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Too-Hot Banker Dumps Her S&M-Lovin' Lawyer

Lorenzana was freaked out by sex harassment case

(Newser) - Too-hot-for-Citi banker Debrahlee Lorenzana was apparently afraid she’s also too hot for her lawyer—so she ditched him. After learning of a 2008 sexual harassment suit against attorney Jack Tuckner, “she was horrified,” a source tells the New York Post . And with good reason: Court papers filed...

Beware the 'Tyranny' of Beauty
 Beware the 'Tyranny' of Beauty 

Beware the 'Tyranny' of Beauty

Our culture's obsession with looks is a dangerous thing

(Newser) - Apparently, "looksism" is the new buzzword. We've got Debrahlee Lorenzana , the Citibank worker who says she was fired for being too hot, and American Apparel accused of weeding out job applicants for not being hot enough. Now Meghan Daum takes note of a new book (the Beauty Bias, by...

Too-Hot Banker Wasn't Always So Stacked

 Too-Hot Banker 
 Wasn't Always 
 So Stacked 
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Too-Hot Banker Wasn't Always So Stacked

Debrahlee Lorenzana got two boob jobs, bragged about 'em

(Newser) - Debrahlee Lorenzana may be too hot for Citibank , but it turns out her, er, assets weren’t always quite so big. The bombshell banker was featured in a 2003 Discovery Health Channel series called Plastic Surgery New York Style, during which she talks quite gleefully about her two boob jobs....

Another Bank Has Problem With Too-Hot Banker

Debrahlee Lorenzana in hot water with JPMorgan Chase, too

(Newser) - Too-sexy-for-Citibank Debrahlee Lorenzana is now in hot water with a second bank…but not for looking too hot at work. Lorenzana claims current employer JPMorgan Chase isn’t happy she spoke out against her last employer—who she says fired her for being too attractive . “They're circling the wagons...

Banker: I Was Fired for Being 'Too Hot'

Debrahlee 'distracted' male workers, she's suing

(Newser) - A former banker is suing Citibank for firing her because she's "too hot" and was distracting male workers, she argues in court documents. Citibank managers officially cited Debrahlee Lorenzana's poor work performance when she got the ax. But the 33-year-ol single Queens mom says she was told repeatedly she...

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