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What Loud Males May Be Saying About Their Balls

Primatologist lays it all out in 'calls-and-balls' paper

(Newser) - You know what they say: the louder the calls, the smaller the balls. OK, so maybe they don't say that, but they could start following research published Thursday in Current Biology . The Salt Lake Tribune reports researchers discovered the smaller a howler monkey's testicles, the deeper and louder...

Cops Called Over Monkey Gobbling Up People's Mail

Zeek the monkey was hungry

(Newser) - Residents of Sanford, Fla., were a little surprised to look outside this week and see a monkey perched on their mailbox—eating the mail. Turns out Zeek the monkey had escaped from his home Monday morning and was ready to play with police responding to a call, Mashable reports. "...

Japanese Zoo Sorry It Named Baby Monkey 'Charlotte'

Naming macaque after England's new princess has proved a royal pain

(Newser) - A month ago, no one would have said boo about the name chosen by a Japanese zoo for its new baby monkey. But a month ago, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana hadn't yet entered the world, and now Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden is fielding a "barrage of complaints" about...

Spoiled Monkey Named Couple's Sole Heir

Ostracized pair say Chunmun is like son they never had

(Newser) - Indian couple Brajesh and Shabista Srivastava consider their pet monkey to be the son they never had. Purchased as a baby for $8 roughly a decade ago, Chunmun the monkey has helped erase the loneliness the childless couple felt after being shunned by their families over their inter-faith marriage, the...

Was 'Hero' Monkey Really Trying to Save Its Buddy?

Answer is not clear, one expert says

(Newser) - A video showing a monkey apparently attempting to revive his companion has gone viral after being posted on YouTube this weekend, but is that really what the monkey is doing? The short answer, according to National Geographic : It's not clear. The rhesus macaques in the video are shown at...

Monkeys, Ghosts Can't Hold Copyright: Regulator

Macaque's selfie can't be registered, US office says

(Newser) - The biggest overhaul of American copyright regulations in decades includes some bad news for a photographer whose camera was snatched by a monkey : Only works created by humans can be copyrighted. The US Copyright Office says photos taken by monkeys count as "unprotected intellectual property," Ars Technica finds....

Reason for Cool Monkey Faces? Safe Breeding

Guenons' distinctive features help prevent interbreeding, say researchers

(Newser) - Guenon monkeys are renowned for their colorful, distinctive faces, which vary from species to species. The reason? It's all part of a strategy to help the monkeys identify their own species and avoid crossbreeding with others, new research finds. Guenon monkeys, sometimes known as cheek pouch monkeys, are a...

One Monkey Controls Another, Avatar-Style

Brain, spine implants link animals' movements

(Newser) - In the movie Avatar, a paralyzed soldier uses a computer to control a body remotely. In a new study, scientists have moved a little closer to making that story a reality, LiveScience reports. US researchers installed electrodes into a "master" monkey's brain and an "avatar" monkey's...

Bieber's Monkey Now Officially a Zoo Exhibit

Mally released from quarantine, will meet other capuchins soon

(Newser) - Mally the monkey, Justin Bieber's former pet , has emerged from quarantine at his new German home three months after the pop star brought him to the country. The 6-month-old capuchin monkey moved into a new enclosure at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, northern Germany, today. He will soon be...

Bieber Officially Abandons His Monkey

Mally became Germany's property today

(Newser) - Justin Bieber is now a man (boy?) without a monkey. After little Mally was seized by German customs authorities in March, Bieber was told he'd have to submit a bunch of paperwork (vaccination and import records) to get the capuchin back. But Friday's midnight deadline came and went,...

Bieber Owes Thousands for Monkey Vet Bills

Mally now officially the property of the German state

(Newser) - Justin Bieber has now officially ditched his pet monkey in Germany—but he still owes several thousand in vet bills, food and care for the abandoned primate, the AP reports. "You can bet we are going to ask for that money back," says a German customs spokesperson. Bieber...

Bieber Doesn't Seem to Want His Monkey

Mally remains in German shelter

(Newser) - Looks like Justin Bieber's monkey might be staying in Germany permanently . Bieber still hasn't produced the required paperwork for Mally since customs authorities seized the 17-week-old capuchin monkey in March, and a customs spokesperson says Mally will remain in the Munich Animal Protection League shelter until they hear...

Germany Gives Justin Bieber Ultimatum

He has 4 weeks to pick up his monkey

(Newser) - Justin Bieber is in danger of losing his monkey. Yes, you read that correctly. The singer's capuchin monkey, Mally, was seized by customs agents when Bieber landed in Germany last week and couldn't produce the necessary documents. The 14-week-old monkey has been quarantined in a city animal shelter...

Germany Takes Justin Bieber's Monkey

It was quarantined because singer didn't have proper papers

(Newser) - You know when you bring your monkey to Germany and forget the paperwork? Yeah, Justin Bieber made that mistake, too, last week. Customs officials in Munich confiscated the animal and put it in quarantine, reports AP . Biebs is now on his way to Austria, but it's not clear whether...

GOP Rep. Calls McCain Racist After Monkey Joke

McCain's Ahmadinejad-themed tweet does not go over very well

(Newser) - As so often happens, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has triggered a merry-go-round of things we wish we could unhear: It seems the Iranian would like to be sent to outer space , which reminded one John McCain that just last week Iran said it sent a monkey there. And so the senator took...

Iran Might Have Faked Its Monkey Launch

British newspapers examine photos, smell a rat

(Newser) - Iran announced with great fanfare this week that it launched a monkey into space and brought him home safely. Hold the trumpets, though: British newspapers the Times , the Telegraph , and the Independent now say, or at least strongly suggest, that Iran is lying. Why? In part because the monkey celebrated...

Iran: We Launched a Monkey Into Space

News may fuel US rocket concerns

(Newser) - Somewhere Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might be trying on his spacesuit, because Iran is inching closer to sending a person into space—and perhaps to developing long-range missiles, if US concerns prove accurate. Iranian state TV today said that the country launched a monkey into space and it came home safe and...

Florida&#39;s &#39;Mystery Monkey&#39; Finally Caught
 Finally Caught 

Florida's 'Mystery Monkey' Finally Caught

Newly named 'Cornelius' is probably headed to a sanctuary

(Newser) - A monkey who eluded Florida wildlife officials for nearly four years and became a sort-of unofficial neighborhood pet is on the lam no more. The Tampa Bay Times reports that animal-control officers finally caught the "mystery monkey" Wednesday with the help of a tranquilizer gun. Assuming the newly named...

UK Woman: Monkeys Raised Me in the Jungle

She says kidnappers left her in Colombian wilderness

(Newser) - At age 5, she was kidnapped for ransom and left in the Colombian jungle—but she was lucky enough to be adopted by a clan of monkeys. So says Marina Chapman, who eventually married a Brit and now lives in Britain, the Daily Mail reports. She lived with capuchin monkeys...

New Monkey Species Found
 New Monkey Species Found 

New Monkey Species Found

'Lesula' found in remote Congo jungle

(Newser) - A remote jungle in the Congo has yielded a new species of monkey, the first to be found in almost 30 years. Scientists discovered the lesula in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Lomami forest basin after spotting an unusual monkey being kept as a pet in a small forest...

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