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Man Sues After Being Locked In Mental Hospital by Mistake

Man who was homeless in Hawaii was arrested for someone else's warrant

(Newser) - A formerly homeless man who ended up in a mental institution for more than two years because of mistaken identity is suing the state and various Honolulu police officers, Hawaii public defenders, and doctors. Joshua Spriestersbach's attorneys say in a lawsuit filed Sunday in US District Court in Honolulu...

He Didn't Take Cleo Smith, Is Suing Station That Said He Did
A TV Station Ran His Photo,
With 'Devastating' Effects
in case you missed it

A TV Station Ran His Photo, With 'Devastating' Effects

Terrance Flowers didn't take Cleo Smith, but Seven indicated he was the suspect

(Newser) - It's a case of mistaken identity that has led a man to sue. The alleged abduction of 4-year-old Cleo Smith gripped Australia, as did her rescue . Terence Kelly was charged with taking the child, but as the BBC explains, one of Australia's leading news channels ran photos of...

Mafia Boss Look-Alike Seized at Gunpoint, Thrown in Prison

Attorney blames Italian authorities for mix-up in the Hague

(Newser) - An Englishman who traveled to the Netherlands to take in a Formula One race got more excitement than he bargained for when he was mistaken for an Italian Mafia boss, wanted for more than 50 murders. The 54-year-old, identified by his attorney as Mark L., was seized at gunpoint by...

Lookalike Inmate Mistakenly Released From Jail

Search is on for Ellen Goble in Randolph County, Mo.

(Newser) - Authorities in Missouri are searching for a woman who was mistaken for another inmate and wrongly released from jail over the weekend. Ellen Goble—who was held in Randolph County Jail on charges of resisting arrest, burglary, drug possession, and operating a vehicle without a valid license—looked almost identical...

Mistaken Identity Lands Man in Mental Hospital for 2 Years

Joshua Spriestersbach protested that he wasn't Thomas Castleberry, to no avail

(Newser) - Hawaii officials wrongly arrested a homeless man for a crime committed by someone else, locked him up in a state hospital for two years and eight months, forced him to take psychiatric drugs, and then tried to cover up the mistake by quietly setting him free with just 50 cents...

Cops: Family Out for Revenge Killed the Wrong Man

4 are charged in Texas with the murder of Eddie Clark after a car chase

(Newser) - Police in Texas say four members of one family murdered an innocent man in a case of mistaken identity. The four were on the lookout for someone who had been vandalizing their property, and investigators say they chased the wrong man in their Houston-area neighborhood, reports KTRK . Those accused are...

Cops Mistakenly Kill Man in His Own Yard

Investigation underway after 'devastatingly tragic' shooting in Idaho Falls

(Newser) - Idaho police killed a man in his own backyard on Monday after mistaking him for a suspect on the run. The man police had been chasing, with warrants for felony battery on an officer and failure to appear, was found hiding in a shed on a nearby property in Idaho...

'It Did Not Add Up,' and 15 Years Later, He's Free

Joseph Webster's murder conviction overturned

(Newser) - A Tennessee man has been reunited with family after serving almost 15 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Joseph Webster's attorney, Daniel Horwitz, has spent the past four years reinvestigating the 1998 slaying of Leroy Owens and shared his findings with WZTV . "We interviewed...

They Thought He Was Dead. Then He Showed Up at a Party

2 families suing Chicago PD, hospital after one family took wrong man off life support

(Newser) - The grief-stricken family of Alfonso Bennett was planning his funeral after taking him off life support—until he showed up at a party. ABC News reports on the story out of Chicago that now has two families suing the city's police department and Mercy Hospital for a tragic case...

A Woman Took Her 'Brother' Off Life Support. It Wasn't Him
A Woman Took
Her 'Brother' Off
Life Support.
It Wasn't Him
in case you missed it

A Woman Took Her 'Brother' Off Life Support. It Wasn't Him

Shirell Powell is suing Bronx hospital after case of mistaken identity

(Newser) - It's hard enough making the painful decision to take a loved one off of life support, but Shirell Powell is facing the unimaginable reality of having taken a stranger off of it. The case of mistaken identity led to her thinking it was her brother, who she didn't...

