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Virginia Executes Teresa Lewis

She conspired in the murder of her husband and stepson

(Newser) - Virginia has executed 41-year-old Teresa Lewis by lethal injection for conspiring in the murder of her husband and stepson. Lewis' case drew attention around the world because she is the first woman executed in the US in 5 years and the first in Virginia in nearly a century. Her supporters...

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Woman's Execution

Two of court's three women vote to intervene

(Newser) - A woman convicted of two hired killings is scheduled to die by injection tomorrow and become the first woman put to death in the commonwealth of Virginia in nearly a century, after the US Supreme Court refused to block her execution. Two of the three women on the court, Ruth...

Iran on Execution of Va. Woman: US Is a Hypocrite

Case shows double standard in outcry over Ashtiani

(Newser) - For those in New York protesting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's policies today (like the decision to stone a woman accused of adultery to death), Iran has fired back with the old "You're a hypocrite." Seems Tehran thinks Virginia opting to execute Teresa Lewis, a woman with a low IQ who...

Why Don't We Execute Women Who Abort?
Why Don't We Execute Women Who Abort?

Why Don't We Execute Women Who Abort?

They're just as guilty as Teresa Lewis, if you believe pro-life rhetoric

(Newser) - Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell thinks Teresa Lewis deserves to die because she bought guns for the men who killed her husband and stepson, and left the door unlocked so they could get in. Taking a life by proxy, in McDonnell’s book, is murder. “Yet every day thousands of...

Virginia Governor Won't Stop Woman's Execution

Supreme Court is last hope for Teresa Lewis

(Newser) - The first execution of a woman in Virginia in nearly a century remains on track for next week. Gov. Bob McDonnell yesterday rejected the clemency bid of 41-year-old Teresa Lewis , reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . Her last hope is intervention by the Supreme Court. Lewis plotted with two men to kill...

Virginia Plans Rare Execution of Woman

But her lawyers say she's close to being retarded

(Newser) - Virginia is preparing to execute a woman for the first time in 98 years. Barring intervention from the governor or Supreme Court, the state will kill Teresa Lewis by lethal injection on Sept. 23 for paying two men to kill her husband and stepson in 2002. She's admitted her guilt,...

6 Stories