Bradley Manning

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Chelsea Manning: 'Here I Am Everyone'

Manning shares 1st photo since prison

(Newser) - US Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning was released Wednesday from military prison after serving seven years of a 35-year-sentence for sharing classified documents with WikiLeaks. On Thursday, she shared the first photo of herself since she was locked up, People reports. "Okay, so here I am everyone!!" Manning captioned... More »

Judge Lets Bradley Manning Change Name to Chelsea

Wikileaker will be getting a new birth certficate

(Newser) - The Army private formerly known as Bradley Manning will now officially be known as Chelsea Manning . A Kansas judge today sanctioned the new name of Chelsea Elizabeth Manning and ordered a new birth certificate, reports Reuters . Manning, a male by gender who identifies as female, issued a statement praising the... More »

Army: Manning's 35-Year Sentence Will Stand

Clears way for an automatic appeal

(Newser) - An Army general has upheld Private Chelsea Manning's conviction and 35-year prison sentence for giving reams of classified US government information to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, the Army said today. The approval by Maj. Gen. Jeffery Buchanan, commander of the Military District of Washington, clears the way for an... More »

Chelsea Manning: 'I've Made Friends'

Quote is via her attorney, who says Army is considering request for hormone therapy

(Newser) - Prison life seems to be going OK for Chelsea Manning . The lawyer who defended the Army private previously known as Bradley Manning relays this quote via the AP : "Manning has said, 'I feel very comfortable. I've made friends. I don't feel at all threatened.'"... More »

US Uses Border Searches to Seize Devices: Manning Ally

Technique allows warrantless search of electronics

(Newser) - If you cross in to or out of the US, the government might seize your electronic devices—whether it's got a warrant or not. David House, a fundraiser for Chelsea Manning's legal defense fund, found that out the hard way in November 2010, after a trip to Mexico.... More »

Manning Asks Obama for Pardon

Amnesty seeks clemency as longshot request submitted

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning has formally put in a request for a presidential pardon, though few believe the private formerly known as Bradley has any chance of success. When Manning was sentenced to 35 years last month for the biggest intelligence leak in American history, her lawyer said the request would include... More »

Manning: I'll Pay for Hormone Treatment

Seeks approval for therapy

(Newser) - If the military prison holding Chelsea Manning will allow hormone treatments, Manning herself is open to covering the costs, her lawyer tells the AP . A Fort Leavenworth prison spokeswoman has already said the facility won't provide the therapy, but Manning and her lawyer, David Coombs, are hoping it "... More »

Manning Faces Army Fight on Transgender Surgery

Military says it doesn't provide hormone therapy or sex-change operations

(Newser) - The decision by the Army private previously known as Bradley Manning to identify from here on out as a female by the name of Chelsea Manning raises a host of thorny legal issues, reports Courthouse News Service . For starters, Manning wants to start hormone therapy immediately in preparation for a... More »

Bradley Manning to Live as Woman: 'I Am Chelsea'

Says she wants to start hormone therapy

(Newser) - Bradley Manning is no more. In a statement read on Today this morning, the Army private says she will live as a woman from now on. "I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am female," reads the statement, which is signed Chelsea... More »

Manning Will Ask Obama for Pardon

Tells defense team: 'It's OK ... I'm going to be all right'

(Newser) - With his 35-year sentence for leaking military secrets, Bradley Manning should be eligible for parole in seven years, reports the Guardian . But the 25-year-old is hoping for an even shorter stay: His defense team will formally ask President Obama for a pardon next week. The chances of success are right... More »

Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years in Prison

Prosecutors had wanted 60

(Newser) - Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for his infamous leaking activities, according to multiple reports. He will also be dishonorably discharged and forfeit all pay and allowances, the Guardian reports. Manning will get credit for the time he's already spent in jail, which amounts to... More »

Bradley Manning: 'I'm Sorry'

Wikileaker apologizes during sentencing hearing

(Newser) - US soldier Bradley Manning took the stand today during his sentencing hearing for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks and apologized for hurting the United States and others. Manning gave an unsworn statement, which means he cannot be cross-examined by prosecutors. He began with an apology. "I'm sorry that... More »

Manning Wins Rare Victory in Court

Judge reduces maximum possible sentence to 90 years

(Newser) - A kind of victory for Bradley Manning's defense: The Wikileaker convicted of 20 of 22 counts will face a maximum of 90 rather than 136 possible years in prison, the Guardian reports. His lawyers argued that the prosecution had split several of Manning's crimes into multiple violations, increasing... More »

Next Up for Bradley Manning: Sentencing

Next phase starts today, could take weeks

(Newser) - Now that Bradley Manning has been convicted on 20 of 22 counts , his court-martial moves on to the sentencing phase today. Neither side was allowed to present evidence during the trial regarding Manning's motives or any actual damage caused by his leaks (harm to national security or US troops... More »

Assange: Manning Verdict a Dangerous Precedent

He praises whistleblower, blasts Obama

(Newser) - Bradley Manning is "the most important journalistic source that the world has ever seen," and "WikiLeaks will not rest until he is free," Julian Assange says. Manning's conviction on charges including espionage sets a "dangerous precedent and an example of national security extremism,"... More »

3 Views on Manning's Verdict

Including one that suggests we'll need to wait 50 years to truly assess him

(Newser) - Bradley Manning's acquittal today on the most serious charge against him, aiding the enemy, may not mean much in terms of his freedom—he could well spend the rest of his life in prison anyway. But that specific decision still has huge implications for the nation. A sample of... More »

Manning Not Guilty of Aiding Enemy, But...

...He's found guilty of most other charges against him

(Newser) - Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy, the most serious charge leveled against him and the one that could have carried a life sentence. But the WikiLeaker isn't exactly off the hook; he was convicted on 17 other counts, including at least five counts of... More »

Prosecutors: Manning Wasn't Naive, Had Huge Ego

Closing arguments underway in WikiLeaks case

(Newser) - The prosecution made its closing arguments against Bradley Manning today, arguing that he wasn't a "naive soldier" out to to better the world as his attorneys would have us believe, reports the Los Angeles Times . He may have had a dog tag that read "Humanist," but... More »

US Actually Has History of Being Weak on Leakers

And that's why it's cracking down so hard now

(Newser) - With Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning in the headlines, the investigation into former top General James Cartwright , and now a court ruling earlier this week that a New York Times reporter must testify against a source, the Obama administration has been sending a message: leaking government secrets will not go... More »

Bradley Manning Has Bad Day in Court

Judge won't dismiss his most serious charge, aiding the enemy

(Newser) - Bradley Manning's chances of spending the rest of his life in prison rose today after a judge refused to dismiss the most serious charge against him—aiding the enemy, reports the BBC . Prosecutors say he knew full well that his leaked documents would end up in the hands of... More »

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