Alvin Greene

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Alvin Greene Running for Office Again

But this time for South Carolina rep

(Newser) - Everyone’s favorite mumbling unemployed Senate candidate is jumping back in the political arena, this time running for the more attainable post of South Carolina state representative. Alvin Greene has signed up to run in the special election for state Rep. Cathy Harvin’s seat, paying his $165 entry fee...

Alvin Greene Still With Us— as Comic Superhero

Failed Senate candidates fights foreclosures in 'Ultimate Warrior'

(Newser) - Those saddened by the departure of Alvin Greene from the national stage can take solace—he's still around as a comic book superhero. Greene spent much of his election night party after the loss to Jim DeMint talking up the Ultimate Warrior, his comic book alter ego who uses super-human...

Democrats Keep Senate; Harry Reid Beats Angle

Barbara Boxer, Rand Paul win; Christine O'Donnell, Linda McMahon lose

(Newser) - They may have lost the House, but Democrats will keep control of the Senate, barely. In big blue victories to help seal it, Harry Reid held off Sharron Angle in Nevada, while Joe Manchin won in West Virginia and Barbara Boxer in California. Earlier, Rand Paul (Kentucky), Marco Rubio (Florida),...

How Is Christine O'Donnell Different From Alvin Greene?

She gets a pass, he didn't, and that's just wrong

(Newser) - Christine O’Donnell and Alvin Greene have a lot in common. “Like O’Donnell, Greene has no experience in office, a controversial back story, and a propensity for saying crazy things in public,” observes Cord Jefferson of the Root . Both seem spectacularly unfit for office. So it seems...

2010: It's a Race to the Bottom
 2010: It's a Race to the Bottom 

2010: It's a Race to the Bottom

Alvin Greene, Meg Whitman, Christine O'Donnell, oh my!

(Newser) - The crazies have come pouring out of the woodwork, writes Gail Collins in a survey of the 2010 election landscape. Sure, not much is new about Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo frustrating New Yorkers' simple dream "of having a governor whose sex life is a complete mystery," but...

Celebrity Chef Stirs Up SC Senate Race

Candidate Dupree says she'll cook Republican's goose

(Newser) - South Carolina's lopsided Senate race is getting spicier. Celebrity Charleston chef and cookbook author Nathalie Dupree is getting out of the kitchen to run as a write-in candidate. Dupree says she doesn't believe anybody else will challenge incumbent Republican Jim DeMint, whom she accuses of spending more time aiding Tea...

Cops Order Alvin Greene to Leave Restaurant

His female friend fought with patrons

(Newser) - The strange candidacy of Alvin Greene takes another turn: Cops in South Carolina had to kick the Senate hopeful out of a restaurant after his female companion began arguing with patrons, reports the AP . Greene had originally been invited to the restaurant to speak to local Democrats, but they rescinded...

Greene's Indicted, but Not Disqualified

Apparently giving porn to a college kid doesn't preclude one from being a senator

(Newser) - Alvin Greene may have no campaign cash, have difficulty articulating his platform, have a penchant for posting the worst campaign videos ever, and may be facing a felony porn charge, but little details like that won't stop him from being the Democratic candidate for South Carolina's Senate seat. Greene meets...

Alvin Greene Indicted on Porn Charge

Weird Democratic candidate faces felony charge

(Newser) - Longshot US Senate candidate Alvin Greene was indicted today on two charges, including a felony charge of showing pornography to a South Carolina college student. A Richland County grand jury indicted Green for disseminating, procuring, or promoting obscenity—a felony—as well as a misdemeanor charge of communicating obscene materials...

Alvin Greene Has a Music Video
 Alvin Greene Has a Music Video 
'he's unemployed, too'

Alvin Greene Has a Music Video

Senate candidate from South Carolina releases video so amazing it hurts

(Newser) - Alvin Greene has just launched his first campaign video, and it is priceless. Titled "Alvin Greene Is on the Scene," the video features a dopey hip-hop mix, with some choice lyrics like, "Well Greene's a new face in politics / And he don't show porno to college...

