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Two and a Half Men Coming Back, Sans 'Half'

Angus T. Jones, who called show 'filth,' no longer a regular

(Newser) - Looks like Angus T. Jones won't be returning to the show he referred to as "filth," at least not full-time. Two and a Half Men has been renewed for next season, but Jones (the "half" man) won't be a regular, Entertainment Weekly reports. Warner Bros....

33 Child Stars Who Turned Out OK

They're not all like Angus T. Jones

(Newser) - For every child star like Angus T. Jones trashing his own show , there's a Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who started acting at age seven but has managed to turn into a movie star while apparently remaining well-adjusted and normal. The Huffington Post rounds up an impressive 32 more of the latter:...

10 Actors Who Trashed Their Own Projects

Angus T. Jones isn't the first

(Newser) - Shocked when Angus T. Jones called his own show , Two and a Half Men, "filth"? Well, don't be: It's not all that rare for someone in Hollywood to trash his or her own project. Celebuzz rounds up nine more who did the same:
  • Katherine Heigl: First

Charlie Sheen to Angus T. Jones: Come on My Show!

'Two and a Half Men' star likely out after this season: sources

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, Angus T. Jones probably won't return to Two and a Half Men, which he recently referred to as "filth," if the show is renewed for an 11th season, sources confirm to E! . His character—the "half" referred to in the title—joined the Army...

Angus T. Jones Apologizes for 'Filth' Comment

'God pushed me into another year,' he says in video

(Newser) - Angus T. Jones has offered an apology—but no explanation—for calling Two and a Half Men "filth" and urging people to stop watching it. In a statement, the star thanked the cast and crew for their "support, guidance, and love over the years," People reports. "...

Family: Angus T. Jones Being Exploited by Crazy Pastor

Two and a Half Men star called show 'filth'

(Newser) - Not that we disagree with him, but why would Angus T. Jones call his own show, Two and a Half Men, "filth" —especially considering the show has made him filthy rich ? His mom tells the Daily Mail she's concerned he's being "exploited" by his...

Two and a Half Men Actor Slams Show as 'Filth'

Angus Jones even urges people to stop watching

(Newser) - Boy, has little Angus Jones grown up. The "half" actor on Two and Half Men has condemned the show as "filth" and urged people to stop watching it in a testimony video for his Forerunner Christian Church, the Atlantic reports. Might his job be in jeopardy, considering how...

Two and a Half Men Gets 10th Season

Ashton Kutcher gets a pay raise in renewed contract

(Newser) - Ashton Kutcher still has a job: CBS has officially picked up Two and a Half Men for a 10th season, reports the Hollywood Reporter . The renewed deal gives Kutcher and co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones raises, with Kutcher reported to now be making $725,000 an episode, up...

Ashton Kutcher's Maybe-Naked 'Two and a Half Men' Poster: Does Anyone Need to See Jon Cryer Nude?
 Nobody Likes Ashton's Naked 2.5 Men Poster 

Nobody Likes Ashton's Naked 2.5 Men Poster

Mostly because it features other, less attractive, nude people

(Newser) - Ashton Kutcher's new Two and a Half Men promo poster is out, and it's a doozy (click to see it ). It features a maybe-naked Kutcher alongside similarly un-clothed co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. Reactions:
  • "Hands up right now: Which red-blooded American women out there

Shouldn't We Worry About Male Teen Stars, Too?
 Shouldn't We Worry About 
 Male Teen Stars, Too? 
in case you missed it

Shouldn't We Worry About Male Teen Stars, Too?

Sorry, Angus Jones, but all the focus is on the girls: Lux Alptraum

(Newser) - A recent New York Times Magazine article about the challenges that a female teen star (Nickelodeon's Miranda Cosgrove) faces as she grows into adulthood struck Lux Alptraum more for what it didn't say: Why don't we worry about the boys as well? In that old boys-will-be-boys double-standard,...

TV's Highest-Paid Kiddie Actors

 TV's Highest-Paid Kiddie Actors 
this guy: $250K an episode

TV's Highest-Paid Kiddie Actors

Shockingly, Hannah Montana is not No. 1

(Newser) - Think Miley Cyrus is the highest-paid child actor on TV? Not even close. Angus T. Jones, the 16-year-old “half” of Two and a Half Men, makes $250,000 an episode. Miley doesn't even crack the top five. The New York Post lists the top 10:
  1. Miranda Cosgrove, 16:

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