Mitt Romney 2012

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Romney's Get-Out-the-Vote App Failed Miserably

A volunteer says ORCA was a monumental screw-up

(Newser) - Before election day, the Romney campaign was touting something it called "Project ORCA," an app that was supposed to revolutionize and digitize the GOP's get-out-the vote efforts. How did it work out? Well one volunteer who was using it—John Ekdahl from the Ace of Spades HQ...

Nate Silver: GOP Better Adapt to 'New Reality'

Party faces 'structural disadvantage' unless it adjusts

(Newser) - Nate Silver has a right to gloat , but his first post-election blog post at the New York Times resists the urge. Well, mostly: He acknowledges a "very strong night" and links to a glowing CNET review . Silver does, however, admit to getting one thing wrong on election night: Turns...

Romney Adviser: We Lost Florida
Romney Adviser:
We Lost Florida

Romney Adviser: We Lost Florida

Counting continues, but outcome looks certain

(Newser) - Three of Florida's big counties are still counting absentee ballots, but an adviser to Mitt Romney says it's all over: “We thought based on our polling and range of organization that we had done what we needed to win," Brett Doster tells the Miami Herald . "...

As Rove and Aides Argued Results, Romney Gave Up

Campaign advisers were urging both not to concede defeat

(Newser) - Karl Rove's on-air confrontation with Fox News' projection team, and Mitt Romney's failure to concede once all the networks had called the race, were two of the weirdest subplots on election night, but the reasons for both are coming into focus. Rove remains one of the best-connected men...

Stewart: Fox Had 'Avalanche on Bullsh** Mountain'

Kelly to Rove: Is that math, or Republican-friendly math?

(Newser) - Things went pretty smoothly for the networks on Election Night, Jon Stewart said on last night's Daily Show —with the screaming exception of the station he lovingly dubs "BMN: Bullshit Mountain News." Or as you know it, Fox News. Stewart runs down Fox pundits devoutly dismissing...

GOP Donors Bash Romney's 'JV Operation'

Fingerpointing begins among donors, advisers, Christie

(Newser) - Mitt Romney began his first day after losing the presidential election at a breakfast with donors in Boston, and ended it by leaving a final staff meeting in his son's car, no Secret Service security detail in sight. At the breakfast, he blamed superstorm Sandy for a loss of...

What We Learned Last Night
 What We Learned Last Night 
Election 2012

What We Learned Last Night

Obama's win reveals a lot about the electorate, the race

(Newser) - The dust has cleared, the votes have been counted, and Barack Obama stands victorious. What did we learn? What did this entire long election drama mean? Politico and CNN break down some takeaways from the big night:
  • Team Romney was bluffing. Romney's campaign said it had a chance in

Right Reacts, as Trump Calls for Revolution

Trump is not happy, others see hope for the future of the GOP

(Newser) - Reaction to President Obama's re-election is rolling in from the right: Some disappointment, some regret, an eye toward the future ... and then there's Donald Trump. A look around the red landscape on this morning after Election 2012:
  • Trump is really upset with last night's results, reports E!

What Now for the GOP?
 What Now for the GOP? 

What Now for the GOP?

Demographics are not on the party's side

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's defeat is certain to lead to an extended period of Republican soul-searching, and most pundits agree that the party will have to do something to deal with its lack of Hispanic support.
  • Romney captured just 27% of the Latino vote, a proportion that will have to improve

Romney Concedes
 Romney Concedes 

Romney Concedes

He thanks Ryan, says he'll pray for Obama's success

(Newser) - Mitt Romney was gracious in defeat after a bitter and hard-fought campaign. After calling President Obama to congratulate him on his victory, Romney gave a short concession speech in Boston urging Americans to put aside "partisan bickering and political posturing," Politico reports. "I pray that the president...

Race to 270: Obama vs. Romney
 Obama Wins 2nd Term 
election 2012

Obama Wins 2nd Term

He wins Ohio ... and the Oval Office

(Newser) - Barack Obama has won a second term as president after taking Ohio, the AP reports. Though Mitt Romney won the battleground state of North Carolina along with a number of deep red states, the president's victory in Ohio eliminated any chance of a Romney win. Obama thanked his supporters...

blue state tally


A list of the blue states in this year's election

(Newser) - The results are in, and the win goes to President Obama. Here are the states that aligned behind him for an Electoral College tally of 332 to 206:
  • Virginia (13)
  • Vermont (3)
  • Illinois (20)
  • Connecticut (7)
  • Maine (4)
  • District of Columbia (3)
  • Delaware (3)
  • Rhode Island (4)
  • Maryland (10)
  • Massachusetts



A list of the red states in this year's election

(Newser) - The AP reported that Mitt Romney was feeling pretty optimistic about his chances tonight, so much so that he had written a 1,118-word victory speech—and hadn't prepared a concession speech. But the win went to Obama, though Romney managed to take the following states and 206 Electoral...

Romney or Obama, This Election's Outcome 'Sucks'

Matt Taibbi wants everyone to chill out and admit the world won't end

(Newser) - Pretty much everyone is glad that "after eighteen months of relentless, ear-splitting propaganda," in which horse race-obsessed pundits spent "day after day swinging the heavy horseshit-hammer of Thor, braining us with one meaningless made-up controversy after another," that this election is about to be over, Matt...

Why a Long Campaign Is Worth the Pain
 Why a Long Campaign 
 Is Worth the Pain 

Why a Long Campaign Is Worth the Pain

'USA Today' thinks we've learned some things in this endless slog

(Newser) - Young Abigael Evans spoke for a weary nation when she famously broke down in tears : We're all tired of Mitt Romney and Bronco Bamma. It's been an excruciatingly interminable campaign, that's no doubt left many longing for the kind of brisk races seen in Britain and Australia....

Voters Form Long Lines Around the Country

Candidates cast their ballots, too

(Newser) - Americans flocked to the polls this morning, forming long lines in many places around the country. USA Today counted 75 people in line at one DC polling place. Here are some of the stories filtering in nationally:
  • Some problems have already cropped up in Virginia, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. One

Election Day: Romney Stumps, Obama Shoots Hoops

Bball is an Election Day superstition for the prez

(Newser) - Mitt Romney and President Obama are taking two very different approaches on how they'll spend their last few hours as candidates, reports CNN . Obama will follow presidential candidate tradition and hunker down in his hometown of Chicago to await an outcome, as well as his personal tradition of playing...

Nate Silver: Obama&#39;s Shot at Winning: 91.6%
 Nate Silver: 
 Obama's Shot 
 at Winning: 91.6% 

Nate Silver: Obama's Shot at Winning: 91.6%

Other pundits offer wide range of outcomes

(Newser) - It's Election Day—a day of reckoning not only for the candidates, but for America's pundits, including one recent lightning rod named Nate Silver. Silver's final prediction: President Obama has a 91.6% shot at winning, to Romney's 8.4%, though he emphasizes he expects a...

An Hour-by-Hour Guide to Election Night

Things start cooking at 6pm EST

(Newser) - Today's the day ... but not much will happen until tonight. An hourly rundown of what to watch for in the quest for the big 270 (all times EST):
  • 6pm: And the polls start closing! Indiana and Kentucky are the first to close a portion of their polls. The states

In 1st Town to Vote: Obama, 5; Romney, 5

Split result a 1st for Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

(Newser) - The result from one of the first two towns in America to vote suggests the election will be very close indeed. President Obama and Mitt Romney got five votes apiece in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, reports USA Today . This is the first tie in the history of the tiny town,...

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