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He Turned In a Knife to the Principal—and Was Suspended

Dad says Thomas Ross was punished 'for doing the right thing'

(Newser) - A 13-year-old boy was suspended from his Pennsylvania school after discovering a knife in his pocket and immediately telling the principal. Thomas Ross Jr. had used the pocket knife to help his father open a cardboard box on Sunday before putting it in the pocket of his shorts, reports WTAE...

'Happy Crack' Lands School Kids in Hot Water
Elementary School Kids
Suspended Over Kool-Aid

Elementary School Kids Suspended Over Kool-Aid

'Happy crack' got them in hot water

(Newser) - Nine elementary school kids in South Carolina have been suspended for violating a school drug policy because they were caught with so-called "happy crack," a mixture of Kool-Aid and sugar that is not actually illicit but, simply by resembling an illicit substance, violates school policy. WYFF4 reports that...

Kindergartener Suspended for Packing Bubble Gun

'Could we have a warning?' asks mom

(Newser) - A 5-year-old in Colorado is in hot water for bringing a gun to school. A toy bubble gun. The girl's mother—Emma, no last name given—tells Fox 31 that she didn't know her daughter had stashed the plastic toy in her backpack. She says she was shocked...

22 Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flag

Christiansburg High School says flag violated dress code

(Newser) - At least 22 students were handed suspensions at Virginia's Christiansburg High School today for violating the dress code—but this was no case of exposed shoulders or short skirts. The students arrived at school wearing the Confederate flag on their clothes and refused to change to comply with school...

College Suspends Rugby Team for Necrophilia Song

UMW team also ordered to take classes on sexual assault for party chant

(Newser) - The University of Mary Washington's entire rugby team has been suspended after video surfaced of several of its members singing an obscenity-laced chant describing the sexual assault of a prostitute's corpse. The song was recorded by a student at an off-campus party, per Jezebel ; the student posted the...

Magic Hobbit Ring Leads to 9-Year-Old's Suspension

Texas boy said he could make friend disappear

(Newser) - Did a Texas school go a little too far over a boy's magical threat? Kermit Elementary School suspended 9-year-old Aiden Steward for making "terroristic threats" when, soon after seeing The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, he told a classmate last week that he could make him...

Boy Suspended for Pointing Finger Like Gun
Boy Suspended for
Pointing Finger Like Gun

Boy Suspended for Pointing Finger Like Gun

Nathan Entingh used a 'level 2 lookalike firearm'

(Newser) - America's kids have been suspended for pretending that pencils were guns, but an Ohio school may have topped that. A 10-year-old student at a Columbus elementary school was handed a three-day suspension for making a finger gun and pretending to shoot a classmate. The suspension letter more formally referred...

Kiss Gets Colorado 6-Year-Old Suspended
Kiss Gets Colorado
6-Year-Old Suspended

Kiss Gets Colorado 6-Year-Old Suspended

Hunter Yelton says he has crush on girl he kissed, who likes him back

(Newser) - A 6-year-old boy has been suspended for two days from a Colorado school for kissing a girl on the cheek and hand—with his actions being labeled "sexual harassment" by Canon City school officials. Further, they want it added to Hunter Yelton's school record, reports the AP . Hunter...

Boys, 7, Suspended for Pretending Pencils Are Guns

School says it's not okay with even play violence

(Newser) - What's the dumbest thing you ever got in trouble for in school? Because two Virginia second-graders probably have you beat. The two 7-year-olds were suspended for two days for pretending their pencils were guns in a game of make-believe, CBS DC reports. "When I asked him about it,...

Girl Suspended for Bringing Butter Knife to School

She was using it to (gasp) cut a pear

(Newser) - A Massachusetts middle school vice principal suspended a student Wednesday for the grave offense of bringing a knife to school—a butter knife. "I said, 'I was using it to cut my pear, I wasn't harming any other student," Morgan LaPlaume tells Fox 25 . "He...

Girl, 5, Suspended in Hello Kitty Threat

Told friend she'd shoot bubble gun: lawyer

(Newser) - Hello Kitty may be actually terrifying to some of us, but a 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl has been dubbed a "terrorist threat" and suspended from school over a Hello Kitty bubble shooter, the New York Daily News reports. The girl was waiting for the school bus when she told a...

Teacher Asked Students to Pen Suicide Notes

Unsurprisingly, she has since been suspended

(Newser) - A French teacher is in hot water after giving her teenage students a twisted assignment: write a suicide note. She set quite the detailed scene for her 13- and 14-year-old students, framing the assignment, in part, as such:
  • "You have just turned 18. You have decided to end your

6-Year-Old Suspended for Quoting LMFAO Song
6-Year-Old Suspended for Quoting LMFAO Song

6-Year-Old Suspended for Quoting LMFAO Song

School calls it sexual harassment

(Newser) - It's a line that has likely helped earn LMFAO piles of cash ... but all it got a 6-year-old Colorado boy is a three-day suspension for sexual harassment. First-grader D'Avonte Meadows apparently voiced the line "I'm sexy and I know it" to a female student while in...

Students Suspended for Tebowing

Administrators say QB impersonators were clogging the hallways

(Newser) - Two students were suspended this week for Tebowing in the hallway of their Long Island high school. The kids were imitating Broncos QB Tim Tebow's touchdown ritual of dropping to one knee in prayer, a pose that has become a nationwide fad. Despite what a few senders of hate...

Boy Suspended After Calling Teacher 'Cute'

9-year-old made comment to fellow student

(Newser) - A North Carolina school has suspended a 9-year-old boy for calling his teacher cute—and not even to her face, WSOC-TV reports. Chiquita Lockett says her boy Emanyea made the comment to a fellow student about a substitute teacher. "It's not like he went up to the woman...

Ohio Mom: School Punished My Child for Witnessing Sex

14-year-old banned from dance for not turning in two fornicating classmates

(Newser) - A Dayton, Ohio, mother says a charter school is punishing her daughter for not immediately reporting that she saw two classmates having sex on a school bus and for changing her seat during the bus trip, reports the AP . Saundra Roundtree's 14-year-old daughter changed seats with a boy who...

31 Teens Suspended After Pranking Rival Schools

Said acts, done in the name of the annual scavenger hunt, involved poop

(Newser) - Pioneer High School's annual scavenger hunt sounded like good, clean fun. Emphasis "sounded like." reports that 31 of the 250 students who participated in the hunt have been suspended for committing such offenses as defecating on the athletic fields of two rival Ann Arbor high...

Middle-Schoolers Suspended for Oregano Possession

A 'travesty of justice,' argues one dad

(Newser) - Four Virginia middle-school boys have been suspended for passing around a plastic bag of oregano that looked like marijuana. "Maybe it was pizza day," chortled Gawker. The school called it an "imitation controlled substance," which is prohibited. But one of the boys' dads, the appropriately named...

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