Anthony Michael Carleo

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He Robbed a Vegas Casino for $1.5M. And Blew It All

'I got the dream'

(Newser) - "I felt like a big swinging dick," Tony Carleo says. "I just jacked this place and now I'm going to cash in everything I took." In 2010, a man in a motorcycle helmet robbed the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, making off with nearly $1....

Bellagio Robber Was... a Judge's Son?

Anthony Michael Carleo arrested after trying to sell stolen chips

(Newser) - Police have arrested the son of a Las Vegas judge in connection with December’s infamous $1.5 million Bellagio heist . Police arrested Anthony Michael Carleo, 29, late yesterday, after he reportedly tried to sell the chips he’d made off with in the robbery to undercover police officers, the...

2 Stories