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Kathy Griffin Has a New Look

Comedian reportedly shaved her head in support of sister with cancer

(Newser) - Kathy Griffin has lost all of her locks, but it's apparently for a good cause. Us Weekly reports on the comedian's new smooth noggin, shown via a tweet Monday by journalist Yashar Ali, who notes Griffin shaved her head "in solidarity with her sister, who is going... More »

Is Dry Shampoo Really Making Its Devotees Bald?

One woman says the product is too good to be true

(Newser) - In an effort to save time and, in all honesty, catch an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning, Olga Khazan of the Atlantic writes about her recent obsession with dry shampoo—she'd spray it, shake her hair around, and everything would look less oily and smell almost... More »

Vatican Pushes for ... Bald Barbie?

She could help rehab doll's image, Vatican newspaper notes

(Newser) - Forget any number of controversial stances the Vatican has taken, it's now weighing in on ... Barbie dolls. Following a Facebook campaign earlier this year, Mattel decided to launch a bald friend of Barbie in a nod to sick kids who've lost their hair and donate the dolls to... More »

Researchers Find a Clue to Baldness

Could pave way to new hair growth treatments

(Newser) - Researchers have tracked down a protein that appears to be a culprit in male baldness—thus identifying what they call a "target" for new treatments. University of Pennsylvania scientists found that the protein's levels are boosted in bald areas of the scalp. When they bred mice with high... More »

Hugo Chavez's Hair Disappears

Venezuelan president undergoing chemotherapy

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez, who is undergoing chemotherapy , revealed what he called a "new look" on TV: a shaved head. In a ceremony with his ministers yesterday, the Venezuelan president said his cancer treatment has been going well, the Telegraph reports. “I went to bathe and a bit of hair... More »

'Balders' Demand Trump's Hair Certificate

Vanity Fair issues the Donald a challenge

(Newser) - The president’s done his part; now it’s Donald Trump’s turn to show us some proof—of the authenticity of his hair. “Balders,” Vanity Fair explains in a challenge to the real estate mogul, are “a small but increasingly vocal group of conspiracy theorists” who’... More »

Tough Choice for Bald Men: Hair or Sex?

Those taking finasteride likely to experience long-lasting effects

(Newser) - Tough news for the follicly challenged: Balding men taking finasteride, Merck's prescription drug that goes by the names Propecia and Proscar, may find they have trouble in bed—for a long while. Though the drug's label warns of "reversible" symptoms of sexual dysfunction, a small survey of 76 men... More »

Rogaine to Wills: We Can Help With That Bald Spot...

Prince William would be the perfect spokesperson, company rep says

(Newser) - The royal wedding is sure to be a divine affair, with one teensy exception: Prince William’s bald spot. But never fear: Rogaine is here to help! A rep for the company tells Life & Style , “We've been watching Prince William's growing bald spot closely for years, and we... More »

'Bald Is Back'...for Ladies

And guess what? It's green, too

(Newser) - Not so long ago, women who went bald by choice were deemed crazy (hello, Britney Spears). But now, the look is increasingly becoming a fashion statement. Women “are either shaving the complete head or one side of the head, as we have seen with Jada Pinkett-Smith,” one barber... More »

9 Stories
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