Plan B

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Vending Machines on College Campuses Now Offer Plan B

They're a push post-Roe to ensure college students have access to affordable, discreet contraception

(Newser) - Need Plan B? Tap your credit card and enter "B6." Since last November, a library at the University of Washington has featured a different kind of vending machine, one that's become more popular on campuses around the country since the US Supreme Court ended constitutional protections for...

Retailers Limit Purchases of Emergency Contraception

The announcements come amid surging demand in the wake of last week's SCOTUS ruling

(Newser) - Retail giants nationwide are restricting purchases of emergency contraception in order to protect supplies and deter hoarding. The announcements come days after the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion. Per the Wall Street Journal, CVS and Rite Aid are limiting purchases to three boxes per customer; Wal-Mart set...

177 Pounds? Don't Bother With Morning-After Pill
177 Pounds? Don't Bother With Morning-After Pill
in case you missed it

177 Pounds? Don't Bother With Morning-After Pill

It may not be effective for heavier women

(Newser) - The morning-after pill may not work for you if you weigh more than 165 pounds—and that's distressing news, considering the average American woman weighs more than that. HRA Pharma, the French manufacturer of an emergency contraceptive called Norlevo, is set to start warning women that the pill starts...

Obama Will Allow Morning-After Pill for All Ages

DOJ will drop appeal against unrestricted access to Plan B

(Newser) - The Obama administration has dropped its push for age restrictions for access to the Plan B morning-after pill. The Justice Department had been fighting a judge's decision to allow girls of any age to access the pill without a prescription, but announced it is dropping the appeal, the New ...

Feds Appeal Judge's Plan B Decision

Justice Dept. says he had no right to make it available to all ages

(Newser) - The "Plan B" Iegal fight gets a little more tangled: The Justice Department today said it will appeal a judge's decision lifting all age limits on the birth-control pill and a cheaper generic. The federal government says the judge who issued the ruling exceeded his authority, and it...

FDA OKs Morning-After Pill for Ages 15 and Up

'Plan B' will be available over the counter

(Newser) - The Plan B morning-after pill is moving over the counter. The FDA announced today that the emergency contraceptive will be available without a prescription to those ages 15 and older. The pill also no longer needs to be behind pharmacy counters. Instead, it can sit on drugstore shelves just like...

Judge on Morning-After Pill: No One Needs Prescription

Directs FDA to sell over-the-counter, even to teens

(Newser) - The FDA must make the morning-after pill available over-the-counter to women of all ages, a federal judge has ruled. It's currently stocked behind the counter, and those under 17 need a prescription. The federal government has debated with itself over the morning-after pill in the past, with the FDA...

11% of Women Who Have Sex Used Morning-After Pill
11% of Women Who Have
Sex Used Morning-After Pill
new report

11% of Women Who Have Sex Used Morning-After Pill

5.8M have taken pill at least once: federal analysis

(Newser) - The use of so-called morning-after pills in the US is on the rise, a new report finds, with 11% of sexually active women between 15 and 44 saying they've used such a pill at least once. That's 5.8 million women, USA Today reports. And the New York ...

Things Walmart Deems Less Acceptable Than Guns

The Bushmaster AR-15 can stay, but pregnant barbie has to go

(Newser) - Despite a public outcry, Walmart is still selling "modern sporting rifles" (read: assault rifles), reportedly including the Bushmaster AR-15, the model used in the Newtown shooting. But there are some items too controversial for Walmart. The Huffington Post helpfully compiled a few of the things that Walmart apparently believes...

Obama to Boehner: 'I Get That for Free'

Wall Street Journal finds testy relations at bargaining table

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal has what it bills as a "behind scenes" look at how the fiscal cliff talks went sour this week—on Monday, to be precise—and a few passages stand out to suggest relations between the president and House Republicans may have actually gotten worse since...

Sorry, Hobby Lobby, You're No Religious Organization

Judge denies company's request to skirt birth control requirement

(Newser) - Hobby Lobby asked a judge to release it from the ObamaCare requirement that will force it to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after pill, but there's just one problem: Hobby Lobby isn't a religious organization, the judge pointed out yesterday when denying the chain's request. The arts...

NYC Schools Giving Students Morning-After Pill

Pilot program offers first hormonal birth control to kids in nation

(Newser) - New York City is handing out birth control including the morning-after pill to students at some of its schools under the auspices of a burgeoning health initiative called Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health. The, er, catch? Students don't have to tell parents, notes the New York Post , unless parents...

Court: Illinois Can't Force Sale of 'Morning After' Pill

Pharmacists who object on moral grounds can bow out

(Newser) - Illinois pharmacists who don't want to sell the "morning after" contraceptive pill on religious grounds now have the green light to pull it from their shelves. An Illinois appeals court ruled that the state can't force pharmacists to sell the pill, sold under the brand name Plan...

19% of Pharmacies to 17-Year-Olds: No Plan B
19% of Pharmacies to
17-Year-Olds: No Plan B
study says

19% of Pharmacies to 17-Year-Olds: No Plan B law, they're supposed to sell it to teens of that age

(Newser) - Pharmacies are required by law to provide over-the-counter emergency contraception to 17-year-olds without a prescription, but a new study in Pediatrics journal found that one out of five drugstores does not comply. Boston University researchers contacted all the pharmacies (943 total) in five big cities twice, posing as a 17-year-old...

Judge: Pharmacists Can't Be Forced to Dispense Plan B

Washington state pharmacists no longer required to dole out emergency contraception

(Newser) - Pharmacists in Washington state who disagree with emergency contraception on religious grounds can no longer be required to dispense it, a federal judge ruled yesterday. The judge declared the state's regulation unconstitutional, noting that pharmacies in the state are allowed to not stock drugs for various secular reasons—for...

College Vending Machine Doles Out Plan B, $25 a Pop

Shippensburg University makes emergency contraceptive easy to come by

(Newser) - Plan B can be quite controversial—but not at one Pennsylvania college, where students can buy the emergency contraceptive out of a vending machine. Granted, the vending machine in question is located inside the Shippensburg University health center, KTLA notes. One dose of the morning after pill costs $25.

Obama Backs Morning-After Pill Limits

Calls for 'common sense' about over-the-counter drugs

(Newser) - President Obama supports Kathleen Sebelius' unusual decision to overrule an FDA move to make the morning-after pill easier for younger girls to buy , he said yesterday. Obama said he "did not get involved in the process," but endorsed the health secretary's rejection of the agency's effort...

Feds: No Morning-After Pill for Young Teens Without Rx

Health chief overrules FDA, forbids over-the-counter sales to girls

(Newser) - The federal government is split on the "morning after pill," with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today overruling the FDA's decision to make Plan B available to even young teenagers without a prescription. The drug's maker requested the change in February, and though FDA...

'Morning-After' Pill Is Good the Day of, Too

Early indicators are it's more effective than condoms, but lags behind patch, pill

(Newser) - The morning-after pill might need a new name after a study that finds it's fairly reliable as regular old, non-emergency birth control, reports Time. In a review of previous studies of 8,400 women, only about 5% who took the morning-after pill around the time they had sex over the...

Makers of Plan B Pill Want It Available to All Ages

Teva says girls 11 to 16 should be able to get it without doctor's order

(Newser) - The makers of Plan B, the morning-after pill now approved for women 17 and older without a doctor's prescription, are pushing to make it as easily available to girls as young as 11. Girls under 17 currently need a prescription to get it, but Teva Pharmaceuticals holds that any female...

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