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Pepsi Bringing Back Aspartame
 Pepsi Bringing Back Aspartame 

Pepsi Bringing Back Aspartame

Now you'll have your pick between aspartame and sucralose

(Newser) - PepsiCo is creating a new diet beverage for fans of aspartame less than a year after pulling the artificial sweetener as part of a marketing move over safety concerns. The sweetener had been linked to cancer in lab mice, and industry executives blamed the decline in sales on concerns people...

There's a Way to Get Aspartame in Your Diet Pepsi

PepsiCo will keep old recipe for fans while selling sucralose version in stores

(Newser) - PepsiCo announced in April it was dumping aspartame from its Diet Pepsi recipe, replacing it with sucralose, but the company now says it will keep the artificial sweetener for customers who prefer its taste—they'll just have to buy the drink online, the Wall Street Journal reports. In an...

Diet Pepsi Dropping Aspartame as Sweetener

Sales were slumping amid health worries

(Newser) - The FDA says apartame is safe, but Diet Pepsi is apparently tired of fighting the public perception that it's not. PepsiCo is dropping the artificial sweetener in Diet Pepsi and replacing it with another artificial sweetener—a blend of sucralose and ace-K, or acesulfame potassium, reports USA Today . The...

Diet Pepsi Changes Ingredients
 Diet Pepsi Changes Ingredients 

Diet Pepsi Changes Ingredients

It now features a mix of 2 artificial sweeteners

(Newser) - Diet Pepsi has quietly changed its sweetener. Previously, Diet Pepsi used only aspartame, which is sensitive to heat and breaks down more easily. But beginning this month, cans hitting shelves feature what PepsiCo says is a "very small amount" of a second artificial sweetener: acesulfame potassium. The ingredient will...

Diet Pepsi Changing Sweeteners

Taste won't change, but articificial 'ace-K' should improve shelf life

(Newser) - Diet Pepsi will feature a new formula as early as next year. The taste will remain the same, but the sweetener formula will be adjusted to prolong its shelf life, reports AP . The current sweetener, aspartame, loses its strength at a faster rate than the high-fructose corn syrup used in...

To Stay Slim, Try Nuts, Wine, Sleep
 To Stay Slim, Try 
 Nuts, Wine, Sleep 

To Stay Slim, Try Nuts, Wine, Sleep

New studies address weight issues

(Newser) - A wealth of findings offer some new tips to keep off the pounds. Looks like tree nuts, red wine, and plenty of sleep can all help you stay fit.
  • Researchers found that nut eaters weighed less and had a lower waist circumference and BMI than those who don't eat

To Honor Women, Pepsi Launches... Skinny Can?

Attention, ladies, writes Jim Edwards: Tall and skinny equals stylish!

(Newser) - It's Fashion Week in New York, and Pepsi is debuting a new design of its own: a skinny can. Sounds harmless enough, until you read the press release accompanying the slender product. "In celebration of beautiful, confident women, Diet Pepsi presents the taller, sassier new Skinny Can…" Ouch....

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