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19 Reality TV Tragedies
 19 Reality TV 

19 Reality TV Tragedies

The genre has seen suicides, murders, overdoses

(Newser) - Reality TV isn't all relationship drama and crazy fights , as Gia Allemand's recent suicide sadly proves. Radar rounds up 18 more genuine tragedies that have come out of the genre:
  • Bruce Beresford-Redman, the Survivor producer accused of killing his wife, has been ordered to return to Mexico and

Armstrong: Late Hubby Threatened to Kill Me

...over pizza, Real Housewife claims

(Newser) - Taylor Armstrong certainly isn’t heeding that advice about not speaking ill of the dead: In an interview airing tonight on ET and obtained by the AP , the Real Housewife details the abuse she says she received at the hands of estranged husband Russell, who killed himself last month. Once,...

Real Housewives Grapples With Suicide in Premiere

Reality shows must go on

(Newser) - They're down but not out. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was already back on the air last night just three weeks after Taylor Armstrong's estranged husband, Russell, committed suicide . The wives (not including Taylor) have a heart-to-heart about the tragedy right at the start of the season...

Inside Real Housewives Hubby's Last 'Interview'

Russell Armstrong's suicide came as a shock to 'The Fix' founder

(Newser) - Addiction and recovery site The Fix has what it bills as “Russell Armstrong’s Final Interview,” although it’s actually a recounting of a business meeting the Real Housewives husband had with site founder Maer Roshan two months before his suicide . Roshan paints Armstrong, who was interested in...

Reality TV Is a Psychological Blood Sport
 Reality TV Is a Psychological Blood Sport 

Reality TV Is a Psychological Blood Sport

We need to get these people mental health

(Newser) - The suicide of Real Housewives hubby Russell Armstrong ought to make us think twice about reality TV, which has become “the soft-bellied, 21st century American TV version of a gladiatorial contest,” writes Matt Zoller Seitz on Salon . “As your parents may have warned you, it’s all...

Housewives Hubby Begged for Xanax Before Suicide

Plus: Russell Armstrong's family considers suing Bravo

(Newser) - Just days before his death, Russell Armstrong begged a friend for anxiety drugs, telling him, "This is as bad as it gets." Armstrong was upset over his divorce and his portrayal on Real Housewives, and couldn't even afford to pay for the meal he was sharing with...

Russell Armstrong Suicide: Real Housewives to Blame?

Media offer up quite a few theories

(Newser) - After Russell Armstrong's suicide , one question is apparently on everyone's mind: Is Real Housewives to blame? The Los Angeles Times , Christian Science Monitor , and two separate Daily Beast stories all delve into that question, noting that Armstrong's marriage troubles were splashed all over television during the first...

Real Housewives Hubby Dead in Apparent Suicide

Russell Armstrong found hanging in bedroom, says TMZ

(Newser) - Russell Armstrong, the soon-to-have-been ex-husband of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong, was found dead last night. The fire department found Armstrong hanging in his Los Angeles bedroom in an apparent suicide, after he was initially discovered by a roommate, TMZ reports. The 47-year-old had been in the news...

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