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'Kill Team' Soldier Gets 5 Years
 'Kill Team' Soldier Gets 5 Years 

'Kill Team' Soldier Gets 5 Years

David Bram guilty on 7 of 9 charges related to murder, assault of civilians

(Newser) - A US Army sergeant was sentenced to five years in jail on Friday for his role in the infamous "Kill Team" of soldiers, who committed war crimes while serving in Afghanistan, reports the New York Daily News . David Bram, the eleventh soldier convicted of crimes related to the Kill...

'Thrill Kill' Soldier Calvin Gibbs Guilty
 'Thrill Kill' Ringleader Guilty 

'Thrill Kill' Ringleader Guilty

Soldier Calvin Gibbs led gang that killed Afghan civilians for fun

(Newser) - Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs "had a charisma, a 'follow me' personality," a prosecutor told a military court this week. "But it was all a bunch of crap. He had his own mission: murder and depravity." Gibbs, leader of a "thrill kill" gang of US...

Inside the Afghan Kill Team's Four-Month Killing Spree
Inside the Afghan Kill Team's Four-Month Killing Spree
rolling stone

Inside the Afghan Kill Team's Four-Month Killing Spree

Officers long ignored suspicious signs, writes Mark Boal for 'Rolling Stone'

(Newser) - How did the US Army's self-proclaimed " kill team " get away with murdering unarmed Afghan civilians for so long, with little to no intervention by officers? That's the question Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal addresses in a lengthy Rolling Stone article on the murders and the cover-ups, in which...

Soldier Who Killed Afghans for Sport Gets 24 Years

Jeremy Morlock pleads guilty to 'Kill Team' murders

(Newser) - A soldier who confessed to killing unarmed Afghan civilians for sport has been sentenced to 24 years after entering a guilty plea. Jeremy Morlock, of Wasilla, Alaska, has agreed to testify against four other soldiers involved in the case that's being called the Afghan Abu Ghraib , reports the New York ...

US Steels for Fallout From 'Afghan Abu Ghraib'

Publication of 'repugnant' body photos are bound to infuriate community

(Newser) - US officials are bracing for protests in Afghanistan in the wake of the publication of gruesome photos taken by a renegade "Kill Team" of American soldiers posing with a civilian corpse. Twelve members of the group face court martial charges linked to civilian murders. Three of some 4,000...

Der Spiegel Runs Photos of Soldiers With Dead Afghan

Photos reportedly show soldiers posting with corpse of Gul Mudin

(Newser) - This can't be good: Der Spiegel has published photographs that depict two US soldiers posing with the body of an Afghan man just after he was killed last year. In one photo published in a print edition of the magazine that will be distributed tomorrow, Cpl. Jeremy Morlock grins as...

GI Afghan 'Death Squad' Probe Now Targets Leaders

Leadership of 5th Stryker Brigade allegedly did nothing to stop killings

(Newser) - With at least 5 US soldiers accused of forming a "kill team" that murdered Afghanistan civilians, the US military is now investigating the brigade's leadership, reports the Guardian . A brigadier general is conducting a "top to bottom" review of the army's 5th Stryker Combat Brigade after evidence emerged...

Rogue Soldiers Had Little Supervision in Afghanistan

Superiors ignored warning signs

(Newser) - As the legal case proceeds against US soldiers accused of murdering Afghan civilians for kicks, it's beginning to become clear they had little supervision at their remote outpost, the New York Times reports. Interviews and legal documents paint a picture of rampant drug use in the 30-man platoon, and of...

'Crazy' Sergeant Urged US Troops to 'Kill for Sport'

Army ignored warning about death squad team leader, say soldier's parents

(Newser) - Soldiers charged with murdering Afghan civilians for kicks are blaming a "crazy" sergeant that the parents of one said they warned the Army about. In a chilling videotaped interrogation, Corporal Jeremy Morlock recounts being ordered to kill civilians during heroin-, opium-, and hash-fueled raids. At one point, Sergeant Calvin...

US Soldiers in Afghanistan Took Home 'Finger Trophies'

'Kill team' murdered Afghan civilians for sport, say investigators

(Newser) - A secret "kill team" of US soldiers in Afghanistan murdered civilians for sport and kept their fingers as trophies, according to Army investigators. Prosecutors have charged members of an American infantry brigade with some of the most serious war crimes to surface in the Afghanistan war. Five of the...

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