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Darryl Strawberry Says He Used to Have Sex Between Innings

'It was a pretty crazy lifestyle'

(Newser) - “Yeah, it was pretty crazy,” the New York Post quotes Darryl Strawberry as telling Dr. Oz on Thursday. “It was a pretty crazy lifestyle.” No kidding. While discussing his sex addiction, the former baseball player says he used to have sex with women in the...

Weiner Spotted Riding Horse at Sex Rehab Ranch

He's been keeping a low profile lately

(Newser) - Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has kept a low profile since his laptop became part of the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server, was spotted on Friday riding a horse at a Tennessee rehab facility that offers equine therapy for sex addiction. The New York ...

Compulsive Sex, Gambling Tied to Parkinson's Drugs

Researchers say dopamine agonists should get black-box warnings

(Newser) - Parkinson's drugs are known for a range of side effects, including hallucinations, psychosis, and extreme drowsiness. But researchers say there's also a clear link between the use of some of these drugs and impulse control issues that result in hypersexuality, compulsive gambling, and uncontrollable spending, reports LiveScience . Looking...

Sex Addiction Is Just a Myth, Study Suggests

Researchers study brain reactions for the first time

(Newser) - The term "sex addiction" might get tossed around a lot these days as a way to explain some not-so-classy behavior of the Anthony Weiner-Tiger Woods variety, but is it really an addiction on par with drugs or alcohol? The first study to explore brain responses in people who describe...

Tiger Woods: I Must 'Feel Something' for Women
 Tiger Woods: I Must 
 'Feel Something' for Women 
'The Big Miss'

Tiger Woods: I Must 'Feel Something' for Women

Hank Haney's book depicts golfer as a cheap, rude, porn-loving egomaniac

(Newser) - So just what did Tiger Woods learn from sex therapy? “There are some girls who are going to be after me even more now, especially the wild ones,” Woods apparently told his old swing coach, Hank Haney. "But what I learned is that for the rest of...

Inside the Sex Addiction Crisis

The epidemic afflicts millions of Americans

(Newser) - With the Tiger Woods scandal officially behind us, the Daily Beast looks into our nation's sex addiction epidemic—which now afflicts more than 9 million people and employs some 1,500 sex therapists. “Where it used to be 40- to 50-year-old men seeking treatment, now there are more...

It's Time for 'Celebrity Rehab' to Go Away: Dr. Drew Pinsky 'Is Not Helping Anyone'
 It's Time for 
 Celeb Rehab 
 to Go Away 

It's Time for Celeb Rehab to Go Away

Dr. Drew Pinsky 'is not helping anyone'

(Newser) - With the death of Mike Starr, a former Celebrity Rehab participant, the time has come to talk about why the show needs to be shut down. No, not because of Starr’s death—“If every recovery center had to close down after a former patient relapsed and died, we'd...

Dad Sues Drug Firm for Sex Addiction

Drug packaging warns of possible hypersexuality, gambling problems

(Newser) - A French man is suing a drug firm for his addiction to sex and gambling, claiming a medication he was taking to control his Parkinson's disease triggered compulsive behavior. The claim isn't so far fetched. Experts say that dopamine agonists like that found in the drug Requip, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline,...

Mother Sues Tyra Banks Over Daughter's Appearance

Girl, 15, went on sex addict show

(Newser) - Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be ... 15-year-old girls who go on Tyra Banks' show to proclaim before the world that they're sex addicts. A Georgia woman is suing Banks for $3 million, claiming her daughter made the appearance without her permission and that the show last year...

Wii Turns Woman Into Sex Addict

 Wii Turns 
 Woman Into 
 Sex Addict 
news of the weird

Wii Turns Woman Into Sex Addict

24-year-old needs a 'superstud' who can go 10 rounds a day

(Newser) - The Nintendo Wii: You can exercise with it, play Mario Kart with it…get turned on by it? Apparently so, says one woman who turned into a nympho after a fall from the Wii balance board damaged a nerve, causing persistent sexual arousal syndrome. Amanda Flowers, who now requires 10...

Enquirer: Tiger Hooked on Drugs, Too
 Tiger Hooked 
 on Drugs, Too 

also, gatorade cuts ties

Enquirer: Tiger Hooked on Drugs, Too

Woods returned to rehab for substance abuse, not sex addiction: tab

(Newser) - Tiger Woods isn't just a great golfer and a sex addict—he's a drug addict, too, according to the National Enquirer . Woods "blamed a lot of his cheating behavior on his drug addiction, saying that the drugs were responsible for impairing his judgment," but wife Elin Nordegren isn't...

