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Suit Claims Big Problem With Popular Arizona Iced Tea Flavor

(Newser) - Ginseng is rare, expensive, and takes a long time to mature. Arizona Iced Tea's "Green Tea With Ginseng and Honey" flavor costs 99 cents or less for a 23-fluid-ounce can. If you feel like something's not quite adding up here, you're not alone: A new lawsuit...

China's Hunger for Ginseng Is Wiping It Out in Appalachia
China's Hunger for Ginseng
Is Wiping It Out in Appalachia
in case you missed it

China's Hunger for Ginseng Is Wiping It Out in Appalachia

The lucrative root is prized by poachers looking for a quick buck

(Newser) - A gold rush of sorts is taking place in Appalachia, but this one involves the plant ginseng. As a story by Suzy Khimm at Foreign Policy lays out in fascinating detail, the root is a hot commodity in China because of its purported medicinal values, but wild ginseng is practically...

Hangover-Free Booze Is Now Supposedly a Thing

Except North Korea "invented" it, so it's probably not really a thing

(Newser) - While some North Koreans have kept busy exchanging propaganda packages with South Korea and supposedly making H-bombs , other good citizens have reportedly invented the thing the world really needs: a ginseng-derived booze that doesn't cause hangovers. Citing an article in the Pyongyang Times, CNBC notes that the brewing process...

Having a Single Energy Drink May Pose Health Risks

Mayo Clinic finds spikes in blood pressure and a stress hormone

(Newser) - A single can of an energy drink packs quite a wallop, causing potentially worrisome spikes in blood pressure and in a stress hormone that's a cousin to adrenaline, say researchers at the Mayo Clinic. Reporting in the journal JAMA , the Mayo team recruited 25 healthy adults for the study...

Why Americans Are Poaching Wild Ginseng

It grows mostly in Appalachian and Ozark public parks, and 95% goes to Asia

(Newser) - A federal judge earlier this month sentenced a North Carolina man to six months in jail. The crime? Illegally possessing more than 500 ginseng roots he harvested in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, reports the Asheville Citizen-Times . He's far from the only domestic ginseng poacher: By New York...

4 Retailers Selling Misleading Herbal Supplements: NY AG

GNC, Walmart, Target, Walgreen accused of hawking possibly dangerous products

(Newser) - Consumers who've been popping herbal supplements may want to take note after the New York State attorney general announced yesterday that four retail giants are selling herbal items that may be mislabeled, crammed with fillers, and potentially dangerous, the Guardian reports. Eric Schneiderman sent cease-and-desist letters to Walmart, GNC,...

N. Korea Offers to Settle Debt With ... Ginseng

Czechs turn down offer of root instead of cash, suggest zinc ore

(Newser) - The Czechs are pleased that North Korea is trying to settle a $10 million Cold War-era debt, but they're not so happy about the proposed terms. Pyongyang has offered to repay just 5% of the debt, and to pay in ginseng root instead of cash, the AP reports. North Korea's...

7 Stories