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Brett Favre Files Multiple Defamation Lawsuits

Former NFL player is suing Mississippi state auditor and 2 sportscasters

(Newser) - Retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre filed lawsuits Thursday in Mississippi, accusing the state auditor and two national sportscasters of defaming him in public discussions about the misspending of welfare money that was supposed to help some of the poorest people in one of the poorest states in the nation, the...

Brett Favre Wants to Be Removed From Welfare Lawsuit

Lawyer says Favre was only included to attract media attention to case

(Newser) - Retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre is asking to be removed from a lawsuit by the state of Mississippi that seeks to recover millions of dollars in misspent welfare money that was intended to help some of the poorest people in the US. An attorney for Favre filed papers on Monday...

Brett Favre Denies Wrongdoing, Blames 'Unjust' Media

But media outlets are pushing back on his claims

(Newser) - Brett Favre has been silent for months on the subject of the Mississippi welfare fraud scandal swirling around him, but no longer: The NFL Hall of Fame quarterback released a lengthy statement to Fox News Digital in which he denies any wrongdoing. Favre insists he had no idea the money...

Texts Show More Alleged Bad Behavior From Brett Favre

After volleyball arena, ex-quarterback allegedly tried to get more cash for football facility

(Newser) - After Mississippi spent millions of dollars in welfare money on Brett Favre’s pet project, a volleyball arena at his alma mater where his daughter was playing, the retired NFL quarterback tried two years later to get additional cash from the state’s welfare agency for another sports facility, new...

Favre Biographer: Don't Read My Book, 'He's a Bad Guy'

Remarks came after texts emerged showing ex-QB knew more on illegal welfare payments than claimed

(Newser) - "I love Mississippi and I would never knowingly do anything to take away from those that need it most." That was a May 2020 tweet from former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre. He was responding to accusations that he'd illegally received welfare funds from his home...

Jenn Sterger: 'I'm Not a Gold-Digger'

She hasn't 'made a dime' from Brett Favre scandal

(Newser) - Jenn Sterger, the former New York Jets employee who accused Brett Favre of sending her racy text messages , has something to say: She's "not a gold-digger." "I haven't made a dime off anything in this whole situation," she tells ABC News in an interview airing on...

Third Masseuse: Favre Texted Me, Too

She says he wanted her to touch him...

(Newser) - Brett Favre apparently really liked those masseuses : A third masseuse (and fourth woman) has come out of the woodwork claiming the ( former? ) NFL quarterback sent her lewd text messages. Stephanie Dusenberry, who worked with the Minnesota Vikings while Favre was with them, tells Deadspin (via, initially, a typo-laden...

Brett Favre Files for Retirement From NFL

Quarterback might really, really, really be done this time

(Newser) - Brett Favre is making it official, again: The 41-year-old quarterback has filed retirement paperwork with the NFL, Fox Sports reports. He's unretired more than most people send racy photos to massage therapists, but the third time might just be the charm: Favre has consistently said 2010 would be his last...

Brett Favre Slapped With Sex Harassment Suits

Seems Jenn Sterger might not have been only object of his affections

(Newser) - Brett Favre may have retired yet again, but he might want to get out of Dodge: The former quarterback has been hit with two sex harassment suits, both by former Jets' massage therapists who aren't named Jenn Sterger. Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole both allege that Favre came onto them,...

Brett Favre Retires Yet Again
Brett Favre Retires
Yet Again

Brett Favre Retires Yet Again

Promises, promises...

(Newser) - Is this even news anymore? In what’s begun to feel a little like a tradition, Brett Favre announced that he was retiring after his team’s final game of the season last night—and this time, he means it! “I know it’s time, and that’s OK....

NFL to Fine Brett Favre in Sterger Fiasco
NFL Fines Brett Favre
$50K in Sterger Fiasco

NFL Fines Brett Favre $50K in Sterger Fiasco

But he won't be suspended

(Newser) - Roger Goodell fined Brett Favre $50,000 today—but did not suspend him—over the naughty texts he allegedly sent Jenn Sterger, reports Fox Sports . The punishment is for failing to cooperate with the NFL's investigation, not for any actions toward Sterger. Her camp had pressed the league to punish...

Favre to Sterger: Send Me a Naughty Video

The sexting scandal gets grosser

(Newser) - Just when you thought the Brett Favre sexting scandal couldn’t get any more disturbing, TMZ comes out with this: The quarterback, in addition to sending Jenn Sterger photos of his penis, also allegedly made a special request of the former New York Jets employee. Specifically, he wanted her to...

Brett Favre's Mess About to Get Messier

Jenn Sterger may sue Vikings quarterback

(Newser) - Brett Favre can’t catch a break. Not only is Jenn Sterger thinking about suing him; he was also injured in yesterday’s game. Considering the injury was just a gash to the chin, Fanhouse reports, the Vikings quarterback is probably a bit more concerned about the Sterger situation. The...

Favre Fracture Might End 315-Game Streak

The man is 41, after all

(Newser) - At last, another part of Brett Favre's anatomy is making headlines: The 41-year-old QB has a stress fracture in his left ankle that may sideline him come Sunday for the first time in 291 consecutive starts (315, counting playoff games). Favre was hit tossing the first of three interceptions yesterday...

Brett Favre Admits Leaving Voicemails

But says he didn't send Jenn Sterger lewd photos

(Newser) - Brett Favre reportedly has admitted to league investigators that he left voicemails for Jenn Sterger—but insists he didn't send her lewd photos. The news comes from Fox Sports' Jay Glazer, who did not reveal who passed on the information to him (watch Glazer make the revelation here ). It's...

Blame (or Thank?) Blogs for Brett Favre Scandal
Blame (or Thank?) Blogs for Brett Favre Scandal
Howard Kurtz

Blame (or Thank?) Blogs for Brett Favre Scandal

Mainstream media would never have reported on this, writes Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - “I didn’t get into journalism to write about Brett Favre’s private parts,” harrumphs Howard Kurtz today in his last Washington Post column, and most mainstream reporters would agree. “But our ability to spike such tawdry tales ended many seasons ago.” Now blogs can drive...

Taiwan Animates Favre Penis-Texting Scandal

And theorizes that his ogling could practically set a gal on fire

(Newser) - “Brett Favre’s Pecker the talk of the town.” That’s how Taiwan's Next Media Animation sums up the Brett Favre lewd-texting scandal, and the above video explains how it happened—as only NMA can. The company has previously animated the Wall Street Journal-New York Times turf war...

Brett Favre Cries, Apologizes

Lewd text message scandal a 'distraction' for team

(Newser) - Brett Favre broke down in tears as he apologized to teammates for the “distraction” of his lewd text message scandal. He “was very emotional” and asked his team to “carry” him through the game, Vikings teammate Ryan Longwell told Michelle Tafoya of ESPN’s SportsCenter. Favre is...

Brett Favre Hit on Me, Too: Jets Masseuse

She adds her story to lewd texting scandal

(Newser) - Will the Brett Favre lewd text scandal snowball into a mess of Tiger Woods proportions? Perhaps not, but you can add at least one more woman to the mix: A married masseuse who worked for the New York Jets claims Favre came on to her while he was playing for...

Brett Favre Scandal Takes Lewd Turn

Deadspin posts voicemails, photos

(Newser) - If Brett Favre hoped the rumors of his making lewd come-ons to a 20-something TV personality would quietly go away, he'd better not pick up the New York tabs tomorrow. "Sex, lies and audiotape" is the current headline in the Daily News , while "Bad Pass" graces the Post...

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