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Families Plead for Vaccinations
Families Plead for Vaccinations

Families Plead for Vaccinations

Rallies honor loved ones lost to COVID-19

(Newser) - On the day the US returned to averaging 100,000 new daily coronavirus infections, victims of the virus and their families held rallies around the country to encourage people to get vaccinated and wear masks. "If it saves one person from hurting, just one person, it would have been...

Rather Than Surrender, He Jumped Off Brooklyn Bridge

42-year-old suspected thief died within hours

(Newser) - Pursued by police, a suspected thief reportedly yelled "I'm not going back to jail!" then took a fatal plunge off the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday. Police responded to a carjacking in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood around 9:45pm, finding a man behind the wheel of a car...

In NYC, Shout Your Love From Rooftops— Not Brooklyn Bridge

Because doing so will set you back $100, Romeo

(Newser) - If your idea of undying romance involves padlocks, well, New York City is now cracking down on your love life. The trend of attaching a padlock to, say, the Brooklyn Bridge as a tribute to the permanence of your goopy emotions, er, "love lock," will now come with...

Guy Jumps From Brooklyn Bridge, Then a Stroke of Luck

2 cops happened to see him

(Newser) - A man jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday, but he's alive because two witnesses happened to see the plunge. His luck: Those witnesses also happened to be NYPD officers on boat patrol in the New York Harbor, reports the New York Post . The 31-year-old took the 135-foot leap...

Punishment for Brooklyn Bridge Climber: Cleaning It?

Judge sees jail time as inappropriate for accused tourist Yaroslav Kolchin

(Newser) - For a Russian tourist who's accused of climbing the Brooklyn Bridge, the punishment may fit the crime. Prosecutors suggested a deal involving 90 days in jail for Yaroslav Kolchin, but judge ShawnDya L. Simpson doesn't think that's a great idea. Instead, she suggested he be required to...

Germans: We Put White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

Artists say they were surprised by strong US reaction

(Newser) - Two German artists have claimed responsibility for the white flags that mysteriously appeared on the Brooklyn Bridge last month. Mischa Leinkauf and Mattias Wermke said today they removed the bridge's American flags and posted the white flags early July 22 in celebration of public art. They say July 22...

Cops Still Baffled Over Brooklyn Bridge Flag Stunt

Police seeking 5 people seen on the span's footpath about 3am

(Newser) - Apparently, all you need to orchestrate a prank on the Brooklyn Bridge are aluminum roasting pans and some mad climbing skills. Police say a small group of intruders used the pans to cover floodlights on the bridge's two towers before they hoisted two bleached-white US flags overnight Monday, the...

2 White Flags Hoisted Atop Brooklyn Bridge

Cops investigating how someone breached security to replace American flags

(Newser) - The NYPD can say for sure that New York City is not surrendering, but no one’s sure yet how or why two white flags replaced American flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge this morning, reports the Wall Street Journal . After social media started pulsing with pictures of the...

65K US Bridges 'Structurally Deficient'

And another 20K are 'fracture critical,' which is even worse

(Newser) - Think about this the next time you drive over a bridge: An AP analysis of 607,380 bridges in the most recent federal National Bridge Inventory showed that 65,605 were classified as "structurally deficient" and 20,808 as "fracture critical." A bridge is deemed fracture critical...

Judge to Twitter: Turn Over Writer's Protest Tweets

Malcolm Harris' tweets not protected speech, judge rules

(Newser) - Freewheeling speech on Twitter isn't the same as protected speech, a judge has ruled. In a decision with major repercussions for social media communication, a Manhattan criminal court judge has ordered Twitter to turn over tweets sent by a New York writer during Occupy Wall Street protests last fall....

Wall Street Protest Snarls Brooklyn Bridge; 700 Arrested

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have biggest clash yet

(Newser) - New York City police say about 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours. Police say some demonstrators spilled onto the roadway after being told to stay on the pedestrian pathway. The majority of those...

Terrorists Plotted to Cut Cables, Fell Brooklyn Bridge
Terrorists Plotted to Cut Cables, Fell Brooklyn Bridge
wikileaks reveal

Terrorists Plotted to Cut Cables, Fell Brooklyn Bridge

WikiLeaks releases documents detailing plot

(Newser) - A terror plot focusing on the Brooklyn Bridge was revealed in 2003, but documents newly released by WikiLeaks show that earlier warnings might've increased security and foiled the plot. Prior to September 11, 2001, the documents reveal, a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan was teaching methods to bring down...

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