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Facebook Could Kill the Web
 Facebook Could Kill the Web 
Michael Wolff

Facebook Could Kill the Web

Michael Wolff points out that, in the end, Facebook is just an ad-driven site

(Newser) - "Facebook is not only on course to go bust, but will take the rest of the ad-supported Web with it." That's the bold statement Michael Wolff makes in the MIT Technology Review today, and he insists he's not exaggerating. In the end, Facebook is just another...

Assange: Web Is Massive Spying Machine

Governments will use Internet against citizens, he warns

(Newser) - The Internet is the "greatest spying machine the world has ever known," WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has warned in a speech. While the Web holds great promises of increasing transparency in government operations, it will more likely be used by officials to spy on their own citizens, he...

Ode to Web 1.0: Sites We Miss
 Ode to Web 1.0: Sites We Miss 

Ode to Web 1.0: Sites We Miss

Esquire : Sites that were before their time

(Newser) - Everything old is new again, especially on the Web. Some of today's tech darlings owe a lot to websites of years past. Here are some of Esquire's 15 favorite, and mostly kaput, Web 1.0 pioneers:
  1. Dodgeball (2000) "A location-based social network for mobile devices, and the Internet's gift

The Internet Actually Makes People Happier

Research links web use to well-being, especially in women

(Newser) - Turns out the hours you spend online might be helping, not hurting , you. Research from Britain's Chartered Institute of IT finds a link between internet use and well-being. "Put simply, people with IT access are more satisfied with life," one researcher tells Time . "IT has an enabling...

Obama Rips Wall Street in Cyber Stealth Ad

Google search leads to prez call for reform

(Newser) - The White House has launched a stealth attack on Wall Street in a controversial but deft Internet ad. A link to "Help Change Wall Street" pops up when users search "Goldman Sachs SEC" on Google. The link takes users to mybarackobama.com and features a photo of Obama...

Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M
  Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M 

Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M

Players pay for extra points to commit murder, mayhem

(Newser) - An Internet crime game has earned its young creator nearly $1.5 miilion. Torn, a text-based game noir that lets players commit murder and mayhem, boasts some 41,000 active players and 1.3 million account holders worldwide. The game is free, but players can opt to pay $5 a...

Facebook 'Suck Sites' Have Their Day in Court

Defamation lawsuit against angry student may set a precedent

(Newser) - A lawsuit filed by administrators at an Illinois beauty school may set a precedent regarding so-called “suck sites,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Nicholas Blacconiere, a student at the Salon Professional Academy of Elgin, welcomed classmates to criticize teachers on a Facebook page. After students posted accusations of teacher...

Singapore Teen Gamers Planned Mass Suicide

Leader who leaped to his death believed they could come back to save world

(Newser) - Eight Singapore teenagers who played the video game Slayers planned to commit mass suicide but backed out after watching the first two leap to their death from an apartment building window, reports the Straits Times. One of the boys who died vowed the group would come back from the dead...

Top Signs You're an Internet Addict

When you know it's time to get a life

(Newser) - Do you just like reading Newser, or are you addicted to the Internet? Seattle-based Internet addiction center ReSTART lists the signs of a bad online habit:
  • Heightened euphoria. Trolling through sites gives you your greatest thrill.
  • Whiling away more hours. You look up and it's suddenly 2 am, when last

Why Bing Is Better

 Why Bing Is Better 

Why Bing Is Better

Helpful features make Microsoft's search engine more than a Google copy

(Newser) - It's easy to mock Bing as Microsoft's latest attempt to rip off a competitor. Bloggers, in fact, have christened the search engine "But It's Not Google." That’s actually true, writes David Pogue in the New York Times. "In many ways, Bing is better." Here's how:...

Wikipedia Bars Edits From Scientology Addresses

Move is site's first such action against major organization

(Newser) - In an unusually broad push against posting biased content, Wikipedia’s “supreme court” has banned edits from IP addresses associated with Scientology headquarters and its affiliates, the Register reports. The Wikipedia Arbitration Committee voted 10-0 for the ban. Individual “Wikifiddlers” have had their privileges revoked in the past,...

Fallon Is Webby Awards' 'Person of the Year'

Reznor, MacFarlane, Twitter also receive Internet honors

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon, Trent Reznor, and Twitter have all been honored with a 2008 Webby Award, CNET reports. Fallon, described by the awards committee as “one of the most ardent online evangelists,” was named the Webby’s “Person of the Year” for incorporating Twitter feeds, blogging, and online...

Scientists Build a Better Web—by Adding Metal

(Newser) - Scientists have combined spider silk with metal atoms to boost web strands' already-phenomenal strength, reports Ars Technica. The breakthrough experiment advances the science of creating ever-stronger materials, as well discovering a successful method to bond metal to biological material. Experiments are already under way to make chicken eggs stronger.

Web Novels Let Readers Drive the Plot

Weekly installments end with a choice

(Newser) - Fantasy fans who’d like a role in the action can turn to literature’s latest incarnation: the online Web-novel, or wovel, NPR reports. Readers can click and read a chapter each week. Then, “at the end of every installment, there's a binary plot branch point with a vote...

New Addictions for Election Junkies

Games and Google Trends, Webisodes and Weaving, there's lots to choose from

(Newser) - With the election finally over, Web-surfing news junkies are in need of a new fix. Slate offers a few ways to fritter away the hours:
  • Follow the financial crisis: Exciting, depressing, full of numbers—the best way to keep that election high going just a little longer. Sites such as

Airplane WiFi Poses Sticky Situation

Crammed together passengers may not like neighbor's browsing material

(Newser) - Airlines getting ready to offer Internet access are grappling with how to enforce netiquette at 33K feet. "We think decency and good sense and normal behavior will prevail," said the CEO of one service. If it's not porn or violent images, its annoying ringtones and loud conversations that...

Schools Cater to Tech-Enamored Students

New teaching, learning styles may spell an end to lectures

(Newser) - An increasing number of colleges and universities are using new Web applications to engage a generation of students eager to collaborate—and strut their stuff—on the Internet. Blogs, wikis, and other collaborative tools are being used as more than just empty Web 2.0 buzzwords, CNET reports; they allow...

Google Stokes Wireless Competition With $4.6B Bid

Search giant set to buy wireless frequencies

(Newser) - Google is poised to bid $4.6 billion in the upcoming federal auction of wireless frequencies,  to create a national broadband network that could challenge the dominance of companies like AT&T and Comcast. If Google's bid triumphs, the web search giant could expand into selling Internet, telephone and...

How to Survive the Email Onslaught
How to Survive the Email Onslaught

How to Survive the Email Onslaught

Salon surveys advice for those losing the battle with their deluged inboxes

(Newser) - A spate of new survival manuals is addressing the problem of swamped inboxes, writes Salon's Scott Rosenberg. But how does one navigate through the sea of attachments, spam, and forwarded off-color jokes? Most experts agree on striving for emptiness: delete ruthlessly.

Five Priciest Web Domains
Five Priciest Web Domains

Five Priciest Web Domains

(Newser) -
  1. Sex.com -             $12  million   (2005)
  2. Porn.com -           $9.5 million   (2007)
  3. Business.com -      $7.5 million   (1999)
  4. Diamond.com -    

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