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Alabama Governor Resigns
Alabama Governor Resigns

Alabama Governor Resigns

Robert Bentley pleads guilty to campaign finance charges

(Newser) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has resigned after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges of violating state campaign finance law, the AP reports. The attorney general's office announced the resignation Monday with a plea deal. Bentley was addressing the media Monday afternoon at the Alabama Capitol. Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey...

Impeachment Hearings to Begin After Alabama Governor's Scandal

Robert Bentley had an affair with a top aide

(Newser) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley will face impeachment hearings beginning Monday after the state Supreme Court gave lawmakers the greenlight to move ahead with an effort to oust the governor, who is fighting to stay in office amid fallout from an affair with a top aide . The Alabama Supreme Court on...

America's 10 Least Popular Governors

Chris Christie makes the list but doesn't top it

(Newser) - Morning Consult has released its rankings of the country's most and least popular governors, and a certain one-time presidential hopeful from New Jersey is near the top of the disapproval column. Politico reports Chris Christie is the third most unpopular governor in the country with a 68% disapproval...

An Unlikely Sex Scandal, Revealed by His Wife's iPhone

'GQ' digs into the travails of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

(Newser) - Sex scandals are nothing new to politics, but GQ digs in to one more unusual than most that rocked Alabama politics earlier this year. It involves the state's grandfatherly 73-year-old governor, Robert Bentley, and his relationship with Rebekeh Mason, an aide 30 years his junior. Bentley remains in office,...

As Sex Scandal Deepens, Ala. Gov Insists He'll Stay

Aide involved in alleged affair steps down

(Newser) - A top political aide to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigned Wednesday—a week after he publicly admitted making inappropriate remarks to her but denied the two ever had an affair. The resignation of senior political adviser Rebekah Mason capped an explosive eight days in state politics that rocked the administration...

Trouble Deepens for Alabama Gov.
Trouble Deepens
for Alabama Gov.

Trouble Deepens for Alabama Gov.

He faces ethics probe over alleged affair

(Newser) - Alabama's state auditor says Gov. Robert Bentley "continues to disgrace the state," leaving him with no choice but to report his fellow Republican for suspected ethics violations stemming from an alleged affair with political adviser Rebekah Mason. After filing an ethics report Friday, auditor Jim Zeigler said...

Alabama Gov. Admits Sexual Remarks, But Not Affair

Scandal erupted after state's top cop was fired

(Newser) - Alabama's governor says he is "truly sorry" for a recording in which he makes sexual remarks to an aide—but there was never any "sexual activity." Robert Bentley held a press conference Wednesday amid allegations of a long-running affair with married aide Rebekah Mason, the New ...

2 States Say They Won't Accept Syrian Refugees
 16 States Say No 
 to Syrian Refugees 

16 States Say No to Syrian Refugees

Alabama, Michigan governors were the first to cite Paris attacks

(Newser) - The attacks in Paris have prompted the governors of several US states to declare that Syrian refugees aren't welcome. The governors of Alabama and Michigan each issued statements Sunday to that effect, reports the Washington Post . And on Monday, the governors of Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi,...

Alabama Capitol Ditches Its Confederate Flags

On orders of the governor

(Newser) - The latest blow to the Confederate flag : The battle flag displayed at the Alabama state Capitol was removed today, quietly, by two workers who took it down around 8:20am, reports. Though they wouldn't answer questions, Gov. Robert Bentley exited the building soon after and acknowledged he...

Ala. Gov to India: Sorry for Paralyzing Tourist

Officer Eric Parker pleads not guilty to assault

(Newser) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has apologized to the government of India for "the unfortunate use of excessive force" that left an Indian man partially paralyzed and in need of spinal surgery, reports. Officer Eric Parker allegedly slammed Sureshbhai Patel, 57, to the ground while he walked in...

Alabama About to Put Its Abortion Clinics in Jeopardy

New restrictions go to governor today

(Newser) - Alabama's state legislature has passed a bill placing tough new restrictions on abortion providers, and critics say it's intended to shut down the five clinics in the state, the New York Times reports. The bill is headed for Gov. Robert Bentley's desk today, and he's said...

Alabama Enacts Harshest Illegal Immigration Law Yet

Arizona, eat your heart out

(Newser) - Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law has nothing on the sweeping law Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed yesterday. HB 56 prevents illegal immigrants from going to college, applying for jobs, or renting apartments, the LA Times reports. It requires anyone registering to vote to pass a citizenship check. And, like...

Obama: ‘I've Never Seen Devastation Like This’

President tours tornado-ravaged Alabama

(Newser) - Barack Obama toured the tornado-ravaged town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, today, expressing amazement at the wreckage and promising help for those left rebuilding. "I've never seen devastation like this," the president said. "We're going to make sure you're not forgotten." Obama has declared a...

Alabama Gov: OK, You're All My Brothers!

Robert Bentley's really sorry if he offended non-Christians

(Newser) - Robert Bentley is quickly getting the hang of being a politician: Alabama's new governor stuck his foot in it in his first hour in office, and now he's rapidly mastering the art of apologizing. "If anyone from other religions felt disenfranchised by the language, I want to say I...

Alabama Gov: If You Aren't Saved, You Ain't My Brother

Robert Bentley causes controversy an hour into governorship

(Newser) - Alabama's newly sworn in Republican governor doesn't care if you're black or white, but if you haven't been saved, you're not his brother. "If we don't have the same daddy, we're not brothers and sisters. So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm...

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