Nerf gun

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Cops Think 2 Teens Died in 'Nerf Wars' Crash

Boys may have been playing with Nerf guns when they lost control of truck, barrel-rolled

(Newser) - Police say a game of "Nerf wars" may be behind a crash that killed two teens and injured two others Friday in the Minneapolis, Minn., suburb of Lakeville, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Johnny Price, 18, and Jake Flynn, 17, both students at Lakeville South High School, died in... More »

6-Year-Old Suspended for Bringing Nerf Gun to School

Anthony Saenz just wanted to play cops and robbers

(Newser) - There was no mistaking Anthony Saenz's neon orange and yellow Nerf gun for a real one, but the 6-year-old found himself under fire all the same. After whipping it out on Denver's McGlone Elementary playground in an attempt to play cops and robbers, the kindergarten student was suspended for a... More »

2 Stories