Anders Behring Breivik

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In Reversal, Breivik Declared Sane

Norway mass killer starts trial in 6 days

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik got his wish : A second evaluation of the extremist who killed 77 people in Norway found he was "not psychotic during the time of his actions on July 22, 2011." That's a reverse of the first evaluation's findings , and means that Breivik can...

Breivik: I'd Rather Die Than Be Ruled Crazy

Norway shooter says psychiatric care would be 'ultimate humiliation'

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik insists he's not crazy, and that being declared criminally insane would be "a fate worse than death." The man who killed 77 people in Norway last summer has written a 38-page letter, in which he attempts to discredit the psychiatric report that deemed him...

Anders Breivik 'Planned Car Bomb' for Obama

Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was his target

(Newser) - Killing 77 innocent people apparently wasn't enough for Anders Behring Breivik. The Norwegian far-right extremist also planned to car bomb President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony back in 2009, the Telegraph reports. Breivik admitted to police that it would have been a symbolic attack—security was too...

Breivik Indicted on Terror Charges

Confessed Norway killer could be committed

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik was formally indicted on terror charges today, more than seven months after admitting to killing 77 people in two Norwegian terror attacks July 22. The 33-year-old was charged under Norway's anti-terror law for violent acts meant to disrupt the government or spread fear, the AP reports....

'Neo-Nazi' Retailer Names Store After Mass Killer

Thor Steinar's new Brevik shop apparently honors killer of 77

(Newser) - A German retailer popular with neo-Nazis has opened a new store apparently named after right-wing Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik . Thor Steinar last week opened a clothing shop in Chemnitz named "Brevik," sparking cries of outrage. "It is out of the question for a store to...

Anders Breivik: I Want a Medal for Shootings

Says victims were ' committing cultural destruction of Norwegian culture'

(Newser) - A smirking Anders Behring Breivik appeared in court in Oslo today and demanded a medal for the shooting rampage that killed 77 people. Breivik called the people he'd killed at the Labor Party youth camp "traitors" and demanded to be released, the AP reports. The attacks "were...

Psychiatrists Rule Breivik Insane

That could mean he avoids prison

(Newser) - Psychiatrists today found Anders Behring Breivik insane, and ruled in their report that the Norway killer should not be sent to prison. If the conclusion is upheld when the courts rule on the report, Breivik will instead undergo psychiatric care and could later be released if he’s deemed not...

Norway Shooter: I'm a Resistance Leader

Anders Behring Breivik makes first public court appearance

(Newser) - In his first public court appearance since allegedly killing 77 people in twin terror attacks in July, Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik declared himself “a military commander in the Norwegian resistance movement” but was soon silenced by the judge, the AP reports. The hearing’s purpose was to...

Norway Killer: Isolation Is Torture

He's given four more weeks in solitary at hearing today

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik's two months in solitary confinement have turned him into quite the whiner. During a court hearing in Oslo today, the killer complained that being kept in isolation was a kind of "torture"—after he was slapped with four more weeks in solitary. The judge...

Norway Killer Captured on Video

Anders Breivik spotted on security camera after planting bombs

(Newser) - A video of Anders Breivik minutes before he became a mass murderer has emerged. In chilling footage taken by security cameras in Oslo's government district, the Norwegian gunman can be seen walking away from a spot where he had planted bombs, clad in a police uniform and carrying a...

Lacoste to Norway: Don't Let Breivik Wear Our Clothes

Situation a 'nightmare' for label

(Newser) - Abercrombie's woes have officially been relegated to second place. In first, the headache Lacoste is dealing with. It seems Norway shooter Anders Behring Breivik really likes the French fashion label, so much so that he insists on wearing a red Lacoste sweater whenever he leaves prison ... and he...

London Cops Clash With 1K Right-Wing Protesters

1,500 come out in counter-demonstration

(Newser) - Ignoring a government ban on marches in London, hundreds of far-right activists held a protest in the capital today and some clashed with police. It was the first large-scale protest in London since a wave of looting and riots shook it and other major British cities in early August . Police...

One Month Later, Norway Honors Fallen

Memorial service marks end of mourning period

(Newser) - A month after the terror attacks that left Norway reeling, the nation is honoring the 77 people who died at the hands of Anders Behring Breivik in a national memorial service that marks the end of the mourning period. Survivors, victims' families, celebrities, and a host of public officials converge...

Norway Survivors Return to Utoya

Under heavy guard, 1,000 expected to grieve 69 lost

(Newser) - Less than a week after Anders Behring Breivik reconstructed the scene of his massacre on Utoya island for police, survivors and victims' families came to grieve those lost in the flurry of bullets. Up to 1,000 people were expected this weekend, accompanied by some 400 psychologists, police, and public...

'Remorseless' Breivik Reconstructs Slaughter

Self-confessed killer recounts 69 Utoya killings over 8 hours

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik has returned to the scene of the crime, only this time in a bulletproof vest, on a security leash, and under heavy guard. Norwegian police brought Breivik to Utoya Island, where he spent eight hours walking them through a blow-by-blow narrative of his shooting spree there that...

Breivik Likely Filmed Norway Massacre

Police are looking for footage

(Newser) - Stomach-turning news out of Norway: Terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik may have video footage of the Utoya island massacre that left 69 people dead. A police lawyer says information from Breivik's manifesto and interrogations indicates "that he did have a camera," Sky News reports, although police have...

In Breivik Manifesto, a Secret Code?

Expert worries he found coordinates pointing to targets around Europe

(Newser) - Much of Anders Behring Breivik's 1,500-page manifesto was plagiarized from the writings of Ted Kaczynski, which led one technology expert to wonder whether Breivik also copied the Unabomber's penchant for secret codes. So he decided to investigate, reports the Telegraph , focusing in particular on 46 Internet links...

Breivik Makes &#39;Unrealistic&#39; Demands
Breivik Makes 'Unrealistic' Demands
says lawyer

Breivik Makes 'Unrealistic' Demands

He'll give up intel ... if entire Norwegian government resigns

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik says he'll identify the terror cells he was working with, but first, he's got some demands. Modest stuff like cigarettes, civilian clothing, and the resignation of the entire Norwegian government. "They are completely impossible to fulfill," his lawyer, Geir Lippestad tells the AP...

Anonymous Says It Hacked Breivik's Twitter Account

Oslo killer had surgery for Aryan look: reports

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik’s Twitter account has been hacked, and hacker group Anonymous is taking credit for it, the Village Voice reports: “This Twitter account has been seized by #NORIA. @AnonymousNorway,” one tweet read. The account has since been wiped clean of tweets. Among the others that had...

Breivik Bought Key Chemicals, Tools on eBay

'Ebay is your friend,' he wrote in manifesto

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik bought key ingredients for his Oslo bomb on eBay, reports CNN . Using the eBay name "andrewbrei," Breivik bought sulfur powder, a drill press vice, a full-face respirator, and his "hazmat" suit. "EBay and PayPal coordinate regularly with law enforcement around the world, and...

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