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SCOTUS Settles Case Involving the Queen Anne's Revenge

North Carolina comes out on top in case related to Blackbeard's ship

(Newser) - The Supreme Court sided unanimously Monday with North Carolina in a copyright fight with a company that has documented the salvage of the pirate Blackbeard's ship off the state's coast. Justice Elena Kagan wrote for the court that the company's copyright infringement lawsuit, which she called “...

SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Case About a Pirate Ship

And not just any pirate: Blackbeard

(Newser) - A dispute involving the pirate Blackbeard's sunken ship is on deck for the Supreme Court's next term. The justices said Monday they will hear arguments in the fall in a copyright case involving the Queen Anne's Revenge, which was discovered off North Carolina's coast in 1996....

Surprising Find in Blackbeard's Cannon: Reading Material

Researchers find scraps of paper, figure out book they came from

(Newser) - Pirates of yore plundered, but they also read books, apparently. While cleaning sludge out of a cannon recovered from Blackbeard's flagship, scientists discovered bits of paper and were able to figure out the name of a book kept on board. The 16 fragments, each no bigger than a quarter,...

$8M Lawsuit Filed Over Blackbeard's Pirate Ship

And that $8M could go up, Florida-based company says

(Newser) - The shipwreck-hunting company that found Blackbeard's sunken ship off the North Carolina coast has sued the state for more than $8 million, saying officials violated a contract involving photos and videos of the wreck and recovery. Florida-based Intersal Inc. also says in the lawsuit filed today that the amount...

On Blackbeard's Ship: Syphilis Syringe, Rectal Pump
 On Blackbeard's Ship: 
 Syphilis Syringe, 
 Rectal Pump 
in case you missed it

On Blackbeard's Ship: Syphilis Syringe, Rectal Pump

Medicine was important to the pirate

(Newser) - The wreckage of the pirate Blackbeard's ship has yielded some fascinating finds, from swords to cannons . Some of the "treasure," however, offers a look at a very different side of his crew's life. Researchers have discovered an array of medical artifacts on the ship, called the...

Archaeologists Plunder Blackbeard's Ship

Haul 5 cannons from wreckage, bringing total to 22

(Newser) - Avast, ye mateys! More bounty from famed pirate Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, has been plundered, with archaeologists hauling another five cannons from the wreckage off North Carolina's coast on Monday, reports Popular Science . "This is a red letter day. Five cannons is the most...

In Blackbeard's Wreckage, Proof of Terror

Cannons fired bags of nails, to maim people but leave ships intact

(Newser) - Blackbeard's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, now being explored by marine archeologists off the coast of North Carolina, is giving up more than just its treasures , it's also revealing the infamous pirate's terrifying tactics. And what researchers are finding are an ingenious array of improvised weapons, designed...

Archeologists Raise Blackbeard's Anchor
 Archeologists Raise 
 Blackbeard's Anchor 

Archeologists Raise Blackbeard's Anchor

Pirate's Queen Anne's Revenge giving up its secrets

(Newser) - Blackbeard's flagship is again reaching the surface, bit by bit. Archeologists today raised one of the anchors from the remains of the renowned pirate's Queen Anne's Revenge, which sank off the coast of North Carolina in 1718, reports AP . More lies below, including what's left of...

Blackbeard's Anchor to Be Raised From Atlantic

13-foot anchor to be pulled up from Queen Anne's Revenge shipwreck

(Newser) - An anchor from what's believed to be the wreck of the pirate Blackbeard's flagship may see daylight today for the first time in nearly 300 years if it can be raised from the ocean off the North Carolina coast . Archaeologists are hoping to recover an anchor from what'...

Archeologists Think They Have Blackbeard's Sword

Or at least part of it, from North Carolina shipwreck

(Newser) - Cool find from archeologists poking around Blackbeard's sunken ship off the coast of North Carolina: They've found a gilded hilt that may have belonged to the bad man himself, reports Time . There's no way to know for sure, of course, but it's ornamental and probably of French design, seemingly well-suited...

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