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Teen Who Used Laser Sight as Cat Toy Charged in Shooting

The young woman told police she thought the gun didn't have bullets

(Newser) - The cat, at least, is fine. But a 21-year-old man was shot straight through his thigh had to go to the hospital and is now facing weapons charges to boot. A 19-year-old visiting a friend’s apartment in Kenosha, WI, was using the laser sight of a 9 mm handgun...

He Went Out to Shoot Ducks, Was Shot by Dog

Matt Branch loses part of his leg in Mississippi hunting accident

(Newser) - "My dog ate my homework" is what Matt Branch would probably rather be saying following what must be the worst hunt of his life. The Louisiana hunter was preparing to move positions during a duck hunt with friends on family-owned property near Mississippi's Eagle Lake on Dec. 28...

Half of US Kids Hang Out in Homes With Firearms
Half of US Kids Hang Out
in Homes With Firearms
new study

Half of US Kids Hang Out in Homes With Firearms

Some states ban pediatricians from even discussing guns with families

(Newser) - In the US, it's estimated there are now more guns than there are people, as the Washington Post reported in 2015, so it may not be too surprising that about half of children regularly spend time in homes with firearms. Less well known is that, while an average of...

Guy Takes 3 Days to Realize He Shot Himself

Medication for a back injury apparently masked the pain

(Newser) - Michael Blevins was cleaning his pistol at his home in Deltona, Fla., on Thursday when he accidentally shot himself in the arm, police say. It took him only three days to realize. The 37-year-old says he was holding his gun to his chest, away from his dog, when his back...

2-Year-Old in Backseat Shoots, Kills Mom

Gun reportedly belonged to security guard boyfriend

(Newser) - A young mother of three was fatally shot while driving with her kids on Tuesday. But this was no road-rage shooting, and the bullet came from the seat behind her. Patrice Price, 26, was driving her boyfriend's car on Highway 175 in Milwaukee around 10:30am when she suffered...

2-Year-Old Fatally Finds a Gun in Mom's Purse

Boy died from a single gunshot wound: police

(Newser) - A 2-year-old boy is dead after climbing onto a kitchen counter, pulling a handgun from his mom's purse, and shooting himself while she "had momentarily stepped away." Police say they arrived at the Indianapolis home around 9pm Wednesday and found the boy with a single gunshot wound....

Homemade Shotgun Backfires on Kid, 13

Teen built gun with instructions found online: police

(Newser) - An Arizona teen underwent surgery on Sunday after accidentally shooting himself with a homemade shotgun he'd assembled with instructions found online. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says the 13-year-old suffered non-life-threatening injuries when he tried to fire the weapon and was hit in the rib cage by a projectile...

What Became of Boy Who Shot His Sister in 1989 Accident

Sean Smith was looking for his Nintendo games; he found his father's .38 revolver

(Newser) - When Larry Smith's father gave him a .38 revolver in late spring of 1989, he took it apart and stored it in his closet. A few weeks later, when he thought he saw someone trying to enter his fenced yard, he grabbed the gun before he went outside. He...

13-Year-Old Killed by Brother in 'Cops and Robbers'

Boys playing with dad's pistol when it went off

(Newser) - Two brothers playing with their dad's handgun ended with the younger accidentally dead at the hands of the older in a game of "cops and robbers" gone horrifically wrong. As the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports, 13-year-old Suhayb Jamal Hassan, his 15-year-old brother, and an 11-year-old sister were...

Mom's Fatal Shooting by Toddler Was 'Perfect Storm'

But don't blame guns for Veronica Rutledge's death at Walmart, father-in-law fumes

(Newser) - Terry Rutledge, father-in-law of the 29-year-old Idaho woman accidentally shot to death by her 2-year-old son in Walmart yesterday, is angry—at anyone railing against gun rights. "They are painting Veronica as irresponsible, and that is not the case," he tells the Washington Post . She "was a...

3-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots, Kills Mom: Police

Boy reportedly found gun under the couch

(Newser) - A young Oklahoma mom is dead after her 3-year-old accidentally shot her, KJRH reports. Christa Engles, a 26-year-old from Tulsa, was believed to be changing her 1-year-old daughter's diaper in her living room when police say her preschool son wandered in with a semi-automatic handgun and shot her in...

4-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 3-Year-Old Sister

Injured child in critical condition after Ohio incident

(Newser) - What started out as fun playtime between a 4-year-old Ohio boy and his 3-year-old sister ended horrifically after the boy accidentally shot his sister with a gun, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. The children were playing in a room by themselves in a Lorain home yesterday morning when the boy...

Guy Kills 3-Year-Old in Game of 'Gun Tag'

26-year-old says he was intoxicated and didn't know the gun was loaded

(Newser) - Loaded guns, booze, and a toddler proved tragic in Montana last week when a 26-year-old man who said he was playing "gun tag" with a 3-year-old at a home north of Missoula shot and killed the boy. Galen Hawk had reportedly been drinking whiskey and alcoholic lemonade when he...

Woman Shot and Killed by 6-Year-Old

Kid found gun in backseat

(Newser) - Another day, another reminder that kids plus guns equals tragedy . A 22-year-old South Carolina woman was killed while riding in the passenger seat of a friend's car yesterday, when that friend's six-year-old child accidentally shot her in the back, police told reporters. The child found the gun on...

Man Tries to Show How Safe His Guns Are, Kills Self
Man Tries to Show How
Safe His Guns Are, Kills Self

Man Tries to Show How Safe His Guns Are, Kills Self

His safety demo reportedly involved putting his guns to his head

(Newser) - A Michigan man was trying to show his girlfriend how safe his guns were last Sunday, and ended up killing himself in the process. The 36-year-old man's girlfriend told police that after a day of drinking, he was demonstrating how to use his handguns. To drive home how safe...

Dad Arrested After Toddler Accidentally Shoots Herself

2-year-old found gun under couch: police

(Newser) - A 19-year-old North Carolina man is accused of leaving a loaded semiautomatic pistol under a couch, where his daughter found it Saturday; the 2-year-old shot and killed herself. Melvin Andre Clark Jr. was charged with involuntary manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, WRAL reports. His daughter,...

Boy, 3, Shoots Himself in Head, Dies

Dad posts on Facebook that he still supports gun rights

(Newser) - A 3-year-old Michigan boy is dead after shooting himself in the head yesterday, police say. They received a 911 call the Detroit News describes as "frantic" around 4:15pm; Damon Holbrook was found in the front bedroom of his Dundee home. The owner of the handgun involved was arrested...

Toddler Puts Gun in Mouth, Shoots

Boy, 2, expected to survive

(Newser) - A North Carolina toddler found a handgun in his parents' bedroom Saturday afternoon, put it in his mouth ... and the gun went off, authorities say. The Asheboro boy is "extremely lucky," a sheriff's captain tells the Winston-Salem Journal , because the bullet missed his vital organs (as well...

Man Accidentally Shoots Son Outside Gun Store

Says he didn't realize bullet was still in the chamber

(Newser) - A Pennyslvania man accidentally shot and killed his 7-year-old son in a gun store parking lot yesterday, when his pistol went off in his hand, police tell the AP . The boy, Craig Loughrey, was strapping himself into his safety seat when his father Joseph, 44, set down a 9mm on...

Photog Killed as Wedding Couple Poses With Guns

One of them turned out to be loaded

(Newser) - A wedding photographer in Italy who convinced the couple to pose with guns got shot to death when one went off. The bride's parents, who provided the weapons, face charges of negligence for not making sure they were unloaded, reports the Daily Mirror . The 45-year-old victim was filling in for...

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