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Trump, Self-Declared 'Un-Trump' Duke It Out

President, Bloomberg exchange insults as former mayor distances self from old comments

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg is spending a small fortune on his 2020 presidential campaign, and his ads and cutting comments critical of President Trump appear to be rankling the president. On Thursday, Trump lashed out:
  • The nickname: "Mini Mike is a 5'4" mass of dead energy who does not want
... More »

This Is How Much the Average American Weighs

197.9 pounds for men, 170.6 pounds for women—30 pounds more than in the early '60s

(Newser) - Everyone might want to get a head start on their New Year's resolutions to shed a few pounds. Per CNN , a new report from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics shows Americans are shrinking—the average height for men (5-9) and women (5-4) decreased slightly from 1999-2000... More »

Simple Reason May Explain Pygmies' Height

Study suggests taking shorter steps allows them to survive better in rain forests

(Newser) - Short-statured people known as pygmies live in rain forests around the world, and a new study puts forth a relatively simple explanation for their height: Their shorter step lengths make it a lot easier for them to walk around in dense jungles than it is for taller people. As Newsweek ... More »

Cancer Study Isn't Great News for Tall People

Researchers see a greater risk for those of above-average height

(Newser) - A new study on cancer won't make for pleasant reading for tall people. Consider this quote from lead researcher Leonard Nunney of the University of California Riverside: "If you were comparing a 5-foot guy to a basketball player who's over 7 feet tall, then that basketball player... More »

Internet Raises Eyebrow at Trump's Height, Weight

And the term 'girther' is born

(Newser) - That President Trump requested and aced a cognitive exam as part of his first physical as president isn't the detail that's being pored over by the internet. That honor goes to Navy doctor Ronny Jackson's detailing of Trump's height and weight, which Jackson reports as 6-foot-3... More »

Astronaut's Blessing and Curse: Growing 3.5 Inches in Space

Norishige Kanai was likely joking about it being a problem, but not about it happening

(Newser) - One fringe benefit of an astronaut's trip to space: He or she returns to Earth taller (though only temporarily). That's thanks to the lack of gravity, which elongates the distance between the vertebrae in one's spine. And for one Japanese astronaut, the change has been more extreme... More »

Estonia Is About to Get a Little Taller

It's switching to new system that will add 8 inches to highest point

(Newser) - Over the next three months, the Baltic country of Estonia will become a little bit taller. That's because it has decided to change how it measures heights above sea level, converting from an old Russian system to something called the European Vertical Reference System, reports the Postimees newspaper. The... More »

Where World's Tallest Women, Men Live

Latvian women, Dutch men are tallest: study

(Newser) - Latvian women are tallest in the world, with an average height of 5-foot-7, according to a new study in the journal eLife . The same study, based on 2014 data, finds Dutch men tower over the rest at an even 6 feet on average, reports the BBC . The US—home to... More »

Guys With Long Legs Have Twice the Risk of 1 Cancer

More growth hormones that drive bone growth in legs may be risk factor for colon cancer

(Newser) - Higher cancer rates have been linked generally to taller people, but University of Minnesota researchers are reporting a startling find: Men with longer legs have a 42% higher risk of developing colorectal cancer than those with shorter legs, reports Live Science . More specifically, they found that the men with the... More »

Your Size Predicts How Much You Earn

Short men, overweight women are at a disadvantage: study

(Newser) - Bad news for short men and overweight women: You have "reduced chances in life" when it comes to income, education, and job prospects, the Washington Post reports via a new study in the British Medical Journal . University of Exeter researchers analyzed how genetic variants related to height and BMI... More »

Shorter Women Tend to Have Shorter Pregnancies

Maternal height appears to influence gestational age

(Newser) - The height and weight of a newborn baby is largely governed by his or her own genes, but it's the height of the mother that's giving researchers a telltale sign, reports the Telegraph . Specifically, shorter women have shorter pregnancies and thus more premature babies, report investigators at the... More »

The Shorter You Are, the Higher Your Heart Disease Risk

Research looks at genetics in 200K people

(Newser) - It's tough enough being on the shorter side, and a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine doesn't make things any easier. Researchers in the UK find that being small of stature increases the risk of coronary heart disease, the Telegraph reports. More specifically, for every... More »

Scientists Are Decoding the Genetics of Height

They've now identified nearly 700 genetic variants related to height

(Newser) - Scientists are knee-deep in a freakishly large study (part of the aptly named GIANT Consortium) to better understand the genetics at play in human height. They tell Reuters that height can tell us a lot about various aspects of human health—including diseases like "obesity, diabetes, asthma that are... More »

In Marriage, Short Guys Keep the Girl

New research shows they get divorced at vastly lower rates

(Newser) - The short guy doesn't always get the girl, but when he does, he usually gets to keep her. So says a new study in the National Bureau of Economic Research , which found that short guys, defined as those shorter than 5-foot-7, are about 18% less likely to marry than... More »

'Short Man Syndrome' Is Real

Researchers use virtual reality to shrink subjects

(Newser) - Scientists are lending some support to a persistent stereotype—or, as the Telegraph puts it, "Short-man syndrome really does exist." Researchers exposed subjects to two scenarios on a virtual-reality version of the London Underground. In one, subjects retained their normal heights; in the other, they were 10 inches... More »

Men Gained 4 Inches Height in 100 Years

Europeans shot up as childhood disease declined

(Newser) - The past is made of shorter people, according to new research that shows the average height of European men shot up 4.3 inches in the century from the 1870s to about 1980, despite two world wars and a Great Depression. The study reviewed data from 15 countries and found... More »

Asthma Drug Stunts Kids' Height for Life

Called budesonide, it's still too effective to give up

(Newser) - A decade after an asthma drug was found to stunt children's growth, scientists today announced a rather unpleasant find: The hampered growth seems permanent. On the bright side, however, it doesn't get any worse, NBC News reports. "This was surprising because in previous studies, we found that... More »

Latest Today Wrinkle: Savannah Towers Over Matt

NBC wants her to wear shorter heels, source claims

(Newser) - After much drama, Savannah Guthrie replaced Ann Curry as co-host of NBC's Today—but it may not all be smooth sailing yet. "Guthrie's height has become an issue," a source tells the New York Post . She's 5'10", but that shoots up to more than... More »

Taller Women at Higher Risk for Ovarian Cancer

Oxford study shows slightly elevated danger

(Newser) - Taller women face a higher risk of ovarian cancer, although the difference is small, according to a new study out of Oxford University. "If we compare a woman who is 5 feet tall with a woman who is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, there is a relative difference in... More »

Tall? Your Cancer Risk Just Went Up

In women, four extra inches increases risk by 16%: study

(Newser) - If you've always wished for a few extra inches, you might want to reconsider: A new study finds that taller people are at greater risk of getting cancer. For every extra four inches of height in women, the overall risk rises by about 16%, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

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