obama's stimulus package in February, and Democrats and...

Public Option Now Has Legs in Senate
 Public Option Now 
 Has Legs in Senate 

so much for baucus bill

Public Option Now Has Legs in Senate

Hostile insurance industry pushes Dems to consider grab-bag of proposals

(Newser) - The public option, left for dead by the Max Baucus bill that passed the Finance Committee just weeks ago, has a new lease on life in the Senate. Credit goes to a CBO report underwhelmed by that bill's efforts to encourage competition, and a big power play by the insurance...

Health Debate Now Hinges on Public Option

Obama, Reid warm to Snowe 'trigger' plan phased in state by state

(Newser) - The White House and Congress are now wrangling to reconcile the five health care bills on the floors of the House and Senate, and no issue is causing greater headaches than the so-called public option. The Senate Finance Committee's bill, which has the support of Republican Olympia Snowe, doesn't have...

Six Senate Swing Votes

 Six Senate 
 Swing Votes 

Six Senate Swing Votes

From Dems who swing right to left-leaning GOPers, debate promises suspense

(Newser) - As health care reform bills merge and change on the Senate floor, the pool of legislators to watch has grown. The Wall Street Journal takes a look:
  • Olympia Snowe, R-Maine: Her vote for the Finance Committee bill was clutch, but "doesn't forecast what my vote will be tomorrow,"

Snowe, Not Palin, Is GOP's Real Maverick
 Snowe, Not Palin, Is 
 GOP's Real Maverick 

Snowe, Not Palin, Is GOP's Real Maverick

Maine senator's yes on health reform isn't first time breaking with the party

(Newser) - Today’s committee vote for a key health-reform measure isn’t the first time Sen. Olympia Snowe has broken with fellow Republicans—and leads Laurie Kellman to call her, and not former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the GOP’s real maverick. Snowe also voted for President Obama’s stimulus package,...

Obama Praises 'Critical Milestone' of Baucus Bill

Instead of celebrating, 'now is time to dig in'

(Newser) - President Obama called today's passage of legislation by a key Senate committee "a critical milestone" toward getting a health care overhaul this year, but said "now is not the time to pat ourselves on the back." Obama spoke in the Rose Garden about two hours after the...

Baucus Panel Approves Health Bill

Snowe is only Republican 'yes' vote

(Newser) - A pivotal Senate committee has approved a sweeping remake of the country's health care system, delivering a long-sought boost to President Obama's goal of expanding coverage. The 14-9 vote in the Senate Finance Committee sets up a historic debate on the Senate floor and moves health care overhaul closer to...

Snowe to Vote for Health Bill
 Snowe to Vote for Health Bill 

Snowe to Vote for Health Bill

She provides crucial Republican support for Obama's overhaul

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe says she will vote for a Democratic health care bill, breaking with her party on President Obama's top legislative priority. The Maine senator kept virtually all of Washington guessing how she would vote until she announced it late in the Senate Finance Committee debate today. "...

Yea or Nay, How Health Bill Hinges on Snowe's Vote
Yea or Nay, How Health Bill Hinges on Snowe's Vote

Yea or Nay, How Health Bill Hinges on Snowe's Vote

Either way, Maine Republican will likely preserve leverage going to the floor

(Newser) - The day is finally here: Olympia Snowe will have to vote one way or another on the Senate Finance Committee’s health reform bill. The Maine Republican has been coy—“It’s all about what I’m comfortable doing at the end of the day”—but that doesn’...

Senate Bill Likely to Come Down to Reid, Dodd, Baucus
Senate Bill Likely to Come Down to Reid, Dodd, Baucus

Senate Bill Likely to Come Down to Reid, Dodd, Baucus

Baucus, Dodd the only senators with secure seats at negotiating table

(Newser) - Every senator worth their salt is salivating for a seat at the table when Harry Reid merges the Senate’s two competing health care bills—but the vast majority will instead have their noses pressed to the glass. Reid hopes to speed things up by keeping the group small, Politico...

Forget Baucus: Reid Takes Reins on Health Care

Tough issues will be on the table as the majority leader tries to hammer out a bill

(Newser) - In the Senate Finance Committee, it's all over but the voting, and Democratic hopes for health care reform now rest with Harry Reid, who has to pull something cogent (and passable) out of a welter of conflicting proposals from several committees. That puts him the "in the eye of...

Baucus Sweetens Subsidies as Bill Goes to Mark-Up

Democrats, Republican Snowe wanted lower costs for health insurance

(Newser) - The Senate Finance Committee finally meets today to consider Max Baucus' health care reform bill—a bill Baucus has already reworked to counter complaints that it puts too much burden on the middle class. Baucus has upped subsidies to those too strapped to buy insurance, and says he may also...

Bill Clinton: Obama Will Win Health Battle
Bill Clinton:
Obama Will Win Health Battle

Bill Clinton: Obama Will Win Health Battle

Up to 6 GOP senators may back Baucus bill, says former president

(Newser) - Barack Obama will prevail in his fight to pass a health reform bill, his predecessor Bill Clinton insists in an interview with Bloomberg. The former president predicts that Olympia Snowe and probably Susan Collins, Maine's two moderate Republican senators, will be persuaded to vote for the Baucus bill, which he...

Baucus Touts His Bipartisan Bill—Alone

(Newser) - Max Baucus took to the Wall Street Journal opinion page today to make the case for the health care reform bill he’s unveiling this morning. “Our plan would lower costs and would not add to the federal deficit,” he declares in the first of many statements about...

Forget What You've Heard: Health Reform Is Nearly Done

Obama has party, public, industry support, despite a few town halls

(Newser) - Barack Obama goes into tonight's Congressional address amid talk that his health reform plan—and indeed his entire presidency—are nearly doomed. But the New York Times, in a front-page analysis piece, is far more optimistic, noting that August's town hall chaos did not substantially change public opinion, nor did...

Snowe Could Be Lone GOP Health Care Vote

Democrats hope centrist senator can get them past 60

(Newser) - As health care talks grow more polarized, Democrats are looking to Olympia Snowe as their most likely—and quite possibly only—Republican vote, the New York Times reports. “I certainly hope not!” exclaims Snowe when asked about the possibility. But the centrist Maine senator has long been engaged...

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