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Suit: SBF Had Eye on Buying Money-Laundering Haven

FTX founder wanted to scoop up island nation of Nauru, build bunker for the apocalypse, per suit

(Newser) - Sam Bankman-Fried likely had a lot of plans for the billions of dollars once in his digital wallet, but one that hasn't been talked about yet was his idea to scoop up an island nation, build a bunker for himself and other elites in his movement, and ride...

He Built a Mansion to Protect His Family. It Didn't Work

C. Wesley Morgan's daughter was murdered in the home in February

(Newser) - For years, C. Wesley Morgan lived in a $6.5 million Kentucky estate, a 14,300-square-foot home complete with three kitchens and a saltwater pool. But for the last few months, he has lived with his wife and teen daughter in an RV. "My wife and my daughter haven'...

Barr on Trump's Bunker Visit: 'Things Were So Bad'

AG says Secret Service recommended president go there for safety; Trump said it was for an 'inspection'

(Newser) - President Trump's retreat to the White House's underground bunker late last month as hundreds of protesters for George Floyd demonstrated outside earned derision from many and an excuse from Trump : He'd gone there just for a "tiny little short period of time," during the daytime,...

Nuclear Missile Silo for Sale. Asking Price? Not That Bad

Rick Ellis is selling his old Titan II silo in Arizona

(Newser) - Want a bunker with stagnant water, dead rodents, and scary 20-foot drops? For you, $395,000. That's what owner Rick Ellis is asking for his decommissioned Titan II missile silo near Tucson, Ariz. "This is the coolest listing I've had to date," his realtor tells the...

Wealthy Man Wanted a Secret Bunker, Got a Cell Instead

Daniel Beckwitt handed 21 years, with all but 9 suspended, in death of Askia Khafra

(Newser) - During Daniel Beckwitt's trial, his lawyer explained the Maryland man wanted to build a bunker below his Bethesda home due to his fear of a nuke attack by North Korea. He'll now spend his time in a different sort of confined space. The New York Times reports the...

Trial Set to Begin for Md. Man With Secret Bunker

Jury will decide if deadly blaze was a crime

(Newser) - Firefighters found a 21-year-old man's charred, naked body when they entered a burning home littered with mounds of trash. A hole in the basement floor led them to a network of tunnels under the house. Fire investigators swiftly concluded that the Maryland home was a crime scene, a deadly...

Trial for Wealthy Man Whose Secret Tunnels Turned Deadly

Monday marks one-year anniversary of Askia Khafra's death

(Newser) - The wealthy stock trader took elaborate steps to conceal the network of tunnels beneath his house in the Washington, DC, suburb of Bethesda. But one year ago Monday, a deadly fire exposed Daniel Beckwitt's curious campaign to build an underground bunker for protection from a nuclear attack. Neighbors knew...

A Millionaire, Secret Tunnels, and a Fiery Death in Maryland

Daniel Beckwitt arrested over the death of Askia Khafra

(Newser) - During a hearing on Thursday, Daniel Beckwitt gave an affirmative nod when his defense attorney described him as an "unusual individual." Indeed, lawyer Robert Bonsib describes the 27-year-old Maryland man as a millionaire thanks to stock trades who was in the process of building a bunker below his...

Canada's Plan for N. Korea Strike: 2 Classified Bunkers

Though they're hoping the N. Korea problem can be worked out diplomatically and peacefully

(Newser) - It's not just Hawaii that's prepared for a nuclear attack by North Korea. America's neighbor to the north has set aside two classified bunkers, including one to be used by members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Cabinet, in case Canadian officials get an evacuation order or...

Cops Raid Nuclear Bunker, Find a Giant Pot Farm

20-room complex was built decades ago in England

(Newser) - The 20-room nuclear bunker was originally intended to protect government officials in case of bombs. Instead, six men were allegedly using it to fill bongs, reports the BBC . During a Wednesday raid on the 1980s bunker known as RGHQ Chilmark in Wiltshire, England, police uncovered a massive marijuana operation with...

