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Drew Peterson Guilty in 3rd Wife's Murder

Ex-cop killed Kathleen Savio: jury

(Newser) - After five years of headlines, the Drew Peterson murder case has come to a verdict: The former Chicago-area police officer is guilty of killing Kathleen Savio, his third wife, the jury says. His maximum sentence would be 60 years. It's a victory for a prosecution that based its arguments...

New Search for Stacy Peterson Yields Zilch

Cops excavate

(Newser) - Investigators came up empty-handed in their search for Stacy Peterson's body yesterday. Acting on a tip from an inmate who claimed Drew Peterson told him, police excavated a 10-by-10 area of a rural Peoria farm, to no avail. "I don't want to allude to (the idea that) we're looking...

Cops May Have Found Stacy Peterson

TMZ says Drew spilled the beans to a fellow inmate

(Newser) - In what might be the mother of all jailhouse confessions, TMZ is reporting that Drew Peterson blabbed to a fellow inmate how he killed missing wife Stacy Peterson, and who his accomplice was. The inmate allegedly told cops, who tracked down the accomplice, who took them to private hunting grounds...

Ill. Remains Not Stacy Peterson

Body confirmed to be male

(Newser) - The body found last week near a river in suburban Chicago has been identified as male, the Tribune reports. The discovery confirms the remains are not those of Stacy Peterson or another missing area woman. “We’re disappointed,” said a spokesperson for the family of Peterson, who’s...

Female Body Found Near Peterson Home

Focus on murder suspect's wife, another missing woman

(Newser) - Drew Peterson’s infamously bad luck might have just gotten worse: Authorities uncovered a decomposing woman’s body and a mysterious blue barrel near his Illinois home yesterday. If the woman turns to be his fourth wife, Stacy, it could undermine his claim she fled with another man. But the...

Peterson's Stepbrother: I Helped Dump Stacy's Body

Lack of progress spurs witness to go public

(Newser) - When Thomas Morphey helped stepbrother Drew Peterson load a blue barrel into his car, there was no doubt in his mind what was inside: Stacy Peterson’s body. A distraught Morphey tried to kill himself, then turned state’s evidence. But 17 months later, he’s never appeared in court,...

Drew Peterson Wants to Lie Test on TV

First question: Are you a wife-murdering psychopath?

(Newser) - After repeatedly refusing requests from the family of his missing wife that he submit to a polygraph test, suspect Drew Peterson is now requesting to do so on national television. Representatives for the former Chicago-area policeman—whose wife, Stacy, has been missing since October and is presumed dead—have been...

Corpse Found in Chicago Isn't Peterson
Corpse Found
in Chicago
Isn't Peterson

Corpse Found in Chicago Isn't Peterson

But cops haven't ID'd decomposed woman

(Newser) - The badly decomposed body of a woman found yesterday in a Chicago industrial lot is not Stacy Peterson, reports the Chicago Tribune, the suburban mom whose husband, Drew, is suspected in her October disappearance. Officials also determined that the body was not another area housewife, Lisa Stebic, missing since April....

Pastor Confirms Stacy Told Him: 'He Did It!'

Drew Peterson's missing wife told cleric he admitted killing ex

(Newser) - Rev. Neil Schori, Stacy Peterson's pastor, confirmed in a TV interview last night that the missing 23-year-old told him her husband, former cop Drew Peterson, had admitted to killing his ex-wife. “He did it,” Stacy blurted over coffee, referring to the 2004 death of Peterson’s third wife,...

Stacy Told 3 Drew Had Killed Ex
Stacy Told 3 Drew Had Killed Ex

Stacy Told 3 Drew Had Killed Ex

Peterson bragged of getting away with murder

(Newser) - Before her disappearance, Stacy Peterson revealed to three people, including a clergyman, that her husband had bragged of killing his ex-wife and making it look like an accident, a source tells the Chicago Sun-Times. Drew Peterson, now a suspect in his fourth wife’s disappearance, was already living with a...

Relative Fears He Helped Peterson Dump Wife's Body

Helped ex-cop move a 'warm' container

(Newser) - On the night of his wife's disappearance, a male relative of Drew Peterson says he helped the ex-police officer move a large, heavy, sealed container that felt warm to the touch, sources close to the case have told the Chicago Tribune. The man was so distraught afterwards, fearing he aided...

Peterson Disputes New Autopsy
Peterson Disputes New Autopsy

Peterson Disputes New Autopsy

Doc was biased, lawyer says in contentious Today interview

(Newser) - The doctor who concluded that Drew Peterson's third wife was murdered was a paid Fox commentator with a pre-existing opinion, and his findings were a "self-fulfilling prophecy," Peterson's lawyer told the Today show. Peterson himself sat largely silent during the interview, permitted by his handler to answer only...

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