Man Arrested, Given Drugs Over Mistaken Identity: Suit

'The experience that I went through, this should never happen to anybody'

(Newser) - A 63-year-old Pennsylvania man is suing for false imprisonment, negligence, assault, and more after he says he was arrested and injected with drugs because neither police nor a hospital bothered to check his identity, the BBC reports. Eugene Wright filed suit Wednesday. The lawsuit—as per the Meadville Tribune —...

NFL Player Wrongly ID'd as Shoplifter, Cut From Team

Lucky Whitehead says he was 'blindsided,' then cut from Dallas Cowboys

(Newser) - "Lucky" Whitehead's first name hasn't proved prescient lately, though he doesn't bear any fault in the most recent matter. Whitehead (whose real first name is Rodney, per NBC News ), who used to be a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, was cut from the team...

Father Discovers Son Alive 11 Days After Burying Him

'When somebody tells me my son is dead ... I believe them'

(Newser) - Eleven days after laying his son to rest, Frank Kerrigan got a call from a friend, the AP reports. "Your son is alive," he said. According to the Orange County Register , Orange County coroner's officials in California had misidentified the body. The mix-up began on May 6...

It Felt Like Identity Theft, but Turned Out to Be Far From It

For years Lisa Davis was sure she was the victim of identity theft

(Newser) - Lisa Selin Davis has spent nearly 20 years paying someone else's fines—issued to a New Yorker with the same name and birthday who was being cited for all sorts of things she herself never had done, small infractions like using her phone behind the wheel and walking in...

Dear Trolls, That Wasn't Me at the Tillerson Hearing

Doris Truong of the Washington Post becomes victim of mistaken identity

(Newser) - A homepage editor for the Washington Post relays a crazy—and scary—tale of being caught up in a fast-moving case of mistaken identity online. As Doris Truong explains in the Post , it began when someone posted video of an Asian woman at the Rex Tillerson confirmation hearing on Wednesday...

Bearded Swedish Hipsters Cause 'ISIS Crisis'

A local freaked out when dozens of them gathered

(Newser) - Sweden's Bearded Villains don't mind if you talk a little smack about hirsute hipsters . In fact, the Scandinavian group—dedicated to fighting "injustice, bullying, and racism," per the Local —"loved" that a local Swede freaked out when a couple dozen of them gathered...

Bill Collectors Pester Wrong Guy for Nearly 2 Decades

And Matthew Hartigan isn't alone

(Newser) - Nobody likes having bill collectors on their case. Especially if it's a case of mistaken identity—one that has persisted for 17 years. Such is the case for Matthew Hartigan of Clearwater, Fla., writes Philadelphia Inquirer business columnist Jeff Gelles. Somehow, somewhere, a computer became convinced that Hartigan is...

WWI Hero's Family 'Shocked' They Aren't Really Family

But Medal of Honor recipient still a hero—and family—in their eyes

(Newser) - President Obama honored Pvt. Henry Johnson posthumously yesterday with the Medal of Honor for his bravery in World War I, recognizing how Johnson fended off at least a dozen enemy troops while protecting a seriously wounded comrade —actions that made Johnson's family proud for nearly a century. So...

Cops Inform Wrong Parents Son Is Dead

They were kind of surprised when he answered the door

(Newser) - The parents of Justin Priest were in agony after learning their son had just been killed in a car crash, and they drove to the home of his longtime girlfriend to deliver the news in person. Thus, as Alaska Dispatch News explains, they were more than a little surprised when...

Dad Visited Incorrect Grave for Years

Father grieved over stillborn son in wrong spot because of mixup

(Newser) - For seven years, a man in Westminster, Colo., regularly visited the grave of his stillborn son. Or so he thought. NBC 9 Colorado reports that Vance Abeyta learned this year that his son, Quincy, was actually buried in a different spot in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. It seems the Catholic Archdiocese...

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