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Now in 2 States, a 'No-Excuse Option' for Dems Voting in Caucuses

DNC mandate in Iowa, Nevada aims to boost voter participation by allowing for phone voting

(Newser) - Democrats in the early presidential contest states of Iowa and Nevada will be able to cast their votes over the telephone instead of showing up at their states' traditional neighborhood caucus meetings next February, per plans unveiled by the state parties. The tele-caucus systems, the result of a mandate from... More »

Sanders Gives Clinton a 'Nightmare' Scenario in NH

Sanders leads by 27 points among likely Democrats in NH

(Newser) - Things have gone "from bad to nightmare" for Hillary Clinton thanks to a new CNN/WMUR poll out of New Hampshire, per the Washington Post . The poll—which quizzed 927 of the state's likely Democrats from Jan. 13 to 18—shows Bernie Sanders has expanded a solid lead in... More »

Cinco de Mayo Ad Slaps McCain

McCain, Norton blasted to engage '08 Dem voters

(Newser) - A snarky new radio ad that skewers John McCain for supporting the Arizona immigration law hits the airwaves in Tucson today as part of a campaign to reengage Democratic voters. In the ad, which targets University of Arizona students, Arizona state troopers bust a Cinco de Mayo frat party. "... More »

Dems' Enthusiasm High, but Republicans' Higher

(Newser) - New polling shows record enthusiasm for the midterm elections, particularly among Republican voters. Among Democrats, 57% are “more enthusiastic than usual” about November, the highest percentage Gallup has ever recorded for them in a midterm. The problem? Republicans stand at a whopping 69%. This is obviously not great news... More »

Democrats Lead the Way in Voter Registration

Obama's 2008 effort gives party an edge in 2010 Senate races

(Newser) - Senate Democrats have a silver lining heading into the 2010 election: their party’s made huge gains in voter registration. The last time this crop of senators was on the ballot was 2004, when George W. Bush’s field operation, then the most sophisticated ever, was registering hordes of Republicans.... More »

Franken Is 'Likely to Win' Recount: Expert

Badly filled-out ballots could spell victory in Minnesota Senate race

(Newser) - Bumbling Democratic voters in Minnesota are likely to hand Al Franken a win, a political scientist tells the Huffington Post. The professor estimates that as many as 10,000 voters voided their ballots by circling a name or marking an X instead of filling in a circle. But Minnesota considers... More »

Dems Win Registration Wars

New swing-state voters look like Obama backers; independents add numbers, too

(Newser) - With voter registration closing in many states today, it appears Barack Obama has largely succeeded in his attempt to make over the electorate, the Washington Post reports. Some 4 million new voters have registered across a dozen battleground states, with new Democrats greatly outnumbering new Republicans. In Florida, Obama has... More »

Housing Bill Funds Democratic Ally

Group sets out to register the poor

(Newser) - Nestled in the housing bill President Bush signed yesterday is an acronym Republicans don’t like one bit: ACORN. The Wall Street Journal reports that the group is among the many housing-related nonprofits the bill hands cash to, but Republicans grumble that it does more than housing. It’s also... More »

Poll Highlights Obama's Race Dilemma

Many white Democrats would rather vote for McCain

(Newser) - Barack Obama will need to defeat not only John McCain but prejudice within his own party if he is to win the presidency, a Newsweek poll finds. Pollsters divided respondents into two categories, based on answers to questions on race-related topics. Among white Democrats who scored low on the poll's... More »

Edwards' Endorsement Is No Game-Changer

Move was inevitable, says Newsweek analyst

(Newser) - John Edwards’ endorsement of Barack Obama may “hammer another nail into Clinton’s subterranean coffin,” but it won’t do much to sway primary voters, Andrew Romano writes in Newsweek. Had Edwards taken a pro-Obama stand a few months ago, it might have helped the senator with blue-collar... More »

Hispanic Dems Could Make GOP Nervous in Fla.

Sunshine State might not be such a sure bet for McCain in Nov.

(Newser) - Registered Democrats will take a lead among a crucial demographic for the first time this week: Hispanic Floridians. The GOP has lost ground in its traditional stronghold for the last 2 years, and its slide might give the Democrats a shot at the critical state and its 27 electoral votes... More »

Clinton to Dems: Back Obama If He Wins

Not John McCain, Hillary pleads

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is strongly urging her supporters to back Barack Obama if he wins the Democratic nomination. Polls have demonstrated that many Clinton and Obama supporters have become so firmly entrenched that they'd prefer to vote for John McCain over a Democratic rival. That would be "the height of... More »

Consider Pulling Plug, NM Gov. Tells Hillary

Richardson insists he is loyal, but Carville compares him to Judas

(Newser) - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson advised Hillary Clinton today to consider quitting if she trails Barack Obama at convention time, Bloomberg reports. But Richardson, who has endorsed Obama, insists his heart is still with Hillary, CNN reports. “I’m very loyal to the Clintons,” said Bill Clinton’s... More »

Hillary Wins in Texas, Ohio Built on Loyal Base

Women, Hispanics, seniors, working class & white men hand Hillary the edge

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton pulled off victories in both Texas and Ohio largely by wooing back her Democratic base, according to Politico. Exit polls show that Hispanics and white women favored Clinton, while blacks favored Obama by a huge margin, and white men were split—similar to Super Tuesday. But white men... More »

Cracks Begin to Show in Clinton's RI Stronghold

'There must be something I'm missing,' one backer says

(Newser) - Rhode Island, where Hillary Clinton enjoys a long-established support base, may not end up being the decisive (though tiny) landslide the senator has expected. Loyal Clinton backers seem to be wavering in the wake of Barack Obama's 11 straight victories, the Washington Post reports. "There must be something I'm... More »

Obama Surges in National Poll

He opens 16-point lead, seen as having best shot against McCain

(Newser) - Barack Obama has opened up a lead of 16 points over Hillary Clinton among voters nationwide and is seen as the candidate with the best chance to beat John McCain, according to a new poll from CBS and the New York Times. Obama had a lead of 54% to 38%... More »

Clinton's Numbers Spell Trouble

Hillary's Florida win bares problematic voting patterns, say the Nation

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton took half the Democratic vote in Florida's primary but the numbers should still give her as much to worry about as to celebrate, writes the Nation. She took only a quarter of the black vote and came behind John Edwards in some rural counties—an ominous sign ahead... More »

SC Expects Record Turnout

Intense race may make Dems more competitive in general election here

(Newser) - Democratic officials are expecting record voter turnout for today’s South Carolina primary because of sunny skies and appealing candidates, the State says. But make no mistake: Dems don’t expect to win the Palmetto State come November. No Democrat has won a Southern state since Bill Clinton in 1996,... More »

Voters Sweat Economy, Slam Bush: Exit Polls

Voters share concerns about Bush, markets

(Newser) - New Hampshire exit polls picked the brains of yesterday’s voters, finding not only that women helped Hillary Clinton and independents boosted John McCain, but also that the economy was foremost in most voters’ minds—and Republicans weren’t giving Bush backers a free pass. While two-thirds of Granite State... More »

Did Hillary's Tears Win the Race?

Softer, emotionally accessible Clinton may have won over voters

(Newser) - Did Hillary Clinton's emotional waterworks help her win New Hampshire? Some columnists think so. The image of the often-steely Clinton getting teary-eyed in a coffee shop Monday—splashed on newspapers and replayed obsessively on television yesterday—may have been enough to soften her image, especially with female voters, a critical... More »

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