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A Retro Game Is Suddenly Very Much in Vogue

Pinball is making a comeback

(Newser) - The old-school arcade game of pinball is resurging in popularity. The AP reports interest has skyrocketed over the last decade, with the number of players and competitions growing worldwide, per the International Flipper Pinball Association. There were 500 players in 50 competitions worldwide in 2006, according to the IFPA; in... More »

Indiana Town Will No Longer Jail You for Playing Pinball

A 61-year ban on the game was just lifted in Kokomo

(Newser) - "My wife and I have always dreamed our son will live in a place where pinball is legal," Steve Whikehart tells Fox 59 . "After 40 years that dream will become a reality." The city council member sponsored legislation, signed into law Tuesday, that reversed a 61-year-old... More »

Oakland to Drop 80-Year-Old Pinball Ban

Machines were once considered moral menace

(Newser) - The California city of Oakland is about to finally scrap an anti-pinball law nobody has paid much attention to since World War II. The game was outlawed in Oakland and many other cities in the 1930s, when the machines didn't have flippers and were considered gambling devices, the San ... More »

Retro Gamers Face Drought of Pinball Repairmen

Interest in hobby outlasts machines

(Newser) - Pinball is largely a distant curiosity at this point; a mechanical stepping stone on the way to the fully-digital video game. Still, the machines bring joy to those who spent hours pumping coins into them during their youth—if they work. That's the problem for the vintage pinball enthusiast: the... More »

4 Stories