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Three Cups of Tea Co-Author Was Hurt by Book Scandal

David Oliver Relin committed suicide

(Newser) - Looks like David Oliver Relin's grief over Three Cups of Tea may have led to his suicide. Relin, who co-authored the book, was suffering from depression and experienced financial and emotional strain over allegations that the book contained lies, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Relin didn't deny the...

3 Cups of Tea Co-Author Commits Suicide

David Oliver Relin wrote controversial book with Greg Mortenson

(Newser) - David Oliver Relin, the co-author of the best selling book Three Cups of Tea, committed suicide in Oregon on Nov. 14, authorities said last night. He was 49. The deputy county medical examiner says Relin died of blunt force head injury, but declined to provide any other details. Relin was...

Three Cups of Tea Author Must Repay $1M to Charity

But Greg Mortenson will remain its public face

(Newser) - Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson will remain the face of the charity he co-founded, despite his having to repay $1 million after an investigative report released today concluded he mismanaged the organization and misspent its money. Central Asia Institute chief Anne Beyersdorfer said Mortenson will continue to draw...

2nd Suit Filed Against Three Cups of Tea Author

Accuracy of Greg Mortensen's book has been questioned

(Newser) - A former teacher in Illinois has joined efforts to get a class-action lawsuit approved against Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson since reports questioned the book's accuracy. Deborah Netter of Lake County filed a federal lawsuit this month in Illinois claiming Mortenson, his co-author, and his publisher violated...

Two Afghan Schools Show One Complex Reality

Empty school result of government's alternative education program

(Newser) - Two schoolhouses—one never used and falling apart, the other full of children and thriving—built in the Afghanistan countryside by Greg Mortenson's scandal-embroiled charity show the complexities of bringing aid to this desolate, war-torn region. "But what I saw of the school-building program was difficult to fit...

Greg Mortenson Hospitalized for Heart Surgery

Embattled Three Cups of Tea author cancels May appearance

(Newser) - As embattled author and philanthropist Greg Mortenson finds himself facing allegations of fraud, he also faces a health scare. Mortenson, whose charity is under investigation by the Montana attorney general, canceled an appearance in Massachusetts next month after being hospitalized for heart surgery. Officials for the group sponsoring the May...

Nicholas Kristof: 'Three Cups of Tea' Author Greg Mortenson Did Good Work Despite Scandal
 Scandal Aside,  
 Did Good Work 
Nicholas Kristof

Scandal Aside, Mortenson Did Good Work

Let's not get cynical about education

(Newser) - Nicholas Kirstof is reeling from the allegations against Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson , who he considers a personal friend. “Part of me wishes that all this journalistic energy had been directed instead to ferret out abuses by politicians who allocate government resources to campaign donors,” he...

Greg Mortenson Scandal May Be 'Tragedy' for Girls
Greg Mortenson Scandal
May Be 'Tragedy' for Girls

Greg Mortenson Scandal May Be 'Tragedy' for Girls

Could hurt effort to educate females in poor countries: Michelle Goldberg

(Newser) - The allegations that author Greg Mortenson isn't quite the humanitarian he claims to be smacks of the James Frey memoir scandal , with one all-important difference, writes Michelle Goldberg at the Daily Beast . Frey damaged only his own reputation, but Mortenson could do far worse. He is, after all, "...

Publisher to Probe Three Cups of Tea

Mortenson admits 'compressing' experiences, blames co-author

(Newser) - Viking is launching a review of its bestseller Three Cups of Tea following reports that facts were fudged in the memoir and a multi-million-dollar charity that grew out of the book may largely be a fraud. Several facts in writer Greg Mortenson's book and the sequel, Stones Into Schools—...

Charity Bestseller 'Pack of Lies'
 Bestselling Memoir 
 a 'Pack of Lies' 

Bestselling Memoir a 'Pack of Lies'

Greg Mortenson 'fudged facts,' treats charity like 'personal ATM': journo

(Newser) - A bestselling memoir about an American's efforts to build schools for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan has been lashed as a " pack of lies " in a 60 Minutes investigation. In Three Cups of Tea, author Greg Mortenson wrote about his experience being nursed to health by Pakistani...

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