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Guy in Convenience Store: 'Keep My Bags' for $100

But he left the Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags anyway

(Newser) - Louisiana authorities are perplexed over why a man left apparent designer bags holding drugs, a gun, cash, and a digital scale in a convenience store, the AP reports. The man went into the store early Thursday and put the Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags on a chair, according to a... More »

This Is Luxury Industry's Biggest Deal Ever

French giant LVMH is paying $16.7B for US firm Tiffany

(Newser) - French luxury giant LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton said Monday it has reached a deal to buy US-based jewelry legend Tiffany & Co. for $16.2 billion. LVMH said in a statement that the deal values the 180-year old Tiffany and its 300 boutiques worldwide at $135 a share. The... More »

Paris Jackson Talks Defense: 'There's Nothing I Can Say'

She really just wants everyone to 'chill out'

(Newser) - Don't expect Paris Jackson to come to her late father's defense amid renewed abuse allegations. That's "not my role," and "there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said in regards to defense," the 20-year-old model tweeted Thursday after she... More »

'Pooey Puitton' Toy Purse Name Leads to Lawsuit

The novelty maker says it falls under protected parody

(Newser) - The makers of a novelty kid purse are suing to retain the name "Pooey Puitton." Per NBC News , the company MGA says its toy--a carrier for powders that can be mixed with water to create various colored slimes--is meant to "criticize or comment upon the rich and... More »

Jaden Smith Models Louis Vuitton ... Womenswear

Will Smith's kid dons skirt in new campaign

(Newser) - Jaden Smith's new gig: modeling Louis Vuitton womenswear. The 17-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith appears in a new modeling campaign wearing a skirt, fringed top, and leather jacket alongside three other models, all female. As Business Insider reports, Jaden is a longtime advocate of "... More »

Louis Vuitton Looks to Video Games for Its New Model

Star of Final Fantasy XIII exchanges sword for handbag

(Newser) - With real people apparently increasingly unable to afford its luxury handbags, Louis Vuitton is opening up a whole new market: fake people. CNN reports the "face" of the company's next ad campaign is Lightning, a collection of pixels and also a major character in the Final Fantasy video... More »

French Slam Fleeing Richest Guy as 'Traitor'

'Ingrate' billionaire announces move to Belgium in wake of 75% tax

(Newser) - France's richest man has infuriated his countrymen by announcing a move to Belgium ahead of the Socialist government's planned 75% tax on the country's wealthiest citizens . Louis Vuitton CEO Bernauld Arnault denies he is seeking Belgian citizenship for tax reasons, but he has been denounced from all... More »

Wild Angelina Does Vuitton

Barefoot, smokey-eyed actress poses in land of adopted son

(Newser) - A smoldering shot of a barefoot, wild-haired Angelina Jolie in a wooden boat in Cambodia is the latest come-hither ad for Louis Vuitton. "People are not used to seeing Angelina in this situation," far from the red carpet, a Vuitton spokeswoman tells Women's Wear Daily . Jolie wears... More »

Angelina Snags $10M Modeling Deal

Jolie will be the new face of Louis Vuitton

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie: world-famous actress, UN ambassador, and now, the face of Louis Vuitton. Jolie snagged a huge deal with the French fashion giant—a source tells E! she'll make "close to $10 million," which is believed to be the most profitable endorsement deal of her career. Annie... More »

Japan Loses Its Taste for Luxury

From food to handbags, high-cost items are suffering

(Newser) - Hundred-dollar melons and pricey designer handbags used to sell so well in Japan that companies considered luxury goods a mass-market sector. But while the Japanese kept on shopping through previous recessions, this one has produced a sea change. The luxury industry has been hard hit, and the change may be... More »

No One Really Wears This Stuff

Except Madonna, and even she looks 'ridiculous' in runway fashions

(Newser) - For everyone who’s ever looked at runway fashions and wondered, “Would anybody really wear that?” Claire Suddath has the answer: No. New York Fashion Week's over-the-top designs, from clothes befitting a 19th-century French prostitute to “outfits that literally have no armholes” are “a form of wearable... More »

Fall Fashion Mags Shed a Few Pounds

Advertisers slowly turn to the Internet

(Newser) - Fashion magazines’ typically beefy September issues are nearly a third skinnier this year as advertisers drift away from print, the Wall Street Journal reports. Vogue, for example, boasted 840 pages in September 2007; this year, it’s just 429 pages, a 36% drop from last year. Advertisers are trying out... More »

Luxury Labels Flaunt Green Cred

Top-end firms realize eco-friendly image can boost brand value

(Newser) - As traditional luxury good buyers make way for a new generation of eco-conscious consumers, luxe brands are jostling to show off their planet-saving credentials, the Wall Street Journal reports. Firms like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany are snapping up eco-friendly firms, introducing new lines, and using green themes in their advertising... More »

Scotland Yard to Grill LiLo in $500K Bling Theft

(Newser) - Scotland Yard is seeking to question Lindsay Lohan as part of an investigation into the theft of some $500,000 in Dior jewelry she wore during an Elle photo shoot in London, reports TMZ. Lohan was featured on the cover. Lohan "kept going on about the jewels, asking if... More »

Designers Fight Store Discounts

Sales scare away brand loyalists, they say

(Newser) - Department-store sales may woo bargain shoppers, but they turn off the high-end base luxury designers cater to, Christina Binkley writes in the Wall Street Journal, and cut into those designers’ profits and brand control. Discounts last Thanksgiving set off a chain reaction that collapsed high-end retail’s pricing structure. “... More »

Easter Island Statue Plans Paris Pilgrimage

'Moai' aims to change humanity's 'materialistic conscience': government

(Newser) - A “moai”—one of the giant statues of elongated heads on Easter Island—will travel to Paris in 2010 on a mission to challenge the “materialistic conscience” of the world, the Independent reports. Representatives of the Pacific island’s government said the statue had made its wish... More »

Fashion, Politics Unlikely Mix

Carla Bruni's outfits something of an obsession, though there's a flip side

(Newser) - Move over, Hollywood—these days, fashion designers are dying to get their wares on a new kind of celebrity: politicians. The last time Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy visited London, Dior issued no fewer than five press releases on their outfits, and Louis Vuitton has even hired Mikhail Gorbachev as... More »

Luxe Knockoffs Cost eBay $63M

French court favors Louis Vuitton; auction giant may boost anti- counterfeit measures

(Newser) - A French court sided today with couturier Louis Vuitton in a suit against eBay, ruling the auctioneer must pay $63.1 million in damages for fake goods sold on its site—a ruling the Wall Street Journal says will force eBay to step up anti-counterfeiting protections. EBay says it will... More »

Pharrell Sets Menu for Fashion Plates

Hip-hop tastemaker boasts luxe jewelry, clothing lines

(Newser) - NERD frontman Pharrell Williams has lent his Midas touch to more than just hip-hop, Erica Kennedy writes in a Paper profile. The multi-tasking taste-maker boasts luxe clothing and jewelry lines, and friendships and collaborations with assorted style icons. "Pharrell doesn't buy something because it's fashionable," says one comrade... More »

Vuitton Refuses to Be Accessory to Genocide

Luxury firm sues over fundraising T-shirt

(Newser) - A Danish designer hoped her T-shirt featuring a starving child tricked out with Paris Hilton's favorite accessories—a Louis Vuitton handbag and her tiny dog Tinkerbell—would highlight the media's distorted priorities and raise money to fight genocide in Darfur. The French luxury brand, however, was not amused, and has... More »

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