He's the Real Forrest Gump
 He's the Real Forrest Gump 
kathleen parker

He's the Real Forrest Gump

GOP can't complain if Alvin Greene somehow wins

(Newser) - "Joe the Plumber, meet Alvin the Gump." So writes Kathleen Parker, who sees parallels between South Carolina's Alvin Greene and Forrest Gump (as well as Chauncey the Gardner from Being There). No one can quite believe that Greene became the Democratic candidate for Senate on his own, with...

Alvin Greene Action Figures Arrive!

Sort of: SC baseball team takes shortcut for stunt

(Newser) - Surprise Senate candidate Alvin Greene made headlines a while back for floating the idea of making action figures of himself as a way to create jobs. A minor league baseball team in South Carolina heard the idea and is beating him to the punch, reports AP . On Saturday, the Charleston...

Alvin Greene Pitches Alvin Greene Dolls

Senate candidate says idea could create jobs

(Newser) - A reporter for Britain's Guardian newspaper visited Alvin Greene in South Carolina and left "as baffled as when I arrived" about the Senate candidate. One snippet in particular is drawing the most attention, and ridicule, for the political novice: Greene said one way he could create jobs as senator...

Alvin Greene Profile: We Still Don't Know Much

Family and friends say he's smart, shy, and 'hard-headed'

(Newser) - The AP visited South Carolina and the home of Alvin Greene to try to shed light on the surprise Senate candidate. We learn ... not much, because Greene was less than forthcoming, at one point ordering a reporter ouf of the house he shares with his ailing father with a gruff,...

SC Dems Stick With Greene
 SC Dems Stick With Greene 

SC Dems Stick With Greene

Party rejects Vic Rawl's primary challenge

(Newser) - Alvin Greene will be South Carolina's Democratic nominee for the US Senate, the executive committee of the state's Democratic Party decided last night. The committee rejected defeated candidate Vic Rawl's bid to oust the surprise nominee and hold a new primary, the State reports. Rawl argued that faulty voting machines...

Alvin Greene: I Should Be Man of the Year
Alvin Greene: I Should Be Man of the Year

Alvin Greene: I Should Be Man of the Year

Unlikely SC candidate has no computer, cell phone or headquarters

(Newser) - Alvin Greene seems to be having trouble starting his campaign. Time got a look at the unlikely candidate’s “headquarters”—which is to say, his 81-year-old dad’s house—and discovered that Greene doesn’t have a computer, a cell phone, or staff, let alone any campaign plans....

SC Loser Lodges Formal Protest

Rawl blames machines for Greene's win

(Newser) - Vic Rawl is crying foul over his defeat by total unknown Alvin Greene in the South Carolina Democratic primary for the US Senate. Rawl, a former judge and state lawmaker, has filed a formal protest with the state's Democratic Party over what he calls the "strange circumstances" surrounding his...

Clyburn: 'Elephant Dung' All Over SC Race
 Clyburn: 'Elephant Dung' 
 All Over SC Race  

Clyburn: 'Elephant Dung' All Over SC Race

Axelrod says Alvin Greene not a 'credible candidate'

(Newser) - Never shy, Jim Clyburn continued his campaign against South Carolina's surprise Senate candidate, Alvin Greene, telling State of the Union that "I saw in the Democratic primary elephant dung all over the place." David Axelrod chimed in, reports Politico, telling Meet the Press that "How he won...

Olbermann Interviews SC's Alvin Greene— Sort Of

But it's a little better than candidate's previous ones

(Newser) - Alvin Greene continued his halting media tour with an interview on Keith Olbermann's show last night. We didn't learn much more—he insisted he's not a plant and will not step down ("no, sir"), and would not talk about his felony charge. He also seemed to have an...

Alvin Greene Gives Stuttering YouTube Interview

Says campaign registration fee was 'just money I had'

(Newser) - By now, you’ve probably heard of Alvin Greene, the Democrats’ weird and unlikely South Carolina Senate nominee. Well now you can hear him speak, in this supposed YouTube interview from a user calling himself “PubliuSC.” If it’s real, then Democrats have a real problem. Greene stutters...

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