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Arnold Don't Surf (Apologies to Robert Duvall)

Governator's plan to shut 48 state parks has laid-back Californians up in arms

(Newser) - California's budget mess has Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposing to shutter 48 state parks, the Los Angeles Times reports, to the outrage of devoted citizens. Schwarzenegger's list includes Gold Rush-era Sutter's Fort in Sacramento and San Simeon State Park near Hearst Castle. The Governator's no-new-taxes budget is aimed to close a...

Scientists Spot 6 Giraffe Species

And some are in trouble

(Newser) - Giraffes had long been thought to be one species with several subspecies, but researchers now believe they have identified six distinct species—some of which are on the brink of extinction, reports the BBC. Only 160 Nigerian giraffes remain. But there's hope the researchers' find will spur greater conservation efforts.

Jelly-cide: 100,000 Salmon Killed

Northern Ireland's entire stock destroyed in jellyfish attack

(Newser) - An attack of killer jellyfish has wiped out Northern Ireland’s only salmon farm. More than 100,000 fish died in the seven-hour attack, causing estimated losses of $2.1 million, AFP reports. The 35-foot-deep wave of jellyfish covered 10 square miles. The mauve stinger normally prefers warmer Mediterranean waters...

Earth Not Only Getting Warmer, but Wetter

Study finds human tweaks to temperature also increase humidity

(Newser) - The earth, long known to be getting warmer, is also getting more humid, and human activity is to blame, Reuters reports. Findings based on computerized climate models confirmed long-standing predictions that the rising temperatures brought about by trapped greenhouse gases would lead to humidity increases. Only models with "the...

Oh Poop! Hikers Have to Pack it Out on Whitney

Outhouses dismantled, climbers supplied with sanitary kits

(Newser) - If you you brought it with you—even internally—you've got to pack it back down. That's the new policy on Mt. Whitney where officials have to deal with excrement left by thousands who take to the heights every year.  Air lifting bags of human waste from high-altitude outhouses...

UK Floods Linked to Warming

(Newser) - Central Britain is under water after record rains, and scientists are now saying that the heavy downfall is caused by man-made global warming. Britain's sodden summer, with swollen rivers, thousand homeless and water plants failing, has been caused by a southward shift of the jet stream. Not unprecedented, the Independent...

A Megaflood Made England an Island

Sonar shows Channel carved violently; bridge to continent cut

(Newser) - England became an island as a result of a massive flood that tore through a land bridges to France 400,000 years ago, a study of  high-resolution sonar images of the bottom of the English Channel shows. The torrent of water and boulders carved the cliffs of Dover, and left...

Butterfly Evolves in Blink of Eye

Parasite forces hyper-speed adaptation in male blue moon butterflies

(Newser) - One of the fastest evolutionary changes ever observed has been witnessed by scientists studying butterflies in the South Pacific, the BBC reports. Blue Moon butterflies managed to fight off a deadly parasitic bacteria by developing suppressor genes to fight the bacteria in just six years. Hard-hit males rebounded from 1%...

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