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Meet the Bug That's 'Reversed 3 Decades' of Pesticide Progress

And is known to invade homes by the thousands

(Newser) - "It was like a horror movie." That's what one South Carolina woman recalls about the moment she and her partner entered their bedroom after leaving the room's French doors cracked open to find that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of stinkbugs had invaded the room, covering every visible...

Stink Bugs Can Change the Taste of Your Wine

Especially if you drink pinot noir

(Newser) - Bugs wind up in most things we consume, organic and otherwise. It's so common and hard to avoid that the FDA sets allowable levels, notes the American Council on Science and Health . It's no surprise, then, that stink bugs , which have a fondness for grapes, can end up...

New 'Alien' Wasp Is Bad News for Growing Pest

'In the insect world, we struck it rich'

(Newser) - Usually the discovery of a wasp described as something out of the movie Alien would be cause for alarm. Instead, the AP reports scientists are celebrating. That's because the Trissolcus japonicus kills crop-ruining stink bugs. The wasps—which, in more good news, are non-stinging—were found in Vancouver, Washington,...

Burning Man Is Crawling With Big, Biting Bugs

In the days leading up to the desert event, early arriving Burners find an infestation

(Newser) - There's a burning question in the days leading up to this year's Burning Man: Who let the bugs out? And while that may seem like an ordinary question at the start of any Burning Man, this year it's particularly literal as early-arriving Burners photograph an apparent infestation...

All Hail the Polar Vortex, Slayer of Pests

Invasive species of bugs can't survive the cold, Gwynn Guilford argues

(Newser) - If you've just about had enough of the polar vortex, consider this: The severely cold weather we've been experiencing is "decimating the populations of destructive invasive insects that cost the US government and homeowners billions each year," writes Gwynn Guilford for Quartz . Doesn't sound so...

Shutdown Winners: Invasive Bugs

Losers: Antarctic penguins, as US scientists suspend research

(Newser) - It isn't just skateboarders benefiting unexpectedly from the government shutdown: the brown marmorated stink bug and the emerald ash borer beetle are also potential winners, reports LiveScience . The former causes millions of dollars of crop damage every year, while the latter destroys US ash trees. But scientists studying both...

Meet Tofu's Enemy: Kudzu Bugs

New research shows they could spread to soybean farms across the US

(Newser) - Kudzu plants have been choking the Southeast for years, so at first blush it would seem that the 2009 arrival of the kudzu-eating kudzu bug from Asia would be a blessing. No so much. It turns out the bugs favor a second crop as well: soybeans. And on the heels...

Get Ready for Even More Stink Bugs

Scientists consider introducing Asian wasp to kill invading crop-destroyers

(Newser) - If your town is already overrun with stink bugs, bad news: There's little relief in sight. Last year, the non-native brown marmorated stink bug sunk its proboscis into the Mid-Atlantic apple crop, ruining $37 million of fruit; after that, they swarmed into local houses to hibernate. Now they've...

Stink Bugs Invade Eastern US

Vacuum these well-armored critters, experts advise

(Newser) - Stink bugs have infested the eastern US, devouring crops in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and nearby states, CBS News reports. The brown marmorated stink bug has no interest in people, but farmers hate the insect because of its voracious appetite for crops and because it, well, stinks. (When threatened, it emits a...

9 Stories
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