New Zealand earthquake

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New Zealand's Islands Are Moving
Islands 'Creeping'
Closer Together

Islands 'Creeping' Closer Together

New Zealand islands still unsettled after 2016 earthquake

(Newser) - New Zealanders are coming together this holiday season in more ways than one. A magnitude-7.8 earthquake that struck two years ago initially brought the country's North and South Islands about 16 feet closer together, and the land masses have continued to close the gap. Scientists say the distance...

Warships Come to Rescue of NZ Town Cut Off by Quake

Trump called PM to pass on sympathies

(Newser) - New Zealand military leaders say they have almost completed the evacuation of more than 700 tourists and residents from a small coastal town, two days after a powerful earthquake cut off train and vehicle access. The magnitude 7.8 quake left two people dead, triggered a small tsunami, and brought...

Cows Stranded by Quake Rescued
Cows Stranded
by Quake Rescued

Cows Stranded by Quake Rescued

NZ farmer had to dig a track to them

(Newser) - Three New Zealand cows whose predicament captured the interest people around the world after they became stranded on a small island of grass following a powerful earthquake have been rescued, the AP reports. The two cows and a calf were rescued after a farmer and some helpers dug a track...

Crazy Quake Aftermath: 3 Stranded Cows

They're stuck in New Zealand

(Newser) - It's one of the strangest post-earthquake images you'll see: three cows stranded on a small patch of grass after the earth all around them has fallen away. The scene is out of New Zealand, where a 7.8 magnitude quake has left at least two people dead and...

NZ Plans to Rescue 1K Tourists Stranded by Quake

At least 2 dead after 7.8 quake

(Newser) - New Zealand is planning to send in military helicopters and a navy ship to rescue about 1,000 tourists and hundreds of residents who remain stranded in the coastal town of Kaikoura after a powerful earthquake on Monday cut off train and vehicle access. The magnitude-7.8 quake struck the...

NZ Quake 'Just Kept Going and Going;' Tsunami Strikes

Wasn't as violent as 2011 quake, but lasted at least 3 minutes

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake struck New Zealand's South Island early Monday, shaking awake residents, damaging buildings, and prompting emergency services to warn people along the coast to move to higher ground to avoid tsunami waves. The magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck in a mostly rural area close to Christchurch, reports the...

7.8 Quake Hits New Zealand; Tsunami Warning Issued

People belatedly advised to move to higher ground

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake has struck New Zealand near the city of Christchurch, with strong jolts felt over 120 miles away in the capital, Wellington. There were no immediate reports of major damage or injuries, reports the AP . The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center at first reported that there was no risk...

New Zealand Quakes Made Earth's Crust Weaker

Geologists find weakening for 3 miles around crust

(Newser) - How nasty were the deadly quakes that hit New Zealand one after another in 2010 and 2011? So bad that they appear to have seriously weakened the Earth's crust, scientists reveal in a new study. Geologists had previously believed that the strength of the Earth's crust was more...

Shoddy Design Blamed for NZ Quake Deaths

 1 Shoddy Building 
 Killed 115 in 
 NZ Quake 

1 Shoddy Building Killed 115 in NZ Quake

Two-thirds of deaths were in building that should never have gone up: report

(Newser) - Almost two-thirds of the deaths in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake happened in a building that should never have been approved, according to a New Zealand government-ordered report. The collapse of the CTV building killed 115 of the quake's 185 victims, and the report found that the engineer who designed...

Yet Another Quake Hits Christchurch

4.7-magnitude quake rattles NZ city

(Newser) - One of the stronger of the thousands of earthquakes and aftershocks to hit Christchurch since last year's devastating 6.1 quake struck the New Zealand city today. No reports of serious injuries or damage were received after the 4.7 quake, reports the New Zealand Herald . Authorities closed the...

