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18 Stars Who've Attempted to Trademark Catchphrases

Ryan Lochte is far from the first...

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte is trying to trademark his catchphrase, "Jeah!"—but he may have some problems, because TMZ reports that '90s rapper MC Eiht claims he's been using the word since 1988, and plans to send the Olympic swimmer a cease and desist letter. Maybe Lochte...

Linsanity Off to Houston
 Linsanity Off 
 to Houston 

Linsanity Off to Houston

Knicks fail to match Rockets' offer for global sensation Jeremy Lin

(Newser) - It's official: Jeremy Lin is heading to Houston, leaving heartbroken Knicks fans behind. The Knicks, just before the deadline, decided not to match the Rockets' three-year, $25 million offer to the restricted free agent, reports the Huffington Post . If the Knicks had opted to match the Rockets' deal, which...

Lin Nicked From Knicks?
 Linsanity to Head to Houston? 

Linsanity to Head to Houston?

Knicks unlikely to match Lin's $25M offer from Rockets

(Newser) - Just months after setting New York on fire with his dynamic play—not to mention his inspiring pun potential—Jeremy Lin could be leaving the Knicks, reports the New York Times . The Houston Rockets have offered Lin a hefty $25 million, three-year contract that could force the Knicks to let...

World's Most Influential People
 World's Most Influential People 
'time' list

World's Most Influential People

Mitt Romney, Tim Cook, Warren Buffett make Time's list

(Newser) - From politicians and authors, to tech titans and entrepreneurs, to entertainers and athletes, Time 's 2012 list of the world's 100 most influential people contains a little bit of everything. A sampling:
  • Mitt Romney: President Obama makes the list, of course, but so do GOP challengers Romney and

Knicks Bared Lin Injury After Ticket Sales Deadline

Team knew Lin was done 2 days earlier: report

(Newser) - Jeremy Lin was on the injury list with "sore" knees when he had an MRI March 26 and learned of a torn meniscus. But the Knicks didn't announce Lin was out for the season until Saturday. So why the delay? The New York Daily News doesn't believe...

Jeremy Lin Out for Season
 Jeremy Lin 
 Out for Season 

Jeremy Lin Out for Season

With Lin a free agent, could return with different team next season

(Newser) - Fare thee well, Linsanity, we barely knew you: Jeremy Lin's magical season likely ended yesterday when the Knicks announced the inspiring guard tore the lateral meniscus in his left knee, reports the New York Daily News . Actually, the injury should take six weeks to rehab, so if the Knicks...

Jeremy Lin Meets Fired Headline Writer

ESPN gaffe apparently water under the bridge

(Newser) - Jeremy Lin has met with the ESPN headline writer who was fired over an offensive headline he wrote about the Knicks star's first loss, and all appears to be forgiven."It went incredible," Anthony Federico, 28, told Newsday . "We talked for an hour. I'm just...

Under New Coach, Linsanity Might Be Over

Knicks' new leader favors defense over offense, says NYT writer

(Newser) - With the New York Knicks changing from being coached by the offense-minded, freewheeling Mike D'Antoni to the defense-first, old-school Mike Woodson, there's one undeniable conclusion—"it's the end of Linsanity as we know it," writes Howard Beck in the New York Times . Woodson is certain...

Obama: I Knew About Jeremy Lin Before You

Also, he once beat Maya Moore at HORSE

(Newser) - President Obama wants you to know that he had his eye on Jeremy Lin before it was cool. Obama sat down with Bill Simmons for a half-hour of sports talk on today's BS Report (audio here ), and the first question was how he felt about being America's...

Ben & Jerry's Removes Fortune Cookies From Lin Flavor

Original recipe in honor of Knicks star sparked a 'backlash'

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry's might have been, um, Linsane, to think nobody would be offended. The ice cream company recently released a limited-edition flavor in honor of New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin, but promptly removed the bits of fortune cookies mixed in, reports Pints of "Taste...

