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No Prom for You? John Krasinski to the Rescue

Actor-director to host virtual prom with friends on Friday

(Newser) - John Krasinski is continuing to bring "Some Good News"—this time by hosting a virtual prom for isolated high schoolers. The A Quiet Place director shared a photo of himself at a high school dance on Instagram on Wednesday. "I can't take it anymore how much...

Backlash on Principal's Prom Mandate: Why Just the Girls?

Principal says female attendees need to get their outfits approved ahead of time

(Newser) - A mandate sent out by a high school principal in Louisiana about the upcoming prom and the attire that female attendees are allowed to wear is getting mixed reaction. NBC News reports that Kim Pendleton, who only recently took on the principal job at Shreveport's Southwood High School, sent...

Student's 'Promposal' Gets Him in Hot Water

High schooler holds up racist sign in Facebook photo

(Newser) - An Ohio student's "promposal" is getting him nationwide attention for all the wrong reasons, Fox News reports. The unidentified high school student was seen in a Facebook photo with a girl and holding the sign, "If I was black I'd be picking cotton. But I'm...

4 Words on NJ School's Prom Tickets Cause Problem

Cherry Hill High School East's principal apologizes for 'inappropriateness' of them

(Newser) - Florida isn't the only state that's home to a problematic prom this year . New Jersey's Cherry Hill High School East is grabbing headlines over prom tickets that featured "inappropriate" wording. The Courier Post reports that tickets for the prom, to be held at the National Constitution...

Miami High School Chided for Caged Tiger at Prom

Christopher Columbus High School defended the move

(Newser) - One Miami high school's prom was really on theme, much to the displeasure of some students and parents. Christopher Columbus High School went with a "Welcome to the Jungle" theme for Friday night's prom, and the decorations carted into the Double Tree Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center...

She Knew Dress Was 'the One.' Twitter Says It Shouldn't Have Been

But Utah's Keziah Daum says she has just shown love for the culture

(Newser) - When Keziah Daum first saw in a vintage shop the red dress she ended up wearing to prom, she appreciated its elegance and "knew it was the one," she tells ABC News . Some research into the dress revealed it was a symbol of female empowerment and reinforced her...

'The Rock' Couldn't Make Teen's Prom. He Still Came Through

'I couldn't believe it. I was so surprised,' says Minnesota's Katie Kelzenberg

(Newser) - An eastern Minnesota teen who asked her celebrity crush Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to prom got a huge surprise when he actually responded, per the AP . Stillwater Area High School senior Katie Kelzenberg asked the actor to "Rock" it with her at the school's May 5 prom...

Mom Spends $25K on Son's Prom, Complete With Camel

Philly senior's mom also arranged for 3 tons of sand, luxury cars to lend Dubai feel to day

(Newser) - A Philly high school senior is describing his prom as "epic," which is probably still an understatement considering what his mom forked out for it. WTXF reports that Saudia Shuler had originally wanted to send son Johnny Eden Jr. to Dubai as a graduation gift, but serious health...

After the Prom: Busted Phone, One Shoe, Missing Teen

No one has seen Kristian Perez since he signed out of Idaho prom at 9:32pm Friday

(Newser) - A 17-year-old high school student in Idaho signed out of his senior prom at exactly 9:32pm Friday, but he never returned home—a lone shoe, his tux jacket, and a busted cellphone were found near the car he came in, KREM reports. Kristian Perez's family says no one'...

He Asked His Grandma to Prom. School Said No

'Nanny' had never been to her own prom, so Bryce Maine thought it'd be a nice gesture

(Newser) - Alabama's Eufaula High School is very clear in its prom rules, per WTVM : You can't take your grandma, unless your grandma happens to be under the age of 20. Which has left senior Bryce Maine in a bit of a spot since he'd asked his grandmother, Catherine...

Teen to Celebrate 'Last Dance' Before Ending Her Life

Jerika Bolen is going to prom before putting an end to the pain from her incurable illness

(Newser) - Jerika Bolen wakes up every morning with another day ahead of her hooked up to a ventilator and wracked by terrible pain, caused by an incurable illness that usually kills its sufferers when they're in their teens. But the purple-haired 14-year-old from Appleton, Wis., has decided to wrest control...

School Handing Out Condoms at Prom

Brooklyn Prep stocking up on 500 freebies

(Newser) - Ingredients for a memorable prom: a drop-dead dress, special corsage, romantic dances, and ... condoms. The condoms will be courtesy of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory High School, which will offer 500 of the party treats, free, at next month's dance. “As they leave the prom, they are welcome to...

Moms Spray Teens With Lysol for 'Dirty Dancing'

Chaperones decide to 'disinfect' Colorado prom

(Newser) - A pair of moms chaperoning a high school prom in Colorado were so disgusted by the "dirty dancing" they witnessed that they sprayed down the teenagers with Lysol and called girls "sluts" and "whores," police report. Some eight teens were hit with the spray, and some...

Prom Dress Made From ... Starburst Wrappers

Diane McNease estimates it took 5 months, 18K wrappers

(Newser) - A northern Michigan teen put together one sweet prom dress, thanks to the help of classmates who collected thousands of Starburst wrappers for her. Diane McNease tells WLUC-TV that she came up with the idea of making her prom dress out of candy wrappers when she saw a friend folding...

Confederate Dress Gets Teen Bounced From Prom

Design 'inappropriate,' Tennessee girl told

(Newser) - A Tennessee teenager found herself barred from her high school prom after she turned up sporting the stars and bars. School officials told 18-year-old Texanna Edwards that her Confederate flag battle dress was "inappropriate and offensive," she tells the Jackson Sun . "We kept asking people walking inside—...

Introducing ... the 'Prom-Posal'

High-schoolers getting elaborate with invites

(Newser) - It's like an arms race out there when it comes to prom invites, apparently. They're getting so elaborate that the Des Moines Register says they're called "prom-posals." It rounds up local examples, including one kid who paid for an airplane banner to ask his girlfriend...

Average 2012 Prom Tab: $1K+
 Average 2012 Prom Tab: $1K+ 

Average 2012 Prom Tab: $1K+

Average family now spends $1,078 on big dance

(Newser) - If you have a teenager nearing prom age, hopefully you've got good credit. Between dresses, flowers, limo rides, and hairdos, the average family with a teenager is expected to plunk down a whopping $1,078 on prom this year, up from $807 last year, according to a new Visa...

Schools Crack Down on Risqué Prom Dresses

As gowns get more provocative, schools implement new procedures

(Newser) - Ahhh, prom memories: posing for pictures in your front yard, taking a limo to the dance, being asked to hold a ruler up to your leg to ensure your dress is no shorter than three inches above the knee. Yes, high school proms have apparently gotten a bit more risqué...

Principal to Teen: No Porn Star Prom Date

Mike Stone can't bring Megan Piper after all

(Newser) - Mike Stone, who scored a porn star as his date to prom after sending some 600 tweets, has apparently been thwarted by the powers that be. The superintendent of his Minnesota school district told Fox News that Megan Piper cannot attend because doing so would be "inconsistent" with two...

Thanks to Twitter, Teen Gets Porn Star as Prom Date

Michael Stone, 18, tweeted nearly 600 adult film stars

(Newser) - Michael Stone is nothing if not perseverant: The Minnesota high-schooler had no prom date, so he started tweeting to every porn star he could think of, asking if anyone would accompany him. Almost 600 tweets later, the 18-year-old had two takers: Megan Piper, 19, and Emy Reyes. "I thought...

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