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4 Bodies Found in Town 'Where Dreams Come True'
4 Deaths Rock Florida's
Disney-Developed Community
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4 Deaths Rock Florida's Disney-Developed Community

Bodies found in Celebration home; officials say deaths are 'suspicious'

(Newser) - "We live in Celebration. It's where dreams come true basically, right? And this has happened." Those were the words of a resident of Celebration, Florida, the Disney-developed community in Walt Disney World's backyard, after four bodies were found in a home there Monday. Says another resident...

Behind Disney Town's First Murder, a Dark Past

Matteo Patrick Giovanditto accused of a history of child sex abuse

(Newser) - Celebration, Florida—a subdivision created by Disney in the 1990s— saw its first murder over Thanksgiving 2010. In an extensive Daily Beast article, Barbara Spindel and Maria Elena Fernandez report on the victim, Matteo Patrick Giovanditto, and reveal troubling information about his past. David-Israel Zenon Murillo, the 30-year-old transient accused...

In 'Creepy' Disney Town, Two Violent Deaths in Week

Murder over the holiday followed by standoff, suicide in Celebration

(Newser) - Celebration, Fla., a Disney-designed subdivision, has been relatively crime-free for 14 years—but this past week, two violent deaths marred the peaceful facade of a town that decorates with fake snow every holiday season. Yesterday, the town square—the scene of (yes, really) horse-and-carriage rides—featured a locked-down schoolhouse, and...

3 Stories