New Zealand Building $4.1M Cathedral ... From Cardboard

Will be 82-feet high and seat 700

(Newser) - A cathedral made from cardboard. The idea may sound flimsy, but in the earthquake -devastated city of Christchurch, Anglican leaders believe it will deliver both a temporary solution and a statement about the city's recovery. Albeit a pricey one: The plans call for an 82-foot high cathedral constructed with...

With Marmite Dwindling, New Zealand Freaks Out

It's Marmageddon! Earthquake shut down production of gooey black spread

(Newser) - It's a time of unprecedented national crisis in New Zealand, where supplies of Marmite—the black, nationally cherished goo—are running dangerously short. Dubbed "Marmageddon," the shortage is hitting even the highest reaches of government, with PM John Key noting that he has but a "very...

Strong Quakes Rock Christchurch

Only minor injuries, damage reported

(Newser) - A series of strong earthquakes shook Christchurch, New Zealand, today, 10 months after a major quake killed 182 people and destroyed much of the downtown. A 5.8 quake was followed by a 5.3 quake minutes later, and a 6.0 quake an hour after that, along with many...

Honeymooning Couple Survives 6 Natural Disasters
Honeymooning Couple Survives 6 Natural Disasters
in case you missed it

Honeymooning Couple Survives 6 Natural Disasters

Stefan, Erika Svanstrom make it through snow, cyclone, flood, fire, quakes

(Newser) - When Stefan and Erika Svanstrom of Stockholm set out on a four-month-long honeymoon in December, they probably weren't expecting to immediately get stranded in Munich during one of Europe's worst snowstorms. They almost certainly weren't expecting to then survive a cyclone in Cairns, Australia. And it's safe to say they...

Big Quakes Trigger Small Ones—Not Other Big Ones
Big Quakes Trigger Small Ones—Not Other Big Ones
study says

Big Quakes Trigger Small Ones—Not Other Big Ones

So rest easy, California, your risk is no higher than normal

(Newser) - Over the past 15 months, large earthquakes have struck China , Haiti , Chile , New Zealand , Japan , and Burma . But those quakes weren't connected, and they won't trigger any other big ones, seismologists say. A new study shows that, even when they seem linked, large and distant quakes likely aren't—and while...

Japan Earthquake: California's the Next Big One

 Earthquake Prediction: 
 California Is Next 


Earthquake Prediction: California Is Next

And hit to San Andreas or Cascadia faults could be even 'scarier'

(Newser) - Is what happened in Japan set to repeat itself in California? Author Simon Winchester thinks so. In an article for Newsweek that’s turning some heads , Winchester notes that though scientists aren’t sure why, major earthquakes have a tendency to happen in clusters, with a quake on one side...

Guy Auctions Rock That Crushed House

'Rocky' being sold to benefit earthquake fund

(Newser) - A New Zealand man whose home was destroyed in the Christchurch earthquake is auctioning off the 25-ton boulder responsible. Phil Johnson put "Rocky," which bounced down a hill and crashed into his house, up for sale on an auction site as a landscape feature that will "enhance...

One in 3 Buildings Face Demolition After NZ Quake

Hundreds of suburban homes might come down as well

(Newser) - Just how powerful was that earthquake in New Zealand? One structural engineer assessing the damage estimates that one in three buildings in the city center of Christchurch might have to come down, reports BBC . In addition, hundreds of suburban homes look to be doomed as well. Damage from the 6....

Quake Survivor Marries Fiance—Who Rescued Her

New Zealand couple marries 3 days after her ordeal

(Newser) - Emma Howard married Chris Greenslade today. What's so special about this wedding? Three days ago, the bride didn't know whether she would live to see it. Howard was at work when her building collapsed after the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Buried under the rubble, she sent a text message...

New Zealand Quake Has Sober Message for California

Even modern safety codes can't stand up to a powerful tremor

(Newser) - Look out, California. Some of the buildings brought down by this week's earthquake in New Zealand were relatively modern, reinforcing the notion that a big quake with the right characteristics can wreak havoc even where safety codes are up to snuff, reports the Los Angeles Times. "We still have...

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