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NYPD, Firefighters Accused of Fake 9/11 Claims

Dozens charged with faking trauma to collect disability benefits

(Newser) - Dozens of retired New York City cops and firefighters are accused of faking mental health problems so they could retire and collect disability benefits, reports ABC News . The worst part is that many cited the 9/11 attacks as the root of their problems. Ringleaders reportedly coached them on how to...

FDNY Bill Addressed to 'Unknown Asian'

'The funny thing for us was that there are so many Asians at this school,' says staffer

(Newser) - If you're sending mail to The New School in New York City, we advise addressing it to a specific student or faculty member, or maybe, in a pinch, to a department. We definitely don't advise addressing it to "Unknown Asian." But that's what the FDNY...

Cops: Guy Phoned in False Alarms to Rob Firefighters

Worst part: He is a firefighter himself

(Newser) - A New York City firefighter is accused of some especially heinous deeds: Authorities say that Joseph Keene not only called in three false alarms, but he did so to steal cash from his fellow firefighters' lockers when they sped out to investigate, reports the Gothamist . Keene allegedly got about $2,...

NY Cop Tries to Rescue Cat, Firefighters Rescue Cop

FDNY brings NYPD officer, cat, down from tree

(Newser) - Not the finest hour for New York's finest: Firefighters in New York City had to rescue an NYPD officer after he became stuck up a tree while trying to rescue a cat, Gothamist reports. A tower ladder bucket was used to bring the officer—and the cat—down from...

Firefighter: I Was Snubbed for Being Vegetarian

Anthony Harper says colleagues ostracized him

(Newser) - Talk about a meaty problem: A New York firefighter says colleagues have snubbed him and even endangered his life because he's vegetarian, the New York Post reports. Anthony Harper, 42, says it began when he changed his diet two years ago and stopped paying his share of communal meals...

Black Man Finds Noose on Work Locker

It appeared after Gregory Seabrook filed complaint against FDNY

(Newser) - Gregory Seabrook filed a race discrimination complaint against the Fire Department of New York City in December—and on Thursday, he found a nearly three-foot-long noose in front of his work locker. "There's an ominous message behind it," says his lawyer, who adds that the "elaborately constructed"...

New York City Will Start Billing Car Accident Victims

'Crash tax' could set you back up to $490

(Newser) - Get into a car accident in New York City, and you can expect swift response from the city's fire department—and a bill of up to 500 bucks. Starting in July, the city will follow the lead of others around the country by instituting a so-called "crash tax,"...

JetBlue Hires Ex-Cops as Flight Attendants

Airline wants people who work well in emergencies

(Newser) - JetBlue isn’t interested in the good-looking stewardesses of bygone days. They want flight attendants who are good in an emergency, who can take charge and inspire confidence. So they’ve been actively recruiting ex-cops and firefighters, the Wall Street Journal reports. As a result, about 10% of its 2,...

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