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'Most Iconic Treasure of Early Western History' for Sale

Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid with revolver that is now going up for auction

(Newser) - The firearm that ended one of the most famous chapters in the history of the Wild West is expected to sell for millions of dollars at an auction in Los Angeles next month. Sheriff Pat Garrett used the single action Colt revolver to shoot Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner,...

88-Cent Photo Found in Junk Shop Shows Billy the Kid

2nd known photo of him could sell for $5M

(Newser) - In 2010, Randy Guijarro bought three old photographs he liked at a junk store in Fresno, Calif., for $2, including a 4-by-5-inch "tintype" showing a bunch of men playing croquet near a cabin in 1878. But not just any men—nearly a year of authentication proved that the photo...

Scholar Wants Death Certificate for Billy the Kid

Says it will end speculation about how the outlaw died

(Newser) - An academic is asking a New Mexico court to order a death certificate for Billy the Kid to settle questions about whether the infamous outlaw was actually killed in 1881. Robert J. Stahl, a professor emeritus at Arizona State University, says a death certificate would end tales that the Kid...

Next for Woman Who Tamed Billy the Kid: Sainthood?

Sister Segale's is first cause for sainthood in New Mexico's history

(Newser) - The woman once saluted as the "fastest nun in the West" is on the path to beatification. The cause of Sister Blandina Segale's sainthood has officially been declared open; it's the first time such a cause has been opened in the history of New Mexico's Roman...

This Photo May Be 2nd Ever of Billy the Kid

Historian believes he's found rare glimpse of infamous gunslinger

(Newser) - A New Mexico historian thinks he's found a photo that he can positively identify as depicting Billy the Kid—which would be a pretty big deal, given that, if verified, it would be just the second known photo of the infamous outlaw. There have been many purported photos of...

Billy the Kid Photo Sells for $2.3M

Bidding goes crazy over Old West outlaw

(Newser) - Get out your auction paddles and ... draw! The only known surviving photo of notorious outlaw Billy the Kid has sold for a whopping $2.3 million, nearly six times the predicted sales price, notes ABC News . The scratched 1880 tintype shows the Kid with a lazy devil-may-care sneer on his...

No Pardon for Billy the Kid
No Pardon for
Billy the Kid

No Pardon for Billy the Kid

New Mexico governor shoots down hopes and dreams of dead outlaw

(Newser) - In a decision that’s sure to break the hearts of Old West nerds, Gov. Bill Richardson has declined to pardon Billy the Kid, after thinking about it just long and hard enough to boost tourism. In an announcement on ABC’s Good Morning America, the New Mexico governor said...

Billy the Kid May Finally Get His Pardon

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will decide by year's end

(Newser) - One of Bill Richardson’s last acts as New Mexico governor could be pardoning Billy the Kid . He’s reviewing a petition to pardon the famed outlaw—killed in 1881 after reportedly killing 21 men—which is based on the claim that Governor Lew Walllace promised the Wild West folk...

Pardon for Billy the Kid? Cop's Family Irate

Descendants of sheriff who killed legend want to talk to NM gov

(Newser) - Sheriff Pat Garrett's descendants are seeing red over the suggestion that the outlaw Garrett shot down 129 years ago may be receiving a pardon . Three of the lawman's kinfolk have sent an angry letter to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is believed to be considering pardoning the outlaw before...

Billy the Kid Deserves a Pardon
 Billy the Kid 
 Deserves a Pardon 

Billy the Kid Deserves a Pardon

New Mexico reneged on a deal and should make things right

(Newser) - Make no mistake: Billy the Kid was a "cattle rustler and a stone-cold killer" who single-handedly murdered four men and played a role in the deaths of scores of others, writes Mark Lee Gardner in the Los Angeles Times . But New Mexico owes him a pardon over a long-ago...

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