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I Left Porn So People Would Like Me. I Regret It
I Left Porn So People
Would Like Me. I Regret It

I Left Porn So People Would Like Me. I Regret It

Bree Olson writes of trying to have a real life

(Newser) - Bree Olson worked in the porn industry from age 19 to 25, then left to pursue more mainstream pursuits. It's been a painful bust. "People look at me as if I am the same as a sex offender," she writes at the Daily Dot . "They...

Charlie Sheen Says Porn Star Ex Is Lying

But other women are planning lawsuits

(Newser) - Bree Olson says Charlie Sheen exposed her to HIV without telling her , but according to sources close to Sheen, he says she's lying. Those sources tell TMZ that Sheen wasn't diagnosed with HIV until he returned from his " Violent Torpedo of Truth " tour in May 2011,...

Sheen's Porn Star Ex: He Didn't Tell All Sex Partners About His HIV

Bree Olson says she was in the dark

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen claims he told all his sexual partners about his HIV status, but Bree Olson—one of the actor's porn star "goddess" galpals during his 2011 meltdown—says that's not true. On Howard Stern's radio show Tuesday morning, an absolutely livid Olson said she was...

Sheen's 'Goddess' Kisses, Tells in Playboy

What kind of lover is off-the-rails actor? Bree Olson explains

(Newser) - If you're seeking dirt on Charlie Sheen you're not going to get it—yet—from the sex "goddess" who dumped him. Porn star and now Playboy cover girl Bree Olson may have shared a bed with Sheen, but she only has good things to say about the...

Charlie Sheen Hits 1M Twitter Followers in Record Time
 Sheen Sets Guinness Record 

Sheen Sets Guinness Record

Sheen snags one million followers in record time

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen is having some well-publicized troubles in the real world, but on Twitter, things couldn't be going better for him. The actor joined the microblogging site on Tuesday and by yesterday the Guinness Book of Records hailed him as the fastest person ever to gain a million followers, the...

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