Jeremy Lin Jersey Nets $42K for Charity

Wore uniform during huge game against Lakers

(Newser) - The jersey Jeremy Lin wore while scoring 38 points against Kobe Bryan's Los Angeles Lakers has been auctioned off online—for $42,388, USA Today reports. The money from the Knicks jersey, worn Feb. 10, will go to the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a charity linked to Madison Square...

Fired ESPN Editor on Lin Headline: 'Honest Mistake'

Anthony Federico 'devastated' at his error

(Newser) - The canned ESPN editor behind the apparently racist Jeremy Lin headline tells the New York Daily News it was "an honest mistake," and "had nothing to do with me being cute or punny." Anthony Federico says he's used the phrase "chink in the armor"...

Jeremy Lin Mops Up Floor With Mavericks

104-97 win takes out last year's champs

(Newser) - Linsanity just got a little crazier. Super star Jeremy Lin helped the Knicks bounce last year's NBA champs in a 104-97 face-off yesterday, ending the Dallas Mavericks' six-game winning streak. The point guard only made 28 points and a career-high 14 assists, notes AP . "This is helpful to...

ESPN Cans Worker Behind Lin Headline

Network also suspends anchor who 'used inappropriate word' in question about Knick

(Newser) - ESPN is really, really, really sorry for the racist headline referring to Knicks star Jeremy Lin that briefly appeared on its mobile site, and now it has fired the employee responsible for the slip. "We again apologize, especially to Mr. Lin. His accomplishments are a source of great pride...

ESPN Sorry for Awful Jeremy Lin Headline

It said 'chink in the armor' after last night's loss

(Newser) - ESPN apologized today for some badly chosen words in the wake of Jeremy Lin's first loss as a New York Knick: A headline on its mobile site read "Chink in the armor" for about a half-hour before getting yanked, reports . A network statement called the headline...

Lin Seeks to Trademark 'Linsanity'

Meanwhile, the Knicks' streak finally ends

(Newser) - "Linsanity," the exciting play of unlikely basketball hero Jeremy Lin, may belong to the world, but "Linsanity" the word, that belongs to Jeremy Lin—or so says Lin. The newest New York Knick star has applied for a trademark on the term with the US Patent and...

Power of Lin? Time Warner, MSG End Blackout

New Yorkers can again watch Knicks, Rangers

(Newser) - New Yorkers with cable can finally watch Jeremy Lin on a regular basis: MSG and Time Warner reached a deal today to end a 48-day impasse, reports the New York Times . It means the Knicks and Rangers will be on TV again. How much of a role did Linsanity play...

Jeremy Lin: Game-Changer for Asian Kids?

Gish Jen likes seeing our stereotypes crumble

(Newser) - Novelist Gish Jen loves the Jeremy Lin phenomenon for reasons that go well beyond basketball. When she sees the Knicks star play, she thinks of her older brother, now in his 50s, who was a gifted athlete growing up, she writes in the New York Times . But "when Bob...

GOP Can Learn From Jeremy Lin

 GOP Can Learn 
 From Jeremy Lin 

GOP Can Learn From Jeremy Lin

Marc Ambinder: Republicans are 'blowing it' on Asian-American vote

(Newser) - Republicans should pay attention to the rise of New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin , writes Marc Ambinder at GQ . Stories like his underscore the point that Asian-Americans could become a "true swing constituency" for the party, even though they now tend to vote Democratic. "On paper, Asians—culturally...

Lin vs. Tebow? It's Lin by a Mile
 Lin vs. Tebow? 
 It's Lin by a Mile 

Lin vs. Tebow? It's Lin by a Mile

Knicks star Jeremy Lin is the true sports wonder story, say 2 columnists

(Newser) - Partly because Jeremy Lin is a man of faith, his crazy-fast ride into sports stardom has led to endless comparisons with Tim Tebow. Well sorry, Tebow fans, but Lin wins this one easily in terms of athleticism and sheer amazement value, writes Mike James at the Los Angeles Times . The...

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