Doomsday Food Is Now Food for Every Day

'Best thing that can happen for my business is Hillary Clinton winning the presidency'

(Newser) - Doomsday food is all grown up, and it's not just being marketed for "preparedness" anymore. "The zombie apocalypse isn’t going to happen," a rep for freeze-dried food maker Mountain House, tells the Wall Street Journal , which had staffers try different foods and got myriad reactions...

German Man Claims 'Fantastical' Find: Nazi Nukes

Peter Lohr warns his alleged find will eventually decay

(Newser) - A Nazi gold train . The Amber Room . Claims of legendary Nazi-era finds have been surfacing of late—and, it's worth noting, not panning out —and Nazi nukes now join that list. In what it describes as a "fantastical" claim, the Local reports retired mechanical engineer and amateur...

Bunker Built for Apocalypse Has Its Own Power Plant

'The Facility' in Georgia can be yours for $17.5M

(Newser) - If you're worried about a nuclear apocalypse and you have $17.5 million burning a hole in your pocket, Harry Norman has the deal of a lifetime for you. The real estate office is advertising a bunker called the "Facility" in Georgia, touting it as "the only...

WWII Tank Was Stashed in 78-Year-Old's Cellar

Prosecutors previously found stolen Nazi art in the pensioner's villa

(Newser) - It took 20 soldiers almost nine hours to remove a World War II "Panther" tank from a pensioner's cellar in a wealthy community in northern Germany—and that's in spite of the fact that the German army sent in modern recovery tanks to help confiscate the vintage...

FBI: Bunker of 'America's Most Wanted' Perp Found

Bradley Steven Robinett, 46, apparently set up shop near a lake in Washington state

(Newser) - Using clues that "read almost like a childhood treasure hunt," local police and federal agents have uncovered what they believe was a fugitive's underground bunker near Washington's Lake Sammamish, KOMO reports. Authorities say they think the moldy, garbage-strewn hideout was at some point built and used...

Mussolini's Secret Bunkers Are Opened

Visitors can now immerse themselves in 'darkest pages of our history'

(Newser) - As many as 12 World War II bunkers have been identified beneath the city of Rome, thought to have been built for Benito Mussolini or other party leaders, reports Business Insider . Three are now set to open to the public on Halloween; two were opened for a short time in...

Humanity's Survival Lies in ... Kansas Caves?

Caverns can host 1K RVs

(Newser) - There are only 1,000 parking spaces available, so you may want to get in on this quick: A California developer is turning a vast area of underground caverns into a post-apocalyptic shelter. The Atchison, Kansas, caves cover 45 acres and have room for 1,000 RVs; customers will be...

Mussolini's 'Most Secret' Bunker Revealed

 'Most Secret' 

Mussolini's 'Most Secret' Bunker Revealed

It was found in 2011, and will open to public this summer

(Newser) - You'll soon be able to visit a manifestation of Benito Mussolini's paranoia: his "most secret" bunker, unearthed beneath his Rome headquarters in 2011 and just revealed. During the restoration of the 15th-century Palazzo Venezia, architect Carlo Serafini came upon a trap door, reports La Stampa by way...

Cops: Freed Alabama Boy 'Laughing, Playing'

Ethan reunited with mother after bunker ordeal

(Newser) - The 5-year-old Alabama boy freed in a raid that ended in kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes' death has been reunited with his mother after his weeklong ordeal in an underground bunker. Hours after the rescue, Ethan was "laughing, joking, playing, eating—the things that you would expect a normal 5-...

Abductor Dead, Child Safe in Alabama Standoff

A stun or flash grenade was used in the rescue: official

(Newser) - The former trucker who kidnapped a 5-year-old boy in Alabama is dead and the child is safe, Reuters reports. "It's all over," said a law enforcement official. "The boy is OK." Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, had seized the boy from a school bus last week...

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