Anna Chapman

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Russian Agents in US Aimed to Make Kids Spies

One was in DC college when parents were busted: sources

(Newser) - A Russian spy ring operating for years in the US aimed to turn their children into agents, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Crew members pressured kids to join the cause, and at least one had agreed to do it, the sources said. The ring, of which the notorious Anna...

Putin's Wife AWOL as Rumors Swirl

Lyudmila Putin rumored pregnant, or shuffled off in favor of Anna Chapman

(Newser) - Virgins everywhere might have Vladimir Putin's back, but as the Russian strongman prepares to assume the presidency in two weeks, wife Lyudmila has been conspicuously absent from his side—and tongues are wagging furiously. Is she locked away in a monastery, wonders the Daily Mail ? Or shall...

FBI Releases Russian Spy Videos

Surveillance videos show deep-cover spies at work

(Newser) - The FBI has released videos, photos, and documents from its decade-long investigation into a Russian spy ring . In one video, Anna Chapman can be seen talking to an undercover FBI agent, ABC reports. Other videos show sleeper agents exchanging cash in a "brush pass" in a New York City...

'Sexy Spy' Reaps Rewards at Home ... Herring, a Lion Cub

The lion cub we kinda get, but the herring?

(Newser) - Russia’s love affair with “sexy spy” Anna Chapman continues: Yesterday, she made her first major public appearance, and received a pretty major gift for her trouble. On a Russian talk show, she revealed some of her passions (acting, shooting, Angelina Jolie, and—not surprisingly—spy movies) and said...

I Spy Anna Chapman Nude in Playboy
I Spy: Anna Chapman
Nude in Playboy

I Spy: Anna Chapman Nude in Playboy

Former boyfriend delivers saucy shots

(Newser) - Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman is still thumbing her ... nose ... at the US and is appearing in all her seductive glory completely nude in Playboy. She didn't sit for a Playboy photo shoot, however—the photos were provided by a former boyfriend, reports the New York Daily News. Not that...

Russia Sends Hitman After Agent Who Outed Spies

'We know who he is and where he is,' Kremlin says

(Newser) - Russia has sent a hitman after the double agent who ratted out Anna Chapman and the other amateur spies the US caught this spring. “We know who he is, and where he is,” a high-ranking Kremlin source bragged to a Russian newspaper. “You can have no doubt—...

Russia's Sexy Spy Heats Up Maxim

Officials still trying to put sexy face on their failed US spy op

(Newser) - This generation's wanna-be Mata Hari appears in all her blazing hotness in Russian Maxim in what officials hope might be a morale-booster for their spooks. "Anna Chapman has done more to excite Russian patriotism than the Russian soccer team," the mag sniggers about the nearly-total-boob-baring shot of...

'Sexy Spy' Anna Chapman Lands New Job

Her new boss? FondServisBank

(Newser) - What's a sexy former spy to do? Get a job at a bank, apparently. Anna Chapman, the 28-year old Russian operative whose "007-worthy beauty" caught America's attention has now been hired by Russia's FondServisBank, reports the Telegraph . The bank, which works in the aerospace industry, has hired Chapman to...

Anna Chapman Cashes In on Spy Fame in Russia

And her website is coming soon

(Newser) - If you thought Anna Chapman— the sort-of Russian spy whose sexy looks earned her the tabloid treatment in this country—would fade into the background back home, check out this Der Spiegel interview. She's a certifiable star, and she's cashing in quickly. What could be more American than this statement...

Putin Sings Soviet Songs With Russian Spies

He predicts they'll have 'bright lives' in Russia

(Newser) - So maybe they weren't greeted by cheering masses in Red Square, but at least the 10 recently deported Russian spies got a secret face-to-face with Vladimir Putin. He even sang Soviet-era songs with them, Reuters reports , though tragically it has no video. "I have no doubts they will have...

Brits Strip Foxy Spy's Citizenship

Anna Chapman loses UK passport 'for public good'

(Newser) - So much for Anna Chapman's wish to return to the UK, where she lived from 2002 to 2006 with her British then-husband: UK authorities have sent Chapman a letter revoking her British citizenship. The spy lost her British passport under a law that enables the UK to revoke dual nationals'...

Foxy Spy May Spill All
 Foxy Spy May Spill All 

Foxy Spy May Spill All

Maybe able, willing to sell story to UK tabloid

(Newser) - Russian spy Anna Chapman's plea bargain agreement, which bans her from cashing in on her story, may only be enforceable on US soil, meaning Chapman could make a fortune selling her story, complete with pictures, to a British tabloid—a possibility Chapman may be considering, her lawyer tells Newsweek . Chapman...

Foxy Spy's Panicked Phone Call Triggered Bust

Anna Chapman suspected feds were onto her

(Newser) - The FBI’s plan to take down the Russian spy ring was put into high gear because of a phone call to daddy. Anna Chapman, who’s become semi-famous thanks to her Bond-girl looks, got spooked after a suspicious meeting with an informant in Connecticut, and put in a panicked...

Biden on Spy Swap: Thought They'd Take Limbaugh

But wasn't veep's idea to send Anna Chapman back

(Newser) - Vice President Joe Biden had to convince a skeptical Jay Leno last night that the United States didn't get a raw deal from Russia in the biggest spy swap since the Cold War. Leno asked Biden during a taping of The Tonight Show why the US was sending 10 accused...

Spy Suspects Plead Guilty Ahead of Swap

All 10 are expected to be deported to Russia tonight

(Newser) - "Richard Murphy" is really Vladimir Guryev. "Donald Howard Heathfield" is really Andrey Bezrukov. Hottie spy Anna Chapman is really ... Anna Chapman. All 10 defendants accused of being deep-cover Russian agents pleaded guilty today under their real names, reports the Wall Street Journal . The deal allows them to avoid...

Suspected Spy's Ex: Anna Was Great in Bed

Alex Chapman tells and shows all to Brit tab

(Newser) - It's only logical: If you're a hot Russian chick facing a stack of spying charges, then obviously some loser ex of yours is going to tell a tabloid what you were like in the sack. That loser ex is husband of 4 years Alex Chapman, who happily spills to the...

Beauty Spy's Dad 'Was KGB Agent'

Ex-hubby not surprised by Anna Chapman's bust

(Newser) - Alleged deep-cover Russian spy Anna Chapman may have been following in her father's footsteps, says her British ex-husband. The Russian-born beauty "told me her father had been high up in the ranks of the KGB," Alex Chapman tells the Telegraph . "She said he had been an agent...

Suspected Spy Chats About Her Business

Anna Chapman attended Entrepreneur Week in NYC

(Newser) - Everybody's favorite suspected Russian spy can now be seen and heard on video talking about her goals for her real estate business. Mediaite dug up the interview with Anna Chapman , conducted after she attended Entrepreneur Week in New York City last year. Chapman has been dubbed the femme fatale of...

US, Russian Experts Chuckle at Feckless 'Spies'

Operation viewed as 'nutty' throwback

(Newser) - To espionage experts, the 11 alleged secret agents busted as members of a Russian spy ring look like something straight out of the spy spoof Burn After Reading: inept amateurs relying on outdated, cliched methods and delivering very little useful intelligence. One former CIA boss called the operation "nutty"...

'Spy' Looks Normal, Goofy on Facebook

Spy flap spurs talk of banning 007s from social media

(Newser) - Mikhail Semenko's co-workers found him clumsy and awkward, but on Facebook he looks like a pretty sociable guy. The accused Russian spy's profile features pics of him mugging with friends in a Bill Clinton mask and a USSR T-shirt, Gawker reports, as well as just chatting at parties with beer...

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