Move Over, Tiger: Every Man's a Sex Addict
Move Over, Tiger: Every Man's a Sex Addict

Move Over, Tiger: Every Man's a Sex Addict

Having a male libido isn't a medical condition, psychiatrist writes

(Newser) - Sex addiction is just another term for a condition that affects all men at some point in their lives, and it shouldn't be treated like a medical condition, writes Dr. T. Byram Karasu. Unlike addiction to cigarettes or cocaine, "sex addiction" is a result of the biological urge to...

Brooke Hundley: Steve Phillips Is No Sex Addict
 Brooke Hundley: 
 Steve Phillips Is 
 No Sex Addict 
they're baaaack

Brooke Hundley: Steve Phillips Is No Sex Addict

Galpal claims it's really all about ex-ESPN analyst's ego

(Newser) - Just as scandalized former ESPN analyst Steve Phillips is coming out of the woodwork to talk about his sex addiction, ex-galpal Brooke Hundley is claiming the whole thing is bogus. "The only thing he's ever been addicted to is feeding his own ego," she writes on Facebook. "...

Woods Enters Arizona Rehab
 Woods Enters Arizona Rehab 

Woods Enters Arizona Rehab

Golfer may be seeking help for sex addiction

(Newser) - Tiger Woods has entered rehab—possibly for sex addiction—at a cushy Arizona facility, pushed by an entourage desperate for him to start repairing his badly damaged image. “He has been there for a few days since his handlers forced him to enter the program,” a source tells...

Sex Addiction: A Dubious Diagnosis
Sex Addiction:
A Dubious Diagnosis

Sex Addiction: A Dubious Diagnosis

The go-to excuse for adulterers is little more than pop psychology

(Newser) - It’s spawned a VH1 reality show, and it’s a great excuse for philanderers everywhere, but is sex addiction even real? Tracy Clark-Flory of Salon wasn’t convinced, so she consulted a variety of experts on the subject—many of whom aren't buying. One sex therapist calls it “...

Dr. Drew Is Clueless About Sex Addiction

And he's a narcissist to boot, says participant on 'Sex Rehab'

(Newser) - The current season of VH1's Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew wraps up this weekend, and at least one participant is glad to be rid of his association with the good doctor. "It was immediately apparent that while Drew may be an astounding drug and alcohol specialist, he knows very...

Rehab: How Celebs Say Sorry
 Rehab: How Celebs Say Sorry 

Rehab: How Celebs Say Sorry

Bonus: No need for actual apology

(Newser) - Lately, when celebs want to show contrition, they turn to rehab. Whether counseling for alcohol and drugs (take your pick) to sex addiction (Steve Phillips) to homophobia (Isaiah Washington) to domestic abuse (Chris Brown), stars see a rehab trip taking the place of a public confession. “It really is...

Sex Rehab for Steve Phillips? Oh, Please!
 Sex Rehab for 
 Steve Phillips? Oh, Please! 

Sex Rehab for Steve Phillips? Oh, Please!

Axed ESPN analyst is just the latest to use 'sex addict' as an excuse

(Newser) - Steve Phillips and his fellow celebrity sex addicts prove "all that's required to claim that a man's transgression is really a disease over which he is powerless is a large bank account, a small degree of fame, a clueless wife. And a straight face," writes Andrea Peyser in...

Crowds Flock to Church's 'Porn Talk'

Former sex film producer among the speakers at Christian anti-porn forum

(Newser) - Over a thousand people are descending on an Atlanta-area church this weekend for 3 days of talks on pornography, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The "Porn Talk" event, one of many put on by anti-porn Christian group, seeks to address the harm pornography is doing to children, families,...

Duchovny Marriage Finished
 Duchovny Marriage Finished 

Duchovny Marriage Finished

Couple separated months ago; Billy BobThornton linked to split

(Newser) - Actors David Duchovny and Téa Leoni have separated after 11 years of marriage, People reports. Duchovny, who recently completed sex addiction rehab, and the Ghost Town star split months ago—but had been keeping it quiet for the sake of their children, according to the couple's statement